Daily Devotional for Sunday September 7, 2003

Another Season of the NFL

(Ephesians 5:15,16)

Well, this weekend is the first Sunday of another season of the NFL, and college football is well underway. All around the country, football fans are waiting with great anticipation to see how their team will do this season. People will actually be scheduling their lives around going to, and watching football from now thru the end of January. Sports has always been part of my life and something I've loved since I was very young. One day several years ago, I began to challenge myself in regard to how much time I spent going to games, watching games on television, reading about them in newspapers and magazines. I also began to count how much time I was spending each year on sports.

Now, I am not going to tell you that sports are bad, or that they are evil. The point I want you to understand is that I think it is important how much of our time and how much of our resources are devoted to the things that we like in this life, like sports, versus our eternal relationship with God. Sports for me, whatever hobby you may have, are an enjoyable part of this life. There is nothing wrong with having hobbies and interests, they make this life enjoyable.

Putting into perspective the short time we are on this earth against an eternity with God if we know Jesus, made me realize that I should be devoting at least as much time to my eternal relationship as I do my earthly interests which cease when this life is over. How many don't have time each day to read their Bible or pray, but have time to sit in front of the television for hours?

Please hear me. Enjoy the wholesome things that this world has to offer. Do the things that interest you. But please, don't neglect the most important part of your life, your personal relationship with God. Your life begins to unravel quickly when you are out of fellowship with Him. You start to make poor decisions when you stop reading your Bible every day, praying every day, going to church, and spending that quiet time with God. All I want you to do is keep things in perspective and make sure that you spend as much time caring for your eternal interests as your earthly ones.

I love you and care for you. We are into our fifth year at Liveprayer.com. It has been an exciting 4 years. Don't forget to let your friends and family know that we are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to stand with them and beside them in those tough times. God is still answering prayers, and He is still in the blessing business! Enjoy football, or whatever your personal interest may be. However, never forget that your time with the Lord each day is the most important thing that you will do that day. When this short journey is over, THAT is what will follow you into eternity!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller