Daily Devotional for Wednesday July 1, 2015

Christians Follow the News They Don't Make the News

(Romans 3:23)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please be with me throughout this day and guide my thoughts, words, and deeds. Please give me the strength to live this day for you. Give me the wisdom, boldness, and courage to stand for you and your truth as the opportunities present themselves. Help me to be BOLD FOR CHRIST THIS DAY! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

Christians follow the news, they don't make the news!!! For the past many years now, like so many of you I have struggled with the incredible spiritual decay in our nation. I have watched the homosexual groups successfully force society to accept their perverted choice of sex as normal and even desirable, while legally being able to adopt children and now marry each other. I have watched the pro-death movement successfully insure that abortion on demand, even up to the moment of birth in many states, would remain legal, while starting to work on the other end of the age spectrum by seeking the ability to kill the elderly.

The pornographers have succeeded in gaining mainstream acceptance. Gambling in some form is now legal in all 50 states. The current President got an incredible number of people claiming to be Christians voting for him, not once but twice, despite the fact he opposes God on every spiritual issue there is, whose political ideology was shaped by socialists and other radicals, who has never even run a lemonade stand or generated a dime of profit in his life, has done serious damage to our economy since he took office, and has decimated our foreign policy putting this nation in great danger.

How has this all happened???

All of these other groups make the news while Christians simply follow the news. Let me explain. The homosexual groups, the pro-death folks, the pornographers, the gambling lobby, this current President, have all masterfully used the media to make their case and influence public opinion. The fact is, Christians, despite having the numbers, simply have NO VOICE in the mainstream marketplace in which to influence the hearts and minds of the masses. Our message is rarely if ever heard. In the meantime, the message of those who oppose God and the Truth of the Bible blast away 24/7/365!

Want a great example. Polls have been taken of youth groups in solid Bible believing and teaching denominations like the Assemblies of God and the Southern Baptists regarding homosexuality. Well over half of the kids polled feel there is nothing wrong with the sin of homosexuality and that people of the same sex should be allowed to marry. These are kids who for the most part are from Christian homes, grew up in the church, who know what God says on this issue. It is the incredible job the pro-homosexual groups have done over the past 20 years to brainwash society into accepting their perverted choice of sex.

Sadly, the few major media ministries that exist in Christendom are geared to preaching to the choir on the Christian networks where 98% of the viewers are already Christians. They are all designed for the Christian media that has virtually zero impact on our culture. The few who do venture a bit into the secular media share watered down, feel-good messages carefully crafted to not offend people since they look to their audience to send them money, buy their books and resources, and come to their events. They have forsaken the Truth for slick marketing campaigns. None of these major media ministries make news, they have simply opted out of the marketplace for the comfort and profitability of the Christian trough.

There are still many great churches out there today. They do a wonderful job of ministering to their people, reaching out to help those in need in a variety of ways, but the fact is they aren't really positioned to make news and thus they really aren't able to have much of an influence on the culture at large. This is why despite all the churches, all the Christian media, all the Christian publications, all the Christian music, none of it has much of an effect on the culture at large since it is virtually all geared to those who are already Christians and not designed to battle for the hearts and minds of the masses outside the four walls of the church.

I have shared with you that we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. Our only hope for this land is to see the people repent, turn back to God and to Biblical Truth. We have the better percentage of two full generations now who have never been to church and don't even know God. This nation operates in total rebellion to God and His Word and we are seeing the beginning of His judgment thru the economy right now. God is going to continue to punish our nation for its gross sins and wickedness, and we will feel His wrath if we don't quickly turn back to Him.

The Bible states that the wages of sin is death, that you reap what you sow. Daily we see the destroyed lives of people who have bought into the lies of this world. I feel that people are aching for real Truth. The fact is, Liveprayer has developed over these past 16 years the media vehicle to have that presence in the marketplace to influence the hearts and minds of the masses for Christ. This isn't about money or I would have done what everyone else does and simply go to the Christian media, ask for money, sell products, and watch the world around me destroyed while millions needlessly end up in hell for all eternity.

Of course, the secular media is no friend of God or His Truth. It has long been a tool of satan to bring the lies of the enemy to the masses. However, the opportunity exists to buy our way into the mainstream on a daily basis to bring the unadulterated Truth of the Word to the masses, to call this nation to repentance, and lead the lost and hurting to faith in Jesus Christ. Christendom needs that bold, visible, uncompromising presence. Christians need to be able to come together as ONE as the other groups do. We are currently so fragmented, our voice simply isn't heard. This is the vehicle that give us that voice and allows us to exert our influence over the culture like the groups who oppose God do.

I love you and care about you so much. I am asking you to pray with me today. There are millions of people out there who love the Lord, who are simply looking for a voice for God's Truth and a move they can be part of to make their life count for Christ. With Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program "live" 2 hours every Monday thru Friday, for $65,000 a month, just under $2,200 a day, we have the proven ministry vehicles to pray for people in their hour of need, minister to those needs, bring the lost to faith in Jesus Christ, and help lead our nation back to God and His Truth!

This coming January, the Liveprayer TV program will be syndicated nationally "live" for an hour every Monday thru Friday, and will generate most of the funds we need to operate the ministry!!!

In the world's economy, $65,000 a month is not much money, especially when you consider that it is the seed to help lead this nation back to God and Biblical Truth while bringing hope to millions and leading lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray with me today that the Lord will move on the hearts of those who have been richly blessed in this lifetime and want to use some of what God has entrusted to them to impact lives for eternity as well as the spiritual course of our nation. We have the vehicle, we need the fuel!! *Everyone knows someone. Pray today about who you know who may be able to help me. The time is short, our hour is at hand.

I can only encourage you today. God has raised up Liveprayer for this moment in human history. God gave me the vision for the Jonah Project to lead this nation back to God and His Truth. It is in place, we are adding people daily, and now is your opportunity to take a real stand for Christ. God is calling you today, wants to use you today to help bring revival to this nation. yes, eventfully we will be judged for our sins and wickedness, but I believe we can stay God's hand of judgment just like Nineveh did.

Over 120,000 souls were saved in Nineveh because they turned to God! I believe that we can see millions repent and turn to God in the wake of this revival. You can keep living your life, taking care of yourself, or you can sacrifice your life and allow God to use you for His glory. When you come to the end of your life, it is not what you did for yourself that will matter, but what you did for God. Read that again. When you come to the end of your life, it is not what you did for yourself that will matter, but what you did for God.

Please pray today about signing up and being part of the Jonah Project, God's vehicle to lead this nation back to Himself, to His Truth, and millions to faith in Christ. Go to: www.liveprayer.com/jonah and what the 7 min. vision video, get sign up. Also, get this Devotional to everyone that you know and share the link to the Jonah Project with every person you can communicate with. This is the answer for this nation and for millions of people who are looking for answers and hope in their life. This nation is in spiritual freefall and turning back to God and His Truth is our only hope!!! IT IS TIME WE START MAKING THE NEWS INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING THE NEWS!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller