Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 14, 2015

The Answer to Illegal Aliens

(Romans 13:1-7)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to be a Godly citizen and honor the laws of this nation. Thank you for allowing me to live in a nation where we can have our voice heard through the democratic process that governs us. Help ALL people find peace, joy, and an abundant life wherever they may live in this world. We know that can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Help me to do my part when opportunities present themselves to be part of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people throughout the world. Protect this nation from those who would seek to do it harm, and give those in authority the strength to enforce the laws that govern this great land. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

The answer to the ILLEGAL ALIENS (We need to call these people what they are, CRIMINALS, instead of whitewashing their lawlessness by calling them "undocumented.") who have been streaming across our southern border! With Donald Trump's political rise on the issue of immigration, I have been inundated over the last week with the question, "How should a Christian view immigration?" Like most, I have been following the disaster at our virtually non-existent southern border over the years.

The surge of "illegals" over the years is no "accident," but a carefully orchestrated and planned event exacerbated by the Obama administration in the past few years for purely political purposes. The fact is a nation that ceases to enforce its borders is not really a nation and is inviting a plethora of problems all ultimately costing billions and billions of taxpayer dollars, not the least of which is the danger to our national security!

However, before I share that with you, let me give you the only legitimate answer to this recent flood of children coming in mostly from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. We obviously have planes to fly them around the nation to "park them" in various care facilities, so start loading up military transports with these children, fly them an hour or so SOUTH to the capital of the country they came from, and leave them on the tarmac. It would take less than a month to bring back to their country of origin 100% of these children who are in this country ILLEGALLY!!!


I am well aware of how "cruel" this answer may seem to some. I am also well aware the excuse they have been using to come here is that they are "escaping violence." That is as legit an excuse as the video that supposedly caused the attack in Benghazi! There has ALWAYS been violence in those countries and probably always will be. They have come to this nation ILLEGALLY with the understanding that if they just made it here they would be able to stay. By the way, if they were escaping gang violence, this country would be the last place they should come. Can you say CHICAGO???

What has incensed me as much as anything over this national debate intensified the past couple of weeks are people like Nancy Pelosi, the Godless crew in most of the media like the hosts and guests on MSNBC, along with those in the pro-immigration movement who are virtually all very liberal in their political ideology. They claim to love these ILLEGAL ALIENS and anyone with a heart must love them too. They excuse their lawlessness due to the fact they only want a "better life" and that we are a "nation of immigrants."

Everyone wants a better life and yes, this is a nation of immigrants....LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who honored our system and came here within the law!!! It is clear that with the influx of illegal aliens into this nation is about two things, cheap labor on one side of the political spectrum and on the other side, a ploy to push through new legislation to grant blanket amnesty to the 12 million plus people in this nation illegally creating a huge base of new voters!

No matter what your feelings and views on this issue may be, this is first and foremost a spiritual issue that further demonstrates the judgment of God being poured out on this nation. The instability, financial costs, and great threat to the national security of this nation are all the result of this failure by our government to properly guard our borders. God has allowed this to happen as a result of the unrepentant rebellion by this nation to Him and His Word!

One of the biggest issues debated over many years with no political solution is legislation for comprehensive immigration. I have been sad to see "Christian" groups trying to make theological arguments in support of what really is nothing but blanket amnesty for those who CHOSE to break the law, with virtually NOTHING being done about using our vast modern resources to once and for all secure the borders to Mexico AND Canada!

What does God say about the immigration issue? The last I checked, there were laws in this nation governing how people who are not citizens of the United States can come here legally. It really confuses me why immigration is such a hotly debated issue. It is very simple. If you are in this country illegally, you should be deported back to your country of origin. I don't care if that means deporting 100 people, 1,000 people, or the apx. 12 million people plus who are in this country illegally, send them back to the country they came from!

Many argue that it is not reasonable to deport the apx. 12 million plus people in this country illegally. It is not only reasonable, but if we don't then we should change the immigration laws to state anyone can come to this country without any restrictions. I assure you that if you were in any other country illegally, you would be deported. Try going to say, Mexico, or Canada, without proper documentation and see what happens to you!!!

I am well aware that people argue we need the 12 million plus illegal aliens to do jobs that others won't. It is also argued "big business" is all for illegal aliens since they can pay them far below fair market value. Again, this is not difficult. If a business is hiring illegal aliens, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. There are laws on the books governing this type of practice by business, enforce them!

Those in the "religious left" who support the legalized slaughter of innocent babies, same-sex marriage, the enemies of Israel, and opposes most everything else God loves and stands for in the Bible, also support allowing illegal immigrants to stay despite the fact they broke the law to get here. They claim it is the compassionate thing to do and Jesus would be all for illegal aliens. Really? I don't know what Bible they read but the Lord said to obey those in authority over us. JESUS SAID TO OBEY THE LAW, NOT BREAK THE LAW!!!

People are free to believe whatever they want in regard to this issue, but the Bible is very clear. Nowhere in the Bible does it support breaking the law. This nation, like all nations, has very clear laws regarding how foreigners can come to this nation legally. Those who break the law should be deported immediately just like you would be deported if you were in another country illegally.

I have not even dealt with the national security issue at stake. Only God knows the number of Muslims who have entered this country illegally and have "blended in," simply waiting for the right time to carry out some terrorist act on our soil. We already know far too well the number of illegal aliens involved in criminal activities like drugs, guns, human trafficking, and kidnapping to name just a few.


I love you and care aobut you so much. I realize that this is a passionate issue for many. Everyone is free to their own opinion on immigration, but I choose to go to our final authority in all issues, the Bible! God is clear that breaking the law is never acceptable. Those who have come to this country illegally have broken the law and should be immediately deported.

If Congress wants to change those laws, let them do it. But until they do, the government has a responsibility to enforce the laws that currently exist and protect the citizens of this nation from those who would come here illegally, many of those people coming here to commit other criminal acts, and no doubt, some of those who have come to commit acts of terror on our soil!


In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller