Daily Devotional for Friday March 21, 2003

A Nation at War

( Psalm 59:1,2 )

A nation at war. After I got home from my TV program last night around 2:30 am, I couldn't sleep so I turned on the TV to watch the war coverage. As I sat there, I grabbed a legal pad and started to jot down some random thoughts. I want to share those thoughts with you today.

...we need to be in prayer that this war in Iraq will end quickly so that there is as little loss of life as possible on both sides

...President Bush has aged so much since he took office. He needs our prayers for Divine guidance in all of the critical decisions that he must make

...God bless those brave men and women who serve our nation so courageously, sacrificing their lives so that we can live in freedom

...if only God will move on Saddam Hussein's heart to flee the country, this would all be over

...the people of Iraq have lived a nightmare since Hussein has been in power. They will have a much better life when he is gone

...GOD BLESS TONY BLAIR!!! I can only pray that I have friends like him. Very rare for a politician at that level to do anything that takes real guts

...pray for Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and General Franks. These are the guys that have to make it all happen

...THIS CONFLICT IS NOT A MAJOR PROPHETIC EVENT, only the removal of an evil dictator

...it will be popular to use the name of God for a while, need to take full advantage of that in the national media


...call for a day of fasting next Monday for the war and our nation

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller