Daily Devotional for Friday October 10, 2003

Leadership, political versus spiritual

(Ezekiel 3:17, 33:6)

Leadership, political versus spiritual. Well, California has a new governor, Governor Arnold. Many people in that great state are hoping that Gov. Schwarzenegger will be a better leader than Gov. Davis. While I pray that Gov. Schwarzenegger will do a good job for the people in the state of California, I want to use this time today to help you understand the difference between political leaders and spiritual leaders.

Let me make two statements to set the tone for this Devotional today. First, if you are looking to political leaders for spiritual leadership, you are doomed. Second, the problems that we have in our nation today, are spiritual problems and the result of a void of spiritual leadership.

In the Old Testament, there were the political leaders, the kings, and the spiritual leaders, the priests. These were two very separate offices with two very separate roles to play. The king was the political leader of the people, analogous in our society to the President. The priest was the spiritual leader of the people, which would be the same as the pastor of a local church. God clearly established these as two separate offices. The governing of a nation and the shepherding of the spiritual lives of people are two separate and distinct roles.

For some reason, many people in our nation look to our politicians for spiritual leadership. These men and women are NOT in office to provide spiritual leadership to the nation, but are there to govern our nation. It is a great blessing to have political leaders that have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and try to live their lives in accordance with God's Word, but we can never expect them to be spiritual leaders, that is NOT their role.

Let me say something that is going to make many people angry, but it is a critical point that you MUST understand. George W. Bush, our current President, is NOT the spiritual leader of this nation. I know from personal contact that President Bush has a very real and vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but he is the political leader of our nation, NOT our spiritual leader.

The role of spiritual leadership is one that God has given to those men and women He has called into His service. I want to tell you today that the problems we have in this nation today are NOT the fault of the political leaders, but are the fault of the spiritual leaders. The void of spiritual leadership in this nation is directly responsible for the state of the culture and society that we are living in today.

Today's spiritual leaders hide behind the four walls of their churches where it is safe, and they preach their message to the choir through the Christian media where it is profitable. There is now a large percentage of two full generations in our nation that have never been to church. The fastest growing religious movements in this nation today are the cults and false religions of the world because they are bold enough to take their lies that are straight from the pits of hell, directly to the people the church ignores. Every day, more and more people are dying and going to hell, and God is going to hold accountable those He has called into spiritual leadership.

I love you and care about you so much. We are at a critical time in our nation. There are more churches, more ministries, and more resources than ever before. The paradox is at the same time we have more people living their lives void of God and a society operating in total rebellion to God's Word. The blame has to fall squarely on those God has called into spiritual leadership. Contrary to popular belief, this is no longer a Christian nation. 50 years ago it was assumed most people were Christians. That is no longer the case.

***We have got to understnad that this is a war my friend, a war for the eternal souls of people. You simply can't open the doors of the church on Sunday morning and expect the people to come. Most people don't go to church and they never have, so why should they come? You can't put a program on Christian TV and radio and expect people to tune in. There are 100's of stations to choose from, so why would they want to listen?

That is why God will raise up in these last days, NEW SPIRITUAL LEADERS. Men and women with the guts to stand toe to toe with the world regardless of the consequences. Men and women that can operate on a street corner just as effectively as they can behind a pulpit. Men and women that will take the truth of God's Word, the hope and love of Christ to the people thru the same delivery methods the world uses to take its lies to the people. Men and women that are not ashamed of the Gospel and are not worried about being politically correct. Men and women that are not here to be served but have come to serve others. MEN AND WOMEN THAT ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BUILDING THE KINGDOM OF GOD THAN THEIR OWN KINGDOMS USING GOD'S NAME!!!

I pray today that you will not put your hopes in a politician when it comes to spiritual matters. That is not their role. I pray that you will find Godly men and women that He has called to lead the people in these final days. God always has a remnant, both of people and leaders. As these final days wind down, those true leaders will rise up and you will know who they are because you won't be able to miss them. They won't be hiding in a church, or secluded on the Christian media, but they will be visible in this world we live in.

The world will scoff at what they have to say, they will be persecuted for their bold stand for Christ, but God will have His hand on them and their message will be heard by the masses. They will boldly declare to this lost, hurting, and dying world the TRUTH of God's Word, that Jesus Christ is the "way, the truth, and the life," and that He is the only answer for this world and each person.

In his love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller