Daily Devotional for Friday November 13, 2015

Blessings My Friend

(1 Corinthians 15:57)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, thank you for meeting my daily needs as you have promised in your Word. I look to you and your alone for my sustenance through life, and thank you for your faithfulness. Please help me to be a good steward of the funds you entrust into my care during this life, and give me favor in my finances, and wisdom in my decisions. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

Blessings my friend!

By the grace of God and the prayers and sacrifice of many of our friends in the Liveprayer family, we have cleared up our October shortfall and are at work on our November internet and TV budgets. GOD IS GREAT! Let me be the first to wish you and your family a BLESSED Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

***Between now and the end of the year in 48 days, we will need $127,000 to cover all of our basic internet and TV operations to end the year with a zero balance. Please pray about a special one-time year-end gift of $1,000 or more to help me insure Liveprayer continues to be a beacon of light to so many each day! Just 127 of our friends making a special year-end gift to the Lord's work here of $1,000 would insure what we require for operations are taken care of.

Many will be getting a year-end bonus. Some of you have recently sold a home, some property, a business, stocks, or something else. Please pray about sending a portion of those funds to help God's work here at Liveprayer!!!

--->We have some annual operations payments totaling $15,000 that are a week past due. PLEASE take a moment and pray about stepping up as so many have over the past 16+ years and make a special one-time year end investment in the Lord's work here at Liveprayer to insure these critical operational payments are taken care of immediately!

As we head into the final 48 days in the year, I am in awe of God and how He has moved through Liveprayer during this year. Despite the incredible financial challenges we have faced the past 8 years, He has continued to move on the hearts of friends like you and provide the resources we need to keep pressing forward saving souls every day, responding to over 40,000 emails for prayer daily, and getting His Truth into the marketplace.

Most important is the apx 2,000 people we know of each week who come to faith in Jesus through Liveprayer. Through over 16 years of ministry, that takes us over 1 million souls we know of from around the world who have come to faith in Jesus!!! AMEN!!! That is only possible through your love, prayers, and sacrifce to help me!!!


The reality is, we are on the verge of seeing the culmination of 23 years of ministry, and the opportunity to help usher in a real spiritual revival in this nation as God has showed me in this coming year. The time is very short. We have squandered God's many blessings that He has poured out on this nation the past 200 years.

Deuteronomy 8:19 says, "If you ever forget the LORD your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed." We have not only worshipped and bowed down to every false god and idol there is, but have unleashed sin of every kind in our land. God will not be mocked!

People are hungry for Truth. At this time, people are desperately looking for hope and answers. We have the only true hope there is and the only answers for each person and our nation. This nation is RIPE for revival, and the Holy Spirit has showed me that what we are doing will be the catalyst to spark the revival and see a true spiritual renewal in our nation. Turning back to God and His Truth is our ONLY hope, and time is running out for us to do that!!!

2015 is the year it has begun, and 2016 we will be seeing a real revival in this nation!!!

That is why today I am asking you to help me. Everyone can pray, and I ask you to take a few minutes and ask the Lord to move on the hearts of those who are able to make a financial sacrifce to help me in this effort with the most generous year-end gift you can.

As those who have followed Liveprayer over the years, you know that my heart beats to bring God's Truth to the marketplace, to reach the lost masses, to pray for people in their hour of need, and to see souls won to faith in Jesus Christ.

Just like I told you in late 2007 God's judgment would begin to fall in very visible ways and we have been living through it for 8 years now. 2015 has been a year where people are waking up and Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program are playing a huge role in bringing God's Truth to this nation!!!!

Will you pray about what God is calling YOU to do to help me in this effort to lead our nation back to God and His Truth in 2016? I need your support now more than ever. For every minute I have to spend asking people to help insure these basic needs are met, is one less minute I can spend with in the critical work the Lord has called me to as we work on different outreaches through the Internet and TV in the coming year of seeing a real national revival.

***OCTOBER FINANCIAL UPDATED: We finished covering our October shortfall this past Monday. Praise be to God!!! Now we can go to work on the $65,000 we need for our November internet operations and TV programs!!! So far we have brought in the first $3,000, requiring $62,000 to end the month with all of our daily operations current.

Please pray about what God is asking YOU to do to help me insure we end November with all of our operations current! It is your love, prayers, and generous sacrifice that has kept Liveprayer online for over 16 yrs and TV over 12 yrs, literally impacting tens of millions of lives worldwide and seeing over 1 million souls we know of come to faith in Jesus Christ. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible

Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and sacrifice. In the year 2016, we will continue doing something no other ministry is doing, using our internet and our TV platform to bring the Body of Christ together as one with one voice and literally change the spritual direction of this nation while bringing lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Thank you for praying and thank you for making the sacrifce to help me. May history look back on our efforts for Christ and show our faithfulness as Heaven is packed full of souls who came to know Jesus through the work of Liveprayer!!!

In His love and service, Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ, Bill Keller