Daily Devotional for Sunday May 4, 2003

God is faithful!

( Deuteronomy 7:9, Psalm 89:1, 1 Corinthians 1:9 )

God is faithful! One year ago, I was blessed to be with Roger as TRUTH performed their farewell concert at Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Largo, Florida, not far from my home. During the concert, Roger shared the life verse of TRUTH, that carried that ministry through 31 years. 1 Thessalonians 2:4 is a verse that I have used often in sharing God's Word with you these past 44 months. It simply says, "please God, NOT man"!!!! That is the mandate Roger and TRUTH carried for over 31 years of ministry. God has led over 1,000 incredible people through TRUTH over that time. Some went on to public fame like Steve Green, 4 Him, Dick and Mel Tunney, Alicia, and others. Many went on to become incredible Ministers of Music at great churches all over America. All that lived through the "experience" of TRUTH became better men and women of God because of their commitment to that great ministry!!!!

God wants to use you today. Understanding this life is made much more easy when we understand why we are here. God created us to serve and glorify Him. Our jobs, our families, our hobbies....these are all parts of our life on this earth. None of them represent our reason for being though. We are here to serve our Creator. I am convinced through scripture, that as long as we are on this earth, God has a plan for our lives. There is no accident, no disaster, no bullet, no knife, no plane crash, no car wreck...NOTHING...that can end our life before God is done using us to fulfill His plan.

I don't know in what form or fashion God wants to use you today. Possibly just to give a word of encouragement to someone who is down. Maybe to take an active role in some area of your church. Possibly to volunteer some time to a ministry that He has connected you with. What I do know, is that God wants to use you this day and is looking for your obedience. Many of our blessings in this life come because we were faithful and obedient. We miss many of our blessings because we rebelled and didn't listen to that "still small voice" trying to tell us the direction God wanted us to go.

Spend a few minutes right now in prayer. Maybe you already know what it is God is asking you to do. Now is the time to respond. Maybe you aren't quite sure. Pray, trust me, He will give you an answer. While we spend much of our life dealing with the daily necessities of living in this world, let us never forget why we are here and try each day to fulfill that purpose.

I love you, and care about you very much. Our God is faithful! The key question is, will YOU be faithful??? God wants to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. The Bible actually says 'above and beyond what we can ask or think". If you commit yourself as Roger did 32 years ago, you too, will know the incredible blessings of God in your life. It is very simple, if we are faithful, OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller