Daily Devotional for Wednesday February 17, 2016

Special Message from Liveprayer.Com Founder Bill Keller

(John 3:16 )

***SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM LIVEPRAYER.COM FOUNDER BILL KELLER: Today I come to you asking for your prayers for God’s favor and a breakthrough. One of my greatest desires in 23 yrs of ministry has been the total opposite of other ministry leaders. While their goal is always, and trust me when I tell you, always to figure out how to raise more money, mine has been to one day never have to ask those we minister to for a dime of support unless it was some sort of special ministry project.

When Liveprayer signed on in August of 1999, the internet was hot and we had commitments of $20 million of funding after we had been online for one year from several venture capital groups who saw the potential for a website dedicated to prayer. Of course, it was in January of 2000 the internet bubble “burst” and virtually all of these type of funding groups, including the ones we were working with, went out of business.

It was at that moment I had no idea how we would continue Liveprayer. It would have been easy to simply shut things down and go back to the more traditional evangelistic preaching I had been doing for the first 6 yrs of my ministry. However, we were ministering to people online, seeing souls saved, so I got on my knees and simply told God I would show up each morning to my office, put the key in the lock, give him everything I have as I always did until we simply can’t operate. That was almost 17 yrs, tens of millions of lives, over 100 million emails for prayer answered, 12 yrs of “live” TV program on secular stations and networks, and more than 1 million souls we know of who have accepted Christ through Liveprayer later!!!

Over these many years with the high profile Liveprayer has had by bringing God’s Truth into the secular marketplace, I have had numerous opportunities to turn Liveprayer into a multi-million dollar operation and become personally wealthy by this worlds standards. These opportunities all require some form of compromise of God’s Truth since the world doesn’t offer riches for free. There is NO major ministry that is taking in millions annually that isn’t in some way compromising their very ministry in order to generate those type of dollars. NOT ONE!

I can take my last breath tonight if God deems it, with the full peace that I can stand before our Lord and without hesitation say I am not perfect, but I never held back, I gave him 100% of everything I had every day since I began serving him in 1992, and that I had not once sold Him or His Truth out for a penny!!!

After turning down many opportunities to syndicate the TV program by secular syndicators who loved the “reality” of the program but always wanted restrictions on the subjects I could talk about and the things I was allowed to say on certain issues, last year we finally found a group that wanted to put the TV program on a national cable network “live” for an hour 5 nights a week, and, PAY us apx. $50,000 a month for the rights the first year, with annual increases that would give us the resources to pay off the small amount of debt we still carry and fully fund the ministry without having to depend on ANY donations!

We sent in our final contracts in October with the understanding we would get their executed copy back the first weeks of December along with an initial check. November was Paris, early December was San Bernandino, and in mid-December came a conference call with the syndicators stating that the commercial sponsors they had lined up (that is how they make their money after paying us for the rights) were still fine with being part of the program, AS LONG AS I STAYED AWAY FROM TALKING ABOUT ISLAM!

My friend, Islam is one of the greatest threats of our day. CAIR has already bullied virtually all in the media to either be silent on the truth of Islam, or worse, become Islamic sympathizers as virtually ALL of the major media has become making this danger even greater. The one hallmark of my 23 yrs of ministry and of Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program is that no matter the personal consequences, I have never stayed silent when the truth needed to be shared. It has cost Liveprayer thousands of donors over the years, has been the reason I receive apx 8-10 death threats a month and have for the past 12 years, along with 6 fatwas or Islamic death sentences that I know of.

Since that initial conversation with the syndicators in mid-December, we are still in communication with them with a goal of starting the deal as early as March 1st, but I have told them the one thing I can’t and won’t do is stay silent on such an important issue as Islam. I am aware how easy it would be to simply say “I’ll shut up” and move forward without any hesitation, just like the dozens of times over the years I could have said OK to compromise the ministry in some way for millions of dollars...but didn’t and never will!!!

In the meantime, I am desperately trying to simply cover the basic daily ministry operations of Liveprayer so we can continue. I don’t require the millions other major ministries do because I don’t use your support to buy buildings, have a huge staff of people, not to mention the mansions, luxury cars, and private jets as ministry leaders build their own kingdom instead of God’s. For the record, due to the financial challenges since the housing bubble burst in 2008, I have not even taken my modest $40,000 annual salary, but simply have relied each month on God providing what I need to live each day, and He has!

Please be praying for God’s favor that this syndication deal will become formal quickly. That will take the financial pressure off and most important, give us an incredible unique national platform to bring God’s Truth daily to the masses in the marketplace while saving souls. Also, please pray about what you can do to help me insure the $65,000 we require for our February internet and TV operations, $14,000 of that past due, to be covered over the final 12 days of the month.

***2 signs from God! I told you 2015 would be a year of victory and that in the first 20 days of December God would confirm it. I have to admit, He did in 2 ways. One I saw, the other I just realized today in prayer. He was faithful, the signs were there, I simply didn’t recognize both of them! The first I saw and shared was $7,000,000. That represents the amount Liveprayer would need to do everything we need to reach the nation over a years time that would literally change the spiritual course of this nation. Sadly, many major ministries take in many times that amount each year but use those funds to build their kingdom and not God’s. Also frustrating is watching political candidates with as much chance to become our next President as my precious cat, spending tens of millions of dollars that in the end means ZERO!

The second is Donald Trump. I could CARE LESS about Trump politically. Spiritually I highly doubt he is truly saved or has any real relationship with God other than an acknowledgement He exists. However, Trump was the sign I missed because he has risen up over these past 6 months as an example of someone that the world of politics in our lifetime has never seen. Whether he becomes President or ends his campaign tomorrow, he is a sign from God because he is a political anomaly, someone only God for whatever reason that we may or may never know, raised up like nobody else in modern political history!

These two signs God has given me are to press on despite the daily challenges, despite the desire at times to simply quit fighting. However, this is HIS life not mine. This is HIS work, not mine. Mine is simply to be faithful and obedient, yielded to Him to use for His Glory. I will continue to fight each day as I have for the past 17 yrs to simply keep the doors of Liveprayer open so His work continues, walk by pure faith each day for my personal needs and the needs of the ministry believing God to send HIS people to hold my arms up and those who are able to make the financial sacrifice to cover our operations, and give my whole heart to ministering to the needs of the people, boldly and without compromise deliver His Truth to this blind and hurting world, and share the hope of Christ with the lost!

I love you and care about you so much. My life, and God’s work here at Liveprayer is as it always has been in YOUR HANDS! Let me say THANK YOU! Over the most challenging times of the past 17 yrs, it has been the love and prayers of the Liveprayer family that has sustained me, and the gifts that have been sacrificed so God’s work here at Liveprayer is available 24/7/365 to those lost and hurting souls we ministry to worldwide each day while bringing God’s Truth into the marketplace.


***FEBRUARY FINANCIAL UPDATE: “Hi Bill, God Bless You! Thank you for all you prayers and labor of love I am sending you my only $10.00 I have..not much but every penny counts to reducing the burden I will mail it tomorrow.. Friday the 12th...please pray for me..Thank You...A week ago Our Lord sent me an angel to buy me $ 70.00 food and fill my gas tank full...All Glory to God!! He is Worthy!! Psalm 100:4 Estelle”

As we are 17 days into February, a short month to begin with, we finally covered the balance of our January shortfall late last week! THANK YOU! Now we can begin working on the $40,000 we require for our February internet operations and the $25,000 we require for our February TV programs.

So far, the first $1,000 has come in, leaving us these final 12 days to cover the final $64,000 for our February internet and TV operations.

*$14,000 of our February operations from the first weeks are overdue. I need 1 or 2 of our friends who can help me with a special gift of $7,000 or more to insure we cover this critical amount today!!!

Everyone else, please be praying about what God is calling you to do in these coming days to support His work here at Liveprayer during February! Your gift, $5, $50, $500, or $5,000 is an act of obedience and worship as our blessings flow from that obedience. Thank you for standing with me today as we take our stand for the Lord in these final days!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller