Daily Devotional for Saturday March 15, 2003

Sharing How Good and Great Our God Is

(Acts 4:20)

> Sharing how good and GREAT our God is. One of the things that I wish I > could do, is let you see all of the incredible praise reports that come to > Liveprayer each and every day. We have archived over 800,000 of them in > over 42 months of ministry on the Internet. The first half of this month > has been pretty heavy in regards to the content of my messages to you each > day. Today, I am going to do something that I have never done before, but > am going to try and do at least once every 3 months. That is to share > excerpts from some of the incredible praise reports that come to Liveprayer > each day. Satan hates the "word of testimony" because it gives hope to > someone that is going through a difficult time. No matter what you are > facing in your life today, never forget, that the same God who has brought > someone else out of the valley and led them to victory, is the same God, > that will lead YOU out of the valley and to victory. Please enjoy this > special Devotional of PRAISE. > > > "Bill, if you could see the 180 degree turn around GOD has graced me with in > the last two months, you would know in your heart as well how much your > daily devo. has effected me, one serious sinner. The spiritual battle for > my soul rages on relentlessly, I fear mightily, but am "TRULY" confident > Christ Jesus is fighting for ME... :) " > > "Thank you for your prayers, Penny's surgery was successful. The tumor was > a cyst and her spleen had to be removed, but it was not cancerous and the > kidney was not impacted. To God - all the glory." > > "I AM OVERWEIGH AND NEVER DID HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE. SINCE READING YOUR > DEVOTIONAL, I HAVE STARTED WALKING EVERY DAY AND I AM FASTING FROM SODAS THE > FORTY DAYS OF LENT.YOU HAVE GIVEN ME THE STRENGTH TO MAKE THIS DECISION AND > STICK BY IT." > > "Before Christmas, I read a devotional about giving Jesus a present..Jesus > gave me the strength to "make-up" with my father and the rest of my family > before the holiday. I find myself thanking Jesus and you once again. I had > removed myself from my family because of my addiction to alcohol. I am now > two weeks and one day sober." > > "I have praying for a job and God has given me a job, I prayed seriously for > the first time before the job interview and got the job, Thank you God and > Jesus!!! Praise your name!!! it's a great job!" > > "My son will be able to register on Monday for class. The Lord provided the > funds to pay for his tuition today (3/7/03)! Thank you for praying with > me... When will I learn to settle down and trust the Lord's timing and > provision. My son and I are grateful for your prayers." > > "I have decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior." > > "Hey Bill, I wrote to you the other day about our financial problems & you > have been praying for us. Well, I told you about needing money so bad & that > I had been praying for it & was beginning to doubt whether my prayers had > been heard or not. Anyway, my husband came in & brought a ck that was large > enough to pay off the one supply house we needed. It only left us with $77 > in our checking acct, but the good Lord met our needs." > > "A few days ago I requested prayer for my unstable blood pressure problem. > Yesterday, it came to the best reading I have had in a long time. In fact, > the second reading was perfect - - 120/69. Thank you very much." > > "you may not know how much this one little devotional meant to me--I am only > a 15 year old, but 2nite was one of the worst nights of my life---I honestly > thought about leaving this world, and putting an end to all my pain but your > devotional made me realize that as they say, suicide is a permanent solution > > to a temporary problem, and God does love me---over the past few months my > faith has come to a sudden halt and I thought I had lost all hope but > thankyou for reminding how much I am loved, and how important I am to God > and to his plan thank you again----some1 who is very grateful" > > "I choose to read the "Prayer" and start a new life in Christ." > > > I love you and care about you so much. I pray that these few testimonies > encouraged you today, and have given you hope to fight whatever battles that > you are facing in your life today. May God be praised for how He stepped > into these lives and moved in such a powerful way. Let me remind you again, > that the same God that moved in the lives of these people, is the very same > God that will move in your life! > > > In His love and service, > Your friend and brother in Christ, > Bill Keller