Daily Devotional for Saturday March 29, 2003

Judging others

( Matthew 7:1 )

Judging others. This is a verse that many use incorrectly, and I want to take a moment today to clarify what Jesus said when He shared this great truth during the Sermon on the Mount. Because I have never been afraid of calling sin exactly what it is when I share the TRUTH of God's Word with you, I get several hundred emails daily from people telling me that I have NO RIGHT JUDGING OTHERS. The fact is, what I do in the course of this Devotional each day is NOT judge anyone, but simply expose people, events, and issues in our society in the context of encouraging you in your daily relationship with the Lord.

When I use the example of someone like Eminem, I am NOT judging his heart, God will do that. I simply point out his actions. It is HIS ACTIONS THAT JUDGE HIM!!!!! I DON'T HAVE TO!!!! When I talk about the sinful choices of those who engage in fornication or homosexual activity, I am NOT judging those who engage in these practices. I simply point out what they do. It is THEIR ACTIONS THAT JUDGE THEM. All I do is take what a person has DONE in the context of God's Word says. THAT is our ultimate authority in ALL matters. IT IS GOD'S WORD THAT JUDGES THEM!

What Jesus said in Matthew 7:1 is very powerful. WE have no right to judge anyone since we ourselves are frail, sinful people. We must be as concerned about the sin in OUR lives, as we are in judging the sin in others. Having said that however, those who God has called into spiritual leadership must NEVER, EVER, shy away from calling sin sin. Those who commit acts of homosexuality or fornication are sinners. God said it, I didn't. Eminem has chosen to sell out his life to the record corporations and profit on putting out garbage to our kids. HE CHOSE TO DO THAT, I DIDN'T. He has to stand accountable for his actions and his life. WHAT HE DOES JUDGES HIM, I DON'T.

Anyone that takes the time to read ALL of what I write each day, know that I ask people to pray for those who are lost and without hope. I called people to PRAY FOR Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem. I call people often to PRAY FOR those who choose to engage in sinful sexual acts, whether it is homosexual acts, acts of adultery, or fornication. I use examples of the real world that we live in to drive home the point that I am making to YOU each day in relationship to your personal walk with the Lord.

I love you and care about you so much. I am not nearly as concerned for my own personal well being, as I am for your ETERNAL well being. THAT is why I do what I do each day. I will NEVER be silenced. As a matter of fact, many will be very disappointed in the coming months to see the voice that God has blessed me with in the mainstream media in addition to here on Liveprayer to proclaim HIS TRUTH to this lost and hurting world that we live in.

If Nickelodeon can allow the pro homosexual community to tell our kids that homosexuality is an acceptable choice, I will find the mainstream media outlets to say that it is a sin and a path of destruction! If Eminem can have his garbage broadcast on MTV and other channels day and night, I will find the mainstream media outlets to tell people that his "music" is straight from the pits of hell, and there is only ONE ROAD to real peace!

Pleased know today that Jesus was very clear about his admonition to "not judge others". But never take that to mean that we have to turn our heads to sin, and not speak out about what GOD SAYS is wrong! We are living in the last days. The war between TRUTH and LIE will become more pronounced. Please pray for me daily as I get even more focused on using the mainstream media to get the message of TRUTH to this lost and hurting world that we live in. Those who know Christ, who lived through the lies, know that HE is the ONLY WAY. I judge no one. Only God can do that. But the Bible clearly says that "you will know a tree by the fruit that it bears". THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH CALLING A ROTTEN APPLE....A ROTTEN APPLE! God will judge ME if I am silent!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller