Daily Devotional for Thursday January 30, 2003

Prayer is Talking to God

(Matthew 6:9-13)

Prayer is talking to God. One of the most misunderstood things that we do in our life is pray. Prayer my friend is simply our communication with God. Nothing more, nothing less. It is the wonderful privilege that our Creator has given us to communicate with Him. The subject of prayer has probably been over-analyzed to the point people have all sorts of tortured notions of what it is. There have been so many books written, so much teaching on this issue, that people are afraid how they pray is wrong"!!! Let me say that the ONLY wrong way to pray, is NOT to pray.

My friend, if you never learn ONE OTHER THING from me, please, learn this. Prayer is not some mystical experience, it is not magical words, it is simply our communication directly with God. YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PERSON TO TALK TO GOD.....YOU DO NOT NEED A SPECIAL FORMULA TO GO TO GOD....YOU DO NOT NEED EXACT WORDS TO TALK TO GOD...JUST TALK TO HIM THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND.....WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT GOD IS!!!!!

One of the most popular books in recent times is the book The Prayer of Jabez. This is a great "model for prayer", much like the anchor verse for today's Devotional given to us by Jesus is a "model for prayer". The sad thing to me is the number of people that I hear from every day people who think that there is some magical formula in the Prayer of Jabez. First, in the proper context, it is the Biblical account of ONE person's prayer to God. The most important fact is, it is a great example of how ONE person, communicated with their Creator. After all, that is what prayer is. The sad thing to me is how many people think that there is something "magical" about this prayer. IT WAS NO MORE SPECIAL TO GOD THE TIME THAT IT WAS ORIGINALLY UTTERED, THEN WHAT YOU SAY TO GOD TODAY!!!!

Sadly, to sell books, this simple passage from the Bible, has become to many people, some sort of 'special magic prayer". Please, hear me when I say this. THE MOST SPECIAL PRAYER TO GOD IS WHEN YOU TALK TO HIM OPENLY AND HONESTLY FROM YOUR HEART!!! I can assure you, by reciting the prayer of Jabez, you are no more assured, or guaranteed of having your prayers answered, then if you recite any other "prayer" that is written down. All you are doing, is praying for the same thing, Jabez asked God for out of a needy heart many years ago. The point I want you to understand today is that there is no "formatted" prayer, or "pre-prepared prayer" that moves the heart of God more then what you can say to Him. IT IS YOU, IN YOUR OPEN AND HONEST WAY, ASKING HIM FOR THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART THAT GOD IS INTERESTED IN!!!!!

I love you and care about you so much. So many I deal with daily are frustrated because they "prayed the Prayer of Jabez", or they said some other pre-written prayer, and God never answered. PRAYER IS NOT A MAGIC ACT! Prayer is that intimate conversation that YOU have with God, one-on-one where you share YOUR heart with Him. It is no more complicated then you telling God how you feel. IT IS SIMPLY YOUR OPEN AND HONEST CONVERSATION WITH GOD, YOUR CREATOR!!!!

You don't have to say specific "magic" words, you don't have to be in a certain physical position to talk to God. Just simply take a few minutes, talk to God just like you are talking to your mom, your dad, you husband, your wife, or your best friend. Spill your heart to God. Be open and honest, since He knows anyway. All prayer is, is talking with God. There are no magic words, no magic formulas, it is simply you talking to God.

I will pray for you today, that you will talk to God just like you would your best friend. After all, that is what God is. YOUR BEST FRIEND. You don't have to worry about saying the "right thing". You don't have to worry about letting someone else speak to God for you. You can talk to Him, one on one, just like I am talking to you right now. Share your hurts, your pains, your joys, your pleasures, just talk to Him. He is waiting for you, and sadly to say, more willing to talk to us then we are to Him. MAKE THE TIME TODAY TO GET ALONE AND TALK TO GOD!!!

Thank you for standing with me through your love, your prayers, and your generous financial support. We are able to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with close to 2 million people worldwide every day because you care! I am excited to announce that in 41 months, we have now had over 30,000 people that we know of accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. THAT is why I come in to work each morning, and why I thank God for YOU every day!!! Together, we are making an impact for the Kingdom of God!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller