Daily Devotional for Wednesday May 23, 2018

Pope Francis Tells One of Satan's Greatest Lies Ever

(Ephesians 2:10; Acts 4:12)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, give me your strength today. Your Word says that when I am weak, you are strong. Strengthen me this day to live my life for you, to defeat my enemies, and see victory. You, and you alone are my hope and strength each day. Let the Holy Spirit rise up in me this day and guide my life for your glory! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!!!

Pope Francis just regurgitated on of satan’s classic lies when he told a a young man that 'God made you that way and loves you!' He is half right, God does love that young man, but God did NOT make him that way. Simple logic. Would God call sex with people of the same sex a sin, and then make a person to have sex with someone of the same sex? THAT IS NOT HOW GOD OPERATES!!!

Having been on the front lines for a quarter century, battling the lies of satan and his minions, it is hard enough being heard. Now you have the Pope, the leader of 1.2 billion members of the Catholic Church worldwide, parroting this blatant lie from hell that those who CHOOSE to engage in sex with people of the same sex is because you were “born this way!”

WRONG!!! You are born with white skin, black skin, brown skin, yellow skin...that is not something you have any control over. You are born with blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes...again, not something you have any control over. Some people are born with physical handicaps, certain diseases...again, not something you have any control over!!!


By the way, it is a sinful choice! The gift of sex is given by God to be enjoyed by a man and women in the bonds of marriage. Period. Any sex outside of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage between a man and a woman is a sin!

The war to keep the sin of homosexuality from becoming accepted and condoned, even celebrated, has been lost! Over the past 50 years prayer and Bible teaching have been taken out of the public schools, we legally slaughter over 4,000 innocent babies a day, gambling and pornography are now socially acceptable, profanity is no longer considered bad language.

Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian faith are openly mocked while the cults and false religions of the world are now revered and protected. Man in his arrogance has changed God's definition of what marriage and the family is. Places that call themselves churches and men and women who call themselves pastors don't even believe the Bible and operate in complete rebellion to God's Word. The sin of homosexuality is now considered an acceptable mainstream lifestyle choice!!!

Hello! Christians! Think it is time we wake up???

How could all of this have happened in such a short period of time? Simple. Men and women who God called to lead his church and people have failed to do so. Many of them deny the inspiration, inerrancy, and Truth of the Bible and have led people to accept and condone what God clearly calls sin. Others have chosen to preach a gospel of motivation and prosperity that tickles the ears of the masses and garners them huge followings of people who don't want to hear about sin and sacrifice, only how to be successful and rich by this world's standards.

I watched with amazement a few months ago as the gutless Joel Osteen was been out hawking his latest ghost-written book that gives people the keys to be successful. Funny, not one of those keys has a thing to do with Scripture or the real success of a person, only temporal earthly success you would hear about in a Tony Robbins motivational meeting.

How a “pastor” can sit on nationwide TV for an hour pimping a book and never ONCE utter the name of Jesus or talk about sin is actually a pretty amazing feat. Sadly, because of his worldly success (that he inherited from his father), you now have other "pastors" who go on national TV and call themselves "life coaches" and other names, never once mentioning the Bible or the name of Jesus or the fact that Christ is man's only hope now and for all eternity.

Still others have gravitated to a social gospel, seeking to solve the problems of this fallen world like hunger and sickness and poverty, without ever mentioning the greatest need a person has, to have a relationship with Jesus since that "offends" people. These are noble causes but wasn't it Jesus who said "the poor you will always have with you."

That doesn't mean we don't reach out to the poor and the sick, but the greatest need a man has isn't food and medicine, it is to know Jesus as their Savior. Too many who are navigating the waters of the social gospel, have had to compromise the absolutes of the Bible and create unholy alliances in order to do the work they are doing.

Never before has our silence and failure to lead been as evident as in the war we have lost regarding making the sin of homosexuality an acceptable mainstream lifestyle choice. Don't believe me? Dear Abby is now onboard stating that it is OK to be gay. You say big deal, who cares what Dear Abby says? It is just another example of a long standing cultural icon who has reinforced that this choice of sexual activity is acceptable and even desirable!

How did we get to this place as a nation? Men and women God called to lead who led the church into their own little subculture, apart from mainstream society. We retreated behind the four walls of the church into the comfort and prosperity of the "Christian trough," something satan was only too eager to let us do since it removed the "salt" and "light" from the marketplace and left it to his wolves to ravage.

Now when we step out of our comfortable little subculture back into the real world, we are faced with babies being slaughtered, men marrying men and women marrying women, porn and gambling everywhere you turn, filthy language accepted as normal conversation, all of the media vehicles being used to carry Satan's lies to the masses to insure their souls will end up in hell, and parades to celebrate a sin like homosexuality!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Such unbiblical words from the leader of a major denomination is not only irresponsible, it is theological malpractice. The fastest growing “church” in the nation is the Metropolitan Community Churches, a denomination that has practicing gays and lesbians as the “pastor,” openly embracing and glorifying the majority of their “congregation” who are men and women who CHOOSE to engage in sex with people of the same sex!!

The sad fact is, we can't turn back the hands of time. Things are never going to be the way they used to be. Those days are gone and over. However, in the wake of this gross and unbridled sin are the destroyed lives of real people who bought the sweet lies of sin and are now paying the price for their rebellion to God. This is a new opportunity for the church and for God's people to be the true hope and answer for those who are still breathing, whose lives have been devastated by sin, and who yearn for the peace and joy that can only come from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A byproduct of all this sin is the coming wrath of God and great persecution on the church and God's people. This is the time when all of the ways we have figured out to divide ourselves will no longer be important, when those who serve the Lord for mammon will fall away since it will no longer be profitable, and those who aren't serious about their faith will run from it. Left will be a faithful remnant whose citizenship is not of this world and whose goals are not earthly but Heavenly. It is this faithful group who will help bring in a great harvest of souls as the final moments of human history unfold.

My prayer for you today is that you become more bold in your witness for Christ. Don't emulate some of these so-called leaders who have been programmed by their business handlers to never even utter the name of Jesus or talk about sin so people aren't offended and book sales aren't hurt. It is at the name of JESUS that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess Him Lord! The Bible proclaims that there is only ONE NAME by which men are saved, the name of JESUS! If we are ashamed of Jesus, He will be ashamed of us.

Take your stand for Jesus my friend. In a nation and world that has rejected our Lord and His Truth, now more than ever He needs each one of his true followers to stand for Him. Yes, this nation is no longer a Christian nation, and yes the war to stop the sin of homosexuality from becoming mainstream has been lost, but when this world as we know it comes to an end, sin will be defeated and the TRUTH will prevail!

His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller