Daily Devotional for Monday January 8, 2018

Contrasting the Attacks on the Trump Administration and Christians

(Romans 1:25)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me the courage to stand up for You and Your Truth in this world that lives in rebellion to You and Your Truth! Give me the boldness, the words, to counter the lies this world tells about every issue we face today. Let me not be afraid of what others may think or say since it is not my Truth, IT IS YOUR TRUTH. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!

As we are now one year into the Trump Presidency, this is a perfect opportunity to contrast the attacks on President Trump and his administration by various institutions and the media, with the attacks Christians face each day from various institutions and the media.

Let me start by reminding you, I have shared over and over with you through the years that the hope of Christians is not and never will be found in a politician. That has never been, or ever will be their role in society. If we happen to have some true men and women of God in politics that is a great thing. Vice President Pence is a wonderful example of a politician who for all of his years in elected office has never wavered in his faith in Christ. Even so, in his role as a politician, he is NOT ever going to be the answer Christians are looking for. That is the job of the spiritual leaders who God raises up in each generation.

Like him or hate him, the fact is, Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States. The Bible says it is God who allows men to rise to power, and God who takes men out of power. Why did He allow Barack Hussein Obama to become President for 8 years? Why did He allow Donald Trump to become our current President? I am sorry but I don’t know the mind of God and like we are reminded in Isaiah 55:8, we are told His thoughts and His ways are not ours.

Even if it was for purely political purposes, he did put a man on the Supreme Court with a long pro-life record. One of his first actions as President was to void the Executive Order President Obama signed allowing US taxpayer dollars to be used for abortions in countries all over the world. He has also been championing religious freedoms, unlike the previous President who did everything in his power to destroy religious freedoms, even to the point of suing the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to violate their religious beliefs on life.

I am using President Trump and his administration today as an analogy strictly for the purpose of making this contrast with what Christians face today. I am well aware of the lack of personal morals in Trump’s life over the past 40 years. I also know many pastors he has aligned himself with who have told me he is saved. Like with all people, only God knows his heart and we should all pray for him and his family as the Bible instructs, just like I personally prayed for President Obama and his family every day he was in office.

After 18 months of investigations, a year of that in office, it is obvious that many of our most important institutions were used to do everything they could to stop President Trump from winning the election. When that failed, they have clearly sought to destroy his Presidency and run him out of office. While the upper echelons of the FBI and intelligence community have clearly been proven to be involved in these efforts, it has been driven by the constant drumbeat 24/7 of the legacy media.

The major TV networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, as well as the 24-hour cable news networks CNN and MSNBC. Radio networks like NPR. Newspapers like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, USA Today, and Washington Post. Left leaning websites and blogs like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, The Daily Beast, and Media Matters. These media operations have all used their platforms to lambaste non-stop President Trump and his administration in an effort to minimize and hopefully stop all of their efforts they were elected by the people who voted for them to achieve.

*Please, I beg you. I am ONLY using this for the purpose of this contrast. This is not in any way a political discussion and I will not engage in such discussions. If you are interested in having that type of interaction, there are many websites and message boards to engage with people of every political persuasion.

As I have watched the daily back and forths in the political world the past year and a half, it has reminded me of how Christians are treated in 2018. I have shared with you for years, from first-hand experience of being in the secular media these past 19 years, that I have watched the media and our institutions marginalize, minimize, mock, and demean those who have made the personal choice to accept Christ by faith and follow the teachings of God’s Word.

All institutions from education at all levels to the courts, the military to local, state, and federal politics, Christians have lost influence each year to the point they are now simply ignored and disrespected. Sadly, the institution that has hurt Christians more than any other is the church. From the watering down of God’s Word, to the political infighting that splits congregations, to the gossiping and backbiting that hurts people to the point they want nothing to do with the church, to the outright heresy so many supposed “churches” have adopted, the one institution that has been most harmful to the cause of Christ and His followers today is the church.


Throughout the years I have documented how the secular media has literally become a tool of satan in promoting every Godless agenda from perverted sex, trying to re-define God’s definition of marriage, the absolute foolishness of advocating for people, especially children, to decide they are a different sex than what God created them to be, all the way to the glorification of killing babies...infanticide! Anyone who has a Biblical view on these issues are rarely even given an opportunity to share that view in the secular media, but when they do they are labeled ignorant, rubes, and just stupid.

The institutions of our land and the media are not afraid of Christians. One of the frustrating things for me is to see the boldness, the fearlessness, and the tenacity of those who follow satan, versus the timidity, the cowardice, and the quit in those who follow the Lord. Have you never read the Bible? WE WIN! We can't lose! The victory has already been won! We are the ones who are supposed to be bold and fearless and tenacious as we bring Christ to this lost and hurting world! In case you forgot, the followers of Christ are the ones who will rule and reign with Him for all eternity. It is the followers of satan who will be spending their eternity in the Lake of Fire!!!

I love and care about you so much and will be praying for you today. Praying that you will open you heart and really hear God's voice today. EVERYONE CAN DO MORE IN SHARING CHRIST WITH THE PEOPLE GOD ALLOWS TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE EACH DAY! God will guide you, open doors, give you the opportunities. It is up to YOU to make it a priority each day to share your faith in Christ. He loves you and wants you to tell others about His love.

Let me ask you a personal question. Do you make it a priority each day to share your faith in the Lord with at least one person? I am just asking. Only you have to answer that. If all those who know the Lord would make it a priority each day to share their faith with at least one person, this world would be dramatically different overnight!

I tell you often my friend, this is a war for the souls of men. This is not a game since those who die without Christ will spend eternity in hell. Satan is very serious about taking as many souls into the Lake of Fire with him as he can. The followers of Jesus Christ have got to get even more serious about helping those destined for eternal punishment, know that Jesus loves them, died for their sins, and wants to have an eternal relationship with them. How do they hear that message, FROM ME AND FOR YOU!!!

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In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller