Daily Devotional for Wednesday May 27, 2015

When the Public No Longer Cares that They Were Being Lied To

(James 5:12, John 8:44)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Father, help me to be a person of TRUTH. I know that satan is the father of lies, and you the father of TRUTH. Help me each day to be truthful in my speech, and bold in proclaiming YOUR TRUTH to those you bring into my life each day. I ask this in the name of Jesus...AMEN!

When the public no longer cares they were being lied to. A byproduct of this nation in spiritual freefall has been a complete erosion of personal morals, ethics, and...TRUTHFULNESS! Public figures have always lied to some degree, but no longer does the majority of people even care. Most people have simply accepted the fact they are being lied to in all sorts of situations.

I firmly believe that the sentinel moment of the public being lied to and accepting it was back in 1998 when than President William Jefferson Clinton looked into the TV camera, wagged his finger at the American people, and emphatically declared, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." Despite the fact it would soon be proven he lied, the majority of the nation didn't care.

Fast forward 17 years later to today. Hillary Clinton is running to be the next President of the nation in the midst of lying about the details of the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya while she was Secretary of State, her use of a private email server in order to control what emails would ever see the light of day, and whatever deals were involved in here receiving astronomical speaking fees and donations to her family's "foundation" that is nothing but a private bank account masquerading as a charity.

In a recent focus group of Iowa democrats, virtually all of the members of that focus group when confronted with these various scandals born out of Mrs. Clinton's subterfuge, deception, and lies, stated they knew she was probably not being honest but didn't care. As long as she won the White House, a few lies along the way to getting there didn't matter!

How many lies has our current President told the nation? Probably a better question would be when does he ever tell the truth? From his never-ending lies in fraudulently selling Obamacare to the public, to his lies about racial issues in order to divide the nation, to his ridiculous lie that ISIS isn't Islam in his false portrayal of the religion of Islam, President Obama has without conscious lied to the American people non-stop in order to advance his radical agenda.

Of course, while it is easy to target politicians as liars, so are most in the media. The "media liar in chief" is a tool of satan who in his audacity claims, "the truth lives here." Of course that is one of the most dangerous men living today, a member of the satanic Mormon cult Glenn Beck. Mormon theology, like Islamic theology, both teach their adherents it is acceptable to "lie" in order to advance their cult/false religion. Beck, Romney, and members of their cult take advantage of this age of Biblical illiteracy to LIE that they are Christians, when Mormon theology is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is! Sadly, the public has come to accept the fact that the media lies to them, and for the most part they are correct!

Worse however, is the lying that goes on in the church! Churches LYING to people that those who choose to engage in perverted sex with people of the same sex is acceptable to God. Churches LYING that there is nothing wrong with perverting marriage to include people marrying someone of the same sex. Churches LYING that it is a woman's "choice" if she wants to kill her baby. Christian "stars" LYING as they take Scripture out of context and make false promises in order to get you to send them money!

My friend, a lie of this world is that there is something called "gray," a place between the truth and the lie. The fact is, there is no such thing as gray, it is either the truth or it is a lie. There is also no such thing as a white lie, or a little lie, or a harmless lie. The Bible tells us that Satan is a liar, "the father of lies". The Bible also tells us that God is Truth. So when you lie, you are acting like Satan, and when you tell the truth you are acting like God. There is no room for argument on this issue, it is black and white!

One of the things that we as Christians must continually guard against is allowing our conversation to be filled with lies, no matter what we are talking about. Most of the time we are not trying to be mean or hurt anyone, but when we lie we are hurting God. Telling the truth is one of the best ways that you can act like God. When you are truthful, you are acting like God.

Listen, I am not trying to lay a guilt trip on you. I am trying to make you aware of something many take for granted. Many lie habitually and don't even realize it. It is part of their makeup. My goal today is to point out and make you aware exactly what you are doing when you lie. It is an area many must work on, much like an alcoholic or drug addict must work daily to stay clean.

I love you deeply. I really do care about you. However, sometimes the Word of God is painful and it does hurt. Pain has a purpose though, because it tells us that something is wrong. It is a mechanism that warns us when things aren't right. As always, you can count on my prayers. You can count on me standing in the gap for you as you work to clean up this area of your life. Telling the truth, being a person of the truth is critical to our relationship and walk with Christ each day.

I pray today that He will impress upon you the need and importance of being a person of the truth in every aspect of your life. Oftentimes, the truth is difficult, but there is no choice to be made. Lying is not an option. One way that you can be like God is to be a person of the truth at all times, and I will be praying with you to achieve that in your life.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller