Daily Devotional for Wednesday May 30, 2018

A Nation in Rebellion to God

(Deuteronomy 8:19, 20)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, thank you for another day. Please let me never take even one day for granted, since each day is a gift from YOU! Help me to be a witness for you this day in my thoughts, words, and deeds. Let the Jesus in me shine bright during this day so that everyone I come in contact with knows that there is something different in my life. Help me to be a blessing to others and a bold witness for you. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

Six current events in the news over the past week that show a nation and world in complete and utter rebellion to God, His Truth, and all that is good. The only real answer for this depraved culture are God’s people and His church. Sadly, just today we have a one of many examples of how the church has actually led to this cultural decline.

The NFL and the disrespect of some players towards the flag, the national anthem, thus the country that has enabled them to use their God- given talent to make millions playing a game. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell allowed this issue to become such an issue. He should have stopped it the morning after former San Francisco 49er QB Colin Kaepernick first took a knee, but he didn't.

I never understood why this is such a complicated issue. The NFL is the “owner” of the game. They routinely fine players who wear the wrong colored socks, or have writing on their wristbands. The fact is, they are like your employer who has certain rules to be followed in the workplace. Nobody is saying that the players can’t advocate for, work for causes they are personally drawn to. What they can’t do, is use their “work place” to promote those causes.

The issue is we have a certain percentage of the people in this nation who no longer respect our land, many hostile due to problems that every nation and culture deals with. Disrespecting the flag, our national anthem, is a sad reality of today. This is also being manifested in the immigration debate. Of course we have always had civil discourse. >From the civil war, to reconstruction, to the market crash in the late 20’s, to the rebellion of the 60’s. Even during this times of social upheaval, the majority of the citizens loved their country and honored it when they saw the flag or when our national anthem was played!

Another recent issue was when our nation, to be on the right side of God, moved our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the capitol Jerusalem. Sadly, despite this political move that also was a spiritual move, was decried by the media. Using this wonderful moment for evil was the terror group Hamas. They literally sacrificed their own men, women, and children to accuse Israel of randomly murdering them when they were simply protecting their border from terrorists seeking to kill innocent Isaelis. The message much of our nation received wasn’t the moving our embassy to Jerusalem, but that we were siding with evil Israel who killed Palestinians for no reason.

Also within the past week, through the media the nation was told that their President called all immigrants “animals,” when in fact he was clearly speaking about one of the most vicious gangs ever, M13. In using the immigration issue to divide our nation, you had a media and many politicians that were actually supporting this horrific gang who would rather use machetes than guns on their victims in order to torture them!

Also, in just the past week, you actually had a media feeding the masses a message that North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un was much smarter, much more clever, much more astute than our very own President. I honestly can’t remember a narrative being put out to the masses that praised an evil dictator over the President of the United States.

As sad as these events have been to watch unfold, probably worst of all was a media-driven drumbeat to the masses that this country hates women because the President was able to stop funding apx. $250 million to the largest baby killing organization there is, Planned Parenthood. They still receive apx. $250 million from the states, but the cries from those who support killing babies have falsely shaped this issue as those who oppose women killing their babies as being against women’s health.

The media also were the head cheerleaders over the past weekend for the Irish people to overturn their law against abortion. They were ecstatic when the Irish people voted to overturn that law so women now had the choice to kill their baby! An overwhelming percentage of people in this nation side with those who kill innocent babies over those who fight for life!!!

The hope we have however on the issue of life, are brave and courageous men and women of God who are on the front lines fighting for the lives of those innocent babies. Many states have passed legislation to greatly restrict the number of abortions performed. Just yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled with the state of Arkansas on a measure to do just that. Please be praying for the “life warriors,” since every move they make is fought in the courts by the baby-killing industry.

There is only one true answer for a nation in all-out rebellion to God and His Word...God’s people and His church!!! Unfortunately many of his people and churches have been compromised. Instead of leading the culture, much of His church and people are being led by the culture. A sad example of that was in the news yesterday as it was reported Evangelist Jesse DuPlantis is without shame raising $54 MILLION DOLLARS for a new private jet. Now you have to understand, DuPlantis already has THREE PRIVATE JETS!


Sadly, much of what goes on in the church and major ministries is about earthly pursuits. Ego, power, MONEY! That is why the vast percentage of churches and ministries stay out of the culture, but opt for the safety of the Christian sub-culture they have created. That sub-culture is safe, simple since they don’t have to fight the world because they simply preach to the choir, and profitable because they are talking to people who understand financial stewardship as opposed to preaching to the lost who will never give them a dime.

I love you and care about you so much. Because the vast percentage of the last two generations have never been to church, the breakdown of the family, the compromise of much of the church, most Christians, churches and ministries abandoning the culture, we have a culture and large percentage of our people in all-out rebellion to our Creator and the Truth of the Bible!

Having ministered directly to the lost world outside the 4 walls of the church over these last 25 years now, being in the secular (non-Christian) media for the 19 years of Liveprayer, I can tell you that the world, including this nation, is more hostile to God’s Truth than ever before. They have a media industry that confirms their choice to reject God and the Truth in the Bible and rarely are confronted with that Truth. This culture no longer has any respect or fear of the Christian community as evidence by the bashing God’s people and our faith receive on TV, radio, the Internet, in music, the movies, and every other platform that brings information to people.

I will not stop doing everything in my power each day to reach as many people as possible outside of the four walls of the church to bring them hope when they are hurting, and the message of Christ’s love and everlasting life through faith in Him. I couldn’t imagine 19 years ago that despite all of our efforts literally every day, our nation and culture would be so depraved and hostile to God’s Truth.

As we minister to those we reach daily, lead those who have an open heart to come to faith in Jesus, I see a mighty harvest waiting to be brought in. It will be in our depravity that a nation in its’ pain and suffering, will be open to a real answer. We know what that real answer is, and through your love, prayers, and sacrificial gifts, God will keep using His work here at Liveprayer in these last days to turn our nation back to our Creator and His Truth!!!

In His love and service, Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in His work, Bill Keller