Daily Devotional for Wednesday November 4, 2015

The Final 60 Days of 2015 - Part Two of Two

(Jonah Chapter 3)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, use me as an instrument to bring unity within your Body. Help me to take my stand for you with other brothers and sisters in Christ who won't bow their knee to baal, or compromise their faith for ANY reason. Empower me through your Holy Spirit and let me be part of your Body, walking in unity for your glory! In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!!!

THE FINAL 60 DAYS OF 2015! (Part Two of Two)

*Yesterday was the "set-up" word from the Lord I shared with you in the first days of this year. If you missed it, PLEASE take a few minutes to read this special word at: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=6478 It is in this day and moment of unbridled sin and rebellion to God and His Word, we will see a nation on its' knees in repentance. Pray as you read Part Two today and ask God to open your spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear. The nigh draweth near, yet there is still a season of God's glory to come!!!

What to expect in the final 60 days of this "year of victory!" In order to understand what to expect in the final 60 days of this "year of victory," it is critical to understand where we are as a nation and the state of the church today.


-Economy: The govt. has purposely pumped the system with billions of printed dollars each quarter, leaving interest rates at zero, since raising rates will cause the markets to sell off by at least 50%. In addition, there is a new internet "bubble" that could explode at any time, much like what we saw in 2000. Additionally, over 100 million people are without work, the social welfare system is taking care of record amounts of people, and the number of those living in poverty is greater than any time in the history of this nation!

-Islam: Due to the advocacy and support of the Obama administration along with a sympathetic media, Islam has greater power and influence in this nation than most people understand. It is truly the "enemy from within!"

-Computer infrastructure: Via hacking, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks, and other damage to the cyber infrastructure by foreign nations or organized groups hostile to this nation, life as we know it could change literally overnight!

-Healthcare: Every person at some point in their life needs healthcare and the greatest healthcare system in the world as been severely damaged in regard to having affordable coverage and access to quality care.

-Life: We have created a culture of death, killing apx. 4,000 babies every 24 hours (apx 56 million in the 42 years since Roe vs. Wade). The nation is now swiftly moving to end life at the other end of the spectrum through legalized doctor assisted suicide.

-Foreign Policy: In 7 short year we have lost all influence in the world with our allies not trusting us and our enemies not fearing us. Our incompetent foreign policy maneuvers have largely contributed to the rise of ISIS and Muslim terror groups and the destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa. We have not supported our friend Israel, have caved in allowing our enemies to become stronger than ever, and sadly ignored the Christian genocide taking place in the Middle East.

-Gambling: As states immorally turned to gambling schemes like the lottery and casinos, they have helped create 2 new generations of gambling addicts and the destroyed lives that addiction leaves in its wake.

-Drugs: With states looking to legalize marijuana to generate income, they are in the process of creating a whole new generation of drug addicts and the social ills that come from so many lives being destroyed by drug addiction.

-Sexual perversion: With the victory of the radical homosexual lobby in mainstreaming the sin of homosexuality, it has now opened the door to the acceptance of every type of sexual deviance you can name. You actually have young boys and men who are so confused they believe they are really females, and young girls and women who are so confused they believe they are really males. Society has legally and socially supported and upheld this madness!

-Marriage/Family: The foundation of society is marriage between a man and woman and children born and raised in a loving, nurturing, Christian environment by their father and mother. With the breakdown of marriage first through massive divorce rates, adding perverting the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, a natural byproduct has been the breakdown of the family. You can tie virtually all of our societal ills to this destruction of its very foundation.

-Immigration: We have purposely become a nation without borders and the costs to the nation are devastating in all areas of our national life.

-Mental Health: We currently have virtually NO mental health infrastructure and it not only adversely affects those with this legitimate health issue who need the proper care, but society as a whole.

-Military: Over the past 6 years, our military has been gutted to the lowest number of troops and military hardware since prior to WW2. Morale has been decimated by using the military as a social petri dish. Sadly, through the efforts of many anti-Christian groups, God has virtually been taken out of our military!


The vast majority of the last two generations have never been to church. A recent Pew study confirmed that far less people today go to church, pray, and believe in God. Over 70% of churches and pastors operate in opposition to God's Word. There is virtually NO evangelism in the church today. Our churches have turned from training grounds to entertainment centers. The church has bought into satan's game of division and is horribly fragmented and divided. There is little spiritual or practical counseling in the church today. Virtually all of Christendom has removed itself from the culture and operates in its own subculture. The Christian media has little to do with minsitry and is all about money. Most major non-church ministries do nothing but preach to the choir and ignore the lost masses. Due to the church leaving the culture, it has opened the door to every false religion, cult, and new age movement to lead searching souls to etenrity in hell. Instead of leading the culture in ways of righteousness, the church has been led by the culture in opposition to God and His Word.


Within the first 20 days of December, I will be able to begin pointing out to you examples of the sparks of a true national revival. Most likely there will not be a mass repentance where overnight evil will be replaced by holiness. However, the beginning sparks of national revival necessary to begin turning this nation back to Almighty God and His Truth will be clearly evident and begin to sweep this nation.

Sin is overflowing and drowning the nation, and like a drowning man grabs for a life preserver, so will people begin to grab for the Gospel and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My friend, there IS one more season of obedience to our Lord on the horizon, one more season of enjoying God's favor and blessings, ONE LAST HARVEST OF SOULS FOR THE KINGDOM!

God is no respecter of person. Nineveh repented and enjoyed such a season, and what God did for Nineveh He will do for this nation. OUR NINEVEH MOMENT IS UPON US. BE PREPARED AND EXPECTANT!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller