Daily Devotional for Sunday November 16, 2003

Loving the things of this world

(Colossians 3:2)

Loving the things of this world. The enemy is so subtle in the way he works. One of my goals from time to time is to expose his tricks so that you won't be fooled and have to live through the consequences of falling into one of his many traps. How easy we get distracted from our eternal mission and goals, and get focused instead on the meaningless things of this temporal world that will one day be gone.

I think about a few years ago, when millions were glued to their TV sets watching that horrible perversion of God's plan for marriage, "Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire." Most laughed at the show, but what a horrible message it sent to so many without any kind of Biblical foundation about how God's sacred institution of marriage was little more than a way for TV networks to get ratings. Or professional wrestling, one of the most popular programs on TV. Entertainment? Is it really entertaining to watch a huge man body slam a woman through a table? Is that what our "entertainment" has deteriorated to?

The reason I address these issues today is to share that even Christians can get out of focus in their daily lives. It would be nice to assume that everyone watching these types of programs, everyone going into adult bookstores, everyone that buys drugs, everyone that is engaging in so many ungodly activities each day, were simply "the lost." But unfortunately that is not the case.

Many good, saved, churchgoing people get caught up in the things of this world because they have allowed the temporary, short-term allure of sin to capture their mind. They have focused on the things of this world instead of on the things of God. For most, it happens slowly over a period of time. But by continually focusing on the things that this world has to offer instead of the things of God, they have ended up on roads that they never thought they would be on.

I am not telling you that you should stop having fun. I am however, issuing a warning to you today that when you start focusing too much on the things of this world and not enough time on the things of God, you are inviting major problems into your life. Remember, in the world there is no right or wrong,there is no absolute truth. That is a lie from the pits of hell and why I encourage you daily to stay in the Bible, because God's Word IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH. IT IS RIGHT AND WRONG.

The world's goal is to be politically correct and not to offend anyone. The truth in God's Word is highly offensive to many because it lays out clearly what is right and what is wrong, and those living in rebellion to God are then reminded that the free will choices they have made are not in God's will. I guess my question for you today is, are you more concerned with pleasing the world, or pleasing God?????

I love you and care about you. I will be praying for you today to keep your focus on God, and not get distracted by the things of this world. I am so thankful for those of you who have been able to stand with me in this work here at Liveprayer. One day in Heaven you will get a tap on your shoulder and someone will tell you how they gave their life to Christ, or got through a difficult time because of Liveprayer. YOU help make that possible each and every day with your prayers and support of this ministry. Thank you!

Let me close today again with a simple question, "is your mind focused more on the things of this world or the things of God?" Pray about that today.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller