Daily Devotional for Thursday September 11, 2003

The day after

( Psalm 18 )

(Originally sent on September 13, 2001)

The day after. This has been a very sad day for me, yet at the same time very rewarding. The sadness comes from the loss yesterday of at least 20 people who subscribed to this Daily Devotional and were part of the Liveprayer family. The emails started coming in late last night. 17 were killed in the World Trade Center, 2 in the Pentagon, and one was on board the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. I have a great amount of compassion for their families today. We have also received emails from over a hundred people who lost friends in yesterday's events. My prayers today are with those families and friends who lost loved ones yesterday, and hope that they will look to God, our Comforter, during this difficult time in their lives.

However, I am very happy to report that as this Devotional was being written, we have received requests from over 1,000 people who have emailed us that they have prayed to ask Christ into their hearts as their personal savior, and requested our follow-up material. So I praise God for those lives that have been committed to the Lord.

I want to say a very special thanks, and send prayers out to all of the courageous police personnel, EMT's, fire and rescue workers, as well as the health care professionals involved in yesterdays horrible events. These people are all real American heroes that have given of themselves to help others who were in great need. Of course, these efforts will go on for many, many days as the aftermath of this tragedy is playing out. Also, praise God for all of the selfless people that donated blood in New York and other places to make it possible for care to be given to those who were injured. In the worst of times, the American people will always rise up and give their best. May God's richest blessings be on each one who has been a Good Samaritan these past several days.

On this day after, I also want to pray for our military personnel worldwide. I am confident that within a short period of time, the United States military will be involved in a response to yesterday's terrorist attacks on our country. I want to lift up each and every man and woman in uniform that God will protect them and allow them to accomplish their mission, and return home to their families safe and sound. Thousands who read this Devotional daily are on military bases and ships around the world. Please know that on behalf of the Liveprayer family, you will be covered in prayer as you go forth in service to your nation. May God bless you for your courage and bravery.

As the reality of what happened yesterday starts to sink in, I want to re-emphasize the point I shared with you yesterday. This is a golden opportunity for God's children to share His hope and love with a nation and world that for the most part is fearful of what tomorrow may bring and looking for answers. This is our chance to share with them that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. It is ONLY in a personal relationship with Jesus, that we can even hope to understand or make sense of what happened on September 11th, 2001. The reality that one day this world as we know it will no longer exist, the reality that life can end most unexpectedly, the fear of what that means to each person, gives us an incredible opportunity to lead them to the throne of grace and share with them God's gift of everlasting life.

I love you and care about you so much. You mean so much to me. Today of all days, I don't say those words lightly. Over the past 3 years, I have lost some very dear people who have been part of Liveprayer. Today has been difficult as I have learned of many in this special group of friends who have gone on to their reward. Heaven is richer for our loss. Their work here is over. But for me, and for you, God still has work for us to do.

While we take time to pray for those I have listed above, let us also pray and ask God for the courage and resolve to stand up and proudly carry the banner of Christ to this nation. The time has never been more ripe for Christians to boldly proclaim the cause of Christ. Let the tragedy of yesterday, be the spark that leads this great nation into revival. Never forget, revival happens one heart at a time. Today is the day, now is the time, and we are the ones that God has called for such a time as this. AMEN!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller