Daily Devotional for Friday October 24, 2003

This is no longer a Christian nation, part 2

(Matthew 28:18-20)

This is no longer a Christian nation, part 2. Many people were upset with the Devotional that I wrote last Friday stating the fact that the United States was no longer a Christian nation. Some incorrectly contended that it never was. I am very well aware of some of the ungodly practices this nation has been involved in throughout its history such as slavery. I am also very well aware that not all of the Founding Fathers were Christians. The fact is however, the majority of the people in this nation for the first 200 years believed in the God of the Bible and knew His Son Jesus Christ as their Savior. That, is no longer the case in the year 2003.

We live in a nation that allows people the freedom to worship whatever gods they choose to. While early on in our nation's history, the majority of the people did believe in the God of the Bible and had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that simply is not true today. But that is OK! It simply means that those who know Christ as their Savior have got to get serious about sharing their faith. We have incredible freedoms to share our faith with those in this nation and around the world. WE ARE ONLY LIMITED BY OUR OWN LACK OF VISION!


One of the biggest problems we have had in this nation over the last 40 years, is the isolationist mentality too many believers have. CHRISTIANS, NOT THOSE WHO OPPOSE THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST, ARE LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING GOD OUT OF OUR CULTURE! A vast majority of churches, especially mainline denominations, went into maintenance mode and quit evangelizing. Instead of reaching out to the lost world, the church shut out the lost world.

We have also seen the start of the Christian television, radio, and publication businesses. Now, instead of having to use secular television, radio, book and magazine publishers, Christians have their own TV stations, their own radio stations, their own books and magazines. We created our own media and took the message of Christ and the truth of God's Word out of the mainstream media that the people in the world tune into daily. WE ABANDONED THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND LEFT IT FOR THE WORLD TO USE.

What this means is that Christians need to get busy and use our freedoms to start putting God back into our culture. God needs His people in every walk of life to quit being so passive, and start having the same boldness as those who reject God, His Son, and the truth of His Word. Those who are in Hollywood need to use their influence to get Christian messages into the films that are being produced. Not just films that are Christian in nature, but regular every day films as well. Those in secular TV and radio need to find ways to inject God's truth into the programming. Believers in the print media need to use their influence and clout to get the Christian message back into magazines and newspapers.

EVERY CHILD OF GOD HAS A ROLE TO PLAY. When you accept Christ as your Savior, you become part of God's army. Everyone can do their part in the course of their daily life. At work, at school, where you shop, work-out, the hobbies you are involved in, we must let our light shine bright and not hide it under a bushel. God has called us to be the salt of this earth. Living a life pleasing and acceptable to God is still the greatest witness that you will ever have to this lost and hurting world. What Jesus has done in your life is still your greatest message to the lost.

I love you and care about you so much. We should not be saddened by the fact the United States is no longer a Christian nation, but challenged by it. Look at the world Christ's disciples and Paul lived in, the early church was born into. It was literally void of the message of Christ, and those who were Christians came under incredible persecution. Anyone in the United States that thinks you are being persecuted for your faith needs to read about the REAL persecution the early Christians had to endure. Having people say bad things about you is NOT persecution. Being fed to a lion is persecution!

But those first Christians persevered and took the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost world that they lived in. They didn't hide in their homes and isolate themselves from their culture, but boldly took their faith in Christ directly to the world of their day.

I am praying for you today. Could the United States once again be a Christian nation, with a majority of people who know Christ as their Savior? ABSOLUTELY! But it will take bold and courageous men and women of God who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the Gospel. It will take men and women of God who have great vision to take the truth of His Word out of our churches, out of the Christian media, and directly to the people of this world that we live in.

My friend, this nation, this world is looking for hope. It is looking for answers. Jesus Christ is the ONYL hope, and Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer. Those faithful saints that have gone on to their rewards in glory, have passed the baton to us. It is OUR JOB to carry the message of Christ to this nation we live in, and to the world we are part of. The Great Commission has not expired. It is a commandment from our Lord and Savior to all those who have accepted Him into their hearts and lives to "go and make disciples of all nations." Let us work together and once again make the United States a Christian nation!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller