Daily Devotional for Tuesday October 21, 2003

A different Gospel

(Galatians 1:6-12)

A different Gospel. I have been writing this Devotional every single day since Liveprayer started on August 31, 1999. That is just over 1500 straight days. During that time, the number of people who get the Devotional has grown from less than 10, to just under 1.8 million people worldwide. Many people forward the Devotional to family members, friends, and business associates. A copy of each day's Devotional is posted on my website, www.liveprayer.com , and I have given my permission to several hundred other Internet sites to post it on theirs as well. Only God knows for sure, but it is reasonable to assume that each day over 3 million people worldwide read these words.

As you know, each day I deal with real life issues and try to put them in the context of the Christian faith, issues that many churches simply will not address for a myriad of reasons. One of the reasons is because of the attacks that come when you address certain subjects. During the course of a month, I routinely get between 5-10 death threats that get forwarded on to the proper law enforcement agencies. I don't worry about them, since I know God has my back, and when my work here is over I will be forever with Him.

But in the course of doing this each day over these past 49 months, I have come to realize that some topics I deal with bring out the attacks more than others. For instance, when I share that God says all sex outside of marriage is a sin, it brings out the demons of hell. Whenever I talk about the family, and God's plan for the family, and pray for marriages to be restored, it brings out the demons of hell. Abortion. Oh my. To tell a woman that having an abortion is KILLING HER BABY brings out the demons of hell in full force. I tell my staff to put on two suits of armor whenever I do a Devotional on the FACT that homosexuality is clearly called by God a sin. That issue, probably more than any other brings on the most vicious attacks that you can imagine. That was until Monday.

The new leader in the clubhouse in regard to unleashing the demons of hell is to call Mormonism for what it is...A CULT! Never in all the days of doing this work have I seen such vicious, vile, nasty, emails as from the good folks down at your local Mormon cult. I hit a major nerve, as a great lie satan has been telling was exposed to the world. It always amuses me how when you expose satan, attack him head on, go right for his throat, show him to be the liar that he is, how loud he will scream.

As a matter of fact, I have been "warned" to never, ever, speak out against Mormonism again or there would be a huge price to pay. Well, I am sorry, but if I DON'T speak out against this cult that is leading millions into eternal damnation, there will be a bigger price to pay since I have to one day answer to God!!!

The lie of Mormonism that I exposed is not a new problem. Paul himself had to deal with the issue of "cults," those who perverted the Gospel, almost from the very beginning. He spoke of it often in his writings, as in today's anchor verses in his letter to the church at Galatia. This is nothing new. The bottom line to Mormonism and why it is a cult can be boiled down to one core issue. The jesus of the Mormons is NOT a deity!!!

Many Mormons will lie to you and say that they believe in the Jesus of the Bible, but they are not telling you the truth. In Mormon theology, their jesus is NOT a deity! If Christ is not God, then his death on the cross was useless, those who believe in Him are still lost in their sin, and we are the most sad of all people. THE JESUS OF THE BIBLE IS GOD!

That is why when you base your beliefs on anything other than the inspired, inerrant Word of God, you are lost! Yes the Mormons use the Bible, but it is NOT their final authority as it is for the Christian. Their authority lies in the writings of that lunatic Joseph Smith and their cult's Doctrine and Covenants statement.

I know some people were outraged that I would be "so mean" to call Mormonism a cult. I received some emails saying that I should just leave them alone to believe what they want. Others talked of the great works that they do. First, I have no doubt that most Mormons are fine people, good people, and do great works. But being a good person, doing good works does NOT get you into Heaven. Only faith in Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the Bible will get you into Heaven. The Mormon cult spends tens of millions each year in public relations to portray themselves as "just another Christian church." DO NOT LET THEIR ADS FOOL YOU. They are no more a Christian church than your local mosque is!

Lastly, I have no problem in them believing whatever they want to. God gave each of us the free will to choose what we want to believe in. But it is my responsiblity to WARN people not to be taken in by the warm and fuzzy exterior of this cult, and to tell them what Mormons really believe so that they understand going in that a Mormon is NOT a Christian, and when they say the name Jesus, it is NOT the Jesus of the Bible! ***YOUR ETERNAL DESTINATION IS DETERMINED BY WHETHER YOU ACCEPT OR REJECT THE JESUS CHRIST OF THE BIBLE!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I don't mind taking the heat that I do each day for exposing sin and dealing with the tough issues of life. That is what God has called me to do. My goal today is NOT to convert Mormons to Christians, but to WARN people of this cult. I refuse to waste my time getting into theological debates with those who choose to believe in Mormonism. It is a much more productive use of my time to pray for them to come to know the REAL JESUS.

I would ask that all of those who know the Jesus of the Bible, to take a few moments today and join me in prayer for those who have bought into the lies of the cults like the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientology, Christian Science, and the various New Age groups. This is a very important issue since people who put their faith in these cults are making choices that will cause them to be cast into everlasting darkness. It was Jesus who said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." There is only ONE GOSPEL, the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST FOUND IN THE BIBLE!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller