Daily Devotional for Tuesday March 31, 2015

The Saddest People on Earth are Those Who Have Rejected Jesus

(Matthew 10:33, Matthew 26:70; 2 Timothy 2:12; 1 John 2:22)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Father, I thank you for this day. I know that today was not promised to me, but it is a gift from You. Dear God, You know the pain I have today from what has happened in my life. I am tired of carrying this pain with me day after day. It is robbing me of my joy, of my peace, of knowing the abundance that this life can offer. I trust Your Word today that tells me that I can give this burden to You, that You will take it from me. I trust Your Word today that tells me to cast my cares on You, because You care for me. In the name of Jesus, I give You the pain of my past today. In the name of Jesus, I surrender it to You. Take it from me, and fill me right now with Your joy, with Your peace, and let me live from this day forward in FREEDOM FROM MY PAST! In Jesus name I pray...AMEN!!!

The saddest people on earth are those who have rejected Jesus and have chosen to put their faith in some "god of this world" that is not real. Sadly, it will only be at the time of death that these people realize they have put their faith in a false god. A wasted life, but more sad, a soul lost for eternity that Jesus gave HIS very life for.

However, it is no surprise that many today reject Jesus. The men of His day also rejected Him. When given the choice, a "poll was taken" amongst the people and they chose a common thief and lifetime criminal instead of the Lamb of God. It was the rejection of those of His day that led Jesus to die on a cross. However the fulfillment of God's plan was to give sinful man a way to be reconciled to their Creator by their faith in HIM.

Every day, I receive at least 1,000 emails of the 40,000 that we get daily, from people who have rejected Jesus. The top 3 reasons that "I am wrong" are 1) "I can't be a Christian because you are all hypocrites", 2) "the Bible is a book of fables written by men", 3) " a loving God would never condemn good people to everlasting darkness".

First, I have done entire Devotionals on following THE MAN and not a man. YES, Christians are hypocrites, because Christians are human. If you are basing your eternal soul and your faith, on a mere man, you will be disappointed EVERY TIME!!! ONLY Jesus lived this life perfectly, which is why our faith is in HIM and not some man. Man will fail 100% of the time, Jesus will fail . . . NEVER!!!

Second, I challenge anyone who disputes the Bible as the inerrant and inspired Word of God to go to your local Christian bookstore and get any of a number of books on that issue. The FACT IS, any credible research and time into trying to disprove this FACT, will only show you that the Bible is truly God's inspired, inerrant Word. It is supported by science, archeology, and the real life experiences of millions and millions of people over centuries that have understood God's plan is the ONLY WAY to live this brief journey successfully!

Third, while God is a 'loving God", He is also a HOLY GOD! It is sin that separates us from God. It is because that He is a 'loving God' that He made a plan of salvation for His fallen creation. By faith in His Son Jesus Christ, we can be once again reconciled to God our Creator. However, God, in His love, gave us free will. The choice to love Him is NOT HIS, but ours.

I love you and care about you so much. I have one word for those of you who read these words and reject Jesus, reject God. Have the guts to simply say 'I reject HIM!!! Quit hiding behind weak arguments like it is the hypocrisy of Christians that keeps me from being a Christian. The Bible is not really true. God will save everyone. Those are simply weak excuses to excuse your unbelief!!!

I challenge you today. Do your homework and accept Him or reject Him on what YOU believe. It is God who gave you the choice to accept Him or to reject Him. If you make the choice to reject Him, simply say I choose NOT to believe. NO EXCUSES. NO BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE. SIMPLY SAY . . . I CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE.

The fact is, one day each one of us will die. On that day, we will stand before God and give an account for our life. God is not going to be interested in your excuses. You either accept His free gift of everlasting life through His Son Jesus Christ, or you reject it. It is your choice. God is not going to be interested in your excuses. NOW . . . TODAY is your opportunity to either accept Him or reject Him This is the most important decision that you will make in this life. Choose today . . . accept Him . . . or reject Him . . . but make no excuses either way!!!

If you want to accept Him, simply pray and ask God to open your heart to HIS TRUTH, and go to this link: http://www.liveprayer.com/plan.cfm You will be in my prayers. Please know, either way, that YOU are in my prayers!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller