Daily Devotional for Friday July 8, 2016

Do You Run Away from Sin or Do You Run to Sin?

(Genesis 39:12)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to get through this day and the challenges that I will be facing today. Guide me, strengthen me, and give me wisdom as I make choices throughout this day. Please watch over my family and those I love in this world, and keep them safe. I love you Lord, and depend upon you each moment of each day. Bless me as I go through the day, living my life for your glory. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

This may seem like an easy question to answer, but think carefully before you answer. Do you run away from sin, or do you run to sin? If you answer honestly, you will have to admit there have been times in your life when you were guilty of running towards sin, or at least NOT running when you saw sin coming. I have spoken in past Devotionals about the path of escape God not only always provides, but promises. There is that instant when your spiritual instincts are telling you exactly what to do. That, my friend, becomes the moment of truth.

In today's scripture, Joseph saw sin coming. Realizing his own human weakness, he literally ran from it. THERE IS NOTHING COWARDLY ABOUT RUNNING FROM SIN. As a matter of fact, it is an act of cowardice to NOT run from sin. It is like saying, "OK sin, here I am sin, powerless to stand up to you...just run me over." Anyone can do that. It takes a spiritual giant to see sin coming and flee from it. The Bible even tells us to "flee from sin." It is an admonition we need to take more seriously.

The question then becomes, why don't we run from sin? There are two answers to this. First though, I am not questioning your love of Jesus, even though sin is rebellion against God. It is because we either, a) don't trust our spiritual instincts enough to "see" sin coming, or, b) we simply love the sin more than the Lord at that moment.

That may sound harsh, but it is very true. Jesus told His disciples that if they loved Him, they would obey His commandments. As His disciples, we ultimately get the opportunity to show our love for Him often. It is usually in those cases when we have the opportunity to run from sin, or stay and indulge in it. Remember the next time you want to tell Jesus you love Him....show Him by following His commandments.

I love you and care about you very much. I realize that many are in difficult situations today because you have succumbed to sin's temptations...you stayed instead of running. Running is hard. It actually requires a supernatural strength we only possess through Christ. Again, that is why that intimate daily relationship with Him is so critical to our daily walk. It not only strengthens us, but sharpens our spiritual instincts so we can see sin coming and run from it.

I will be praying for you to really let these words sink in today. For many, they are very difficult words, but necessary. They are said in love to help you avoid falling into the traps the enemy sets for you. Let me leave you with this encouragement. God BLESSES obedience. Not only is it our most effective way of proving our love for the Lord, but a side benefit is that God blesses our obedience. I am convinced that Joseph reaped the blessings of God for His obedience. What God did for Joseph, He will do for you.

Remember that the next time you see sin coming...and run!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller