Daily Devotional for Thursday November 20, 2014

Fifty Shades of Pornographic Garbage

(Genesis 2:15, 3:19; Proverbs 13:4; Genesis 1:27; Galatians 3:28)

**ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what is the best way to handle these pesky Mormons who knock on your door! Should you ignore them, confront them and challenge/debate their beliefs, be polite and listen, and then send them on their way?

ANSWER: I never let them in, but share with them that they have bought into a lie from hell and that the only Truth is in the Bible and not found in any other writings. I than ask them if they would like to renounce the lies of Smith and accept the Jesus of the Bible. The hate being challenged and are trained to leave when confronted.

Fifty shades of pornographic garbage! As the culture continues to spiral into the abyss, is it any wonder the hottest book series is the "Fifty Shades" trilogy that is little more than pornography wrapped in a story. The movie version next year will no doubt generate hundreds of millions at the box office. British author EL James is simply the latest author to cash in on the degradation of our society, only this time instead of targeting children as JK Rowling did, she has found her niche among women who are confused and frustrated due to the perversion and blending of God's given roles for men and women.

A big reason I am dealing with this trash is because like all things that pervert God's Truth, this book series has found a fertile resting place in minds of women who go to church. Now, that should not be a shock since long ago the church quit being an influence over our culture, instead, it is influencing our culture. This trilogy is simply tapping into the sexual promiscuity and perversions that have replaced Biblical Truth regarding God's plan for sex, veiled in fantasy much like the old paperback romance novels in the drugstore.

Sadly, books like the "Fifty Shades" trilogy don't lift women up, but demeans them, and makes them into little more than sex objects. I am always amused at the feminists and liberal theologians who claim the Bible is anti-woman and that Paul was a male chauvinist. Nobody who understands God's Word would make such a foolish claim since nothing could be further from the truth.

The Bible is very much PRO woman and clearly teaches that God made men and women 100% equal with separate roles to play. Paul, in teaching equality between men and women, was a pioneer for women's rights in a day when women were viewed as little more than property. One of the roles God has called men to play is that of a leader, a role many men have failed to live up to, leading to a perversion and blending of God's intended roles for men and women.

Out of the rebellion in the 60's came the women's movement. Satan is a liar, and the lie he told to women was that they needed to be equal with men. But if you read and study God's Word, the TRUTH, you realize that according to God a woman is already equal to a man. Men and women are 100% equal, they simply have different roles to play. Sadly, women bought this lie and for what little strides there may have been in regard to women getting a few more dollars for their work, the long term consequences have been disastrous for women, men, children, and to society as a whole.

Two generations later the results are men and women living totally outside of the roles God intended for them to have, neither really being sure any longer what those roles even are. Let me be so bold to say that we now have the largest percentage of 2 generations of men who are spineless, gutless, confused, and lost. They fail to lead in their marriage. They fail to lead in their homes. They fail to lead in their careers. They are not the leaders God has called them to be, simply followers. Worst of all, they are not the priests of their homes, having failed in this most important role God has called them to play.

To fill the void left by men failing to perform their God-ordained roles, women have had to take on roles God never intended them to have. One of those roles is a woman working outside of the home to provide for the family. The lie of the world is that women have to go out and work. The sad reality in the year 2012 is that many men expect their wives to work and earn a certain amount of money. Let me break this down for you men, YOU, NOT YOUR WIFE, ARE SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY!

This is not demeaning women or their abilities in any way. It is not a matter of if a woman can do the same job as a man, but the fact God never intended for them to do the same job as a man! God gave a woman the most important job of all and that is raising your children in the admonition of the Lord. No matter what else you may do in your life, that is the number one job and ministry a woman will ever have!!!

Listen, I am well aware of the argument that both spouses have to work. The reality is, economics have not changed since the days not that long ago when most women did not work. It is our desires for the things of this world that have changed. God's plan is for men to work and support their family and women to raise the children with the help and support of their husbands.

If you don't have children, there is nothing wrong with working, but the husband is still supposed to be the primary source of support in the home. Obviously, single moms, single women, those whose husbands are unable to work, are in special situations where you have no other choice but to work. Know that God will give you the favor, strength, and ability to provide for your family.

Women, let me give you a quick word of counsel. This is why I share so often that marriage is not something to enter into lightly. Please don't rush into marriage! It is a lifetime commitment. Heed God's warning about being unequally yoked. Take the time to build a spiritual foundation together. Make sure that the man you are praying about spending the rest of your life with, is a man of God who is following God's Word and willing to perform the roles God has called him to play. Like I say so often, our way doesn't work and only brings consequences, God's way works and brings blessings.

Also, QUIT LIVING WITH THESE GUYS! I don't care if he is the father of your children! You can't expect God to bless sin! Let me ask you a question. Why should a man make the lifetime commitment to marry you, when you are already living together? If you have sinned and have had sex outside of marriage and have a child or children, that is still no excuse to compound your sin by living together outside of the bonds of marriage. Remember this, a man following the Lord, living for the Lord, is NOT going to lead you into sin by living with you. A man who does is NOT a man you want to commit the rest of your life to!

***NOTE TO THE MEN: Two issues I want to address. One is men who beat women, the other is men being responsible for the children they father. There is NO EXCUSE for a man to EVER hit a woman. I don't care if she is hitting you, run away! It is the ultimate act of cowardice for a man to strike a woman, and any man who does that needs professional and spiritual help. Also, if you were man enough to father a child, be man enough to be responsible for your child. That means financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I am well aware of the various legal issues that may prevent some men from being as involved in their children's lives as they should be or want to be. However, what I am referring to is men who have children, in and out of marriage, and then move on in their life acting like their children don't exist. God is going to hold you accountable for the children you fathered!

The encouraging thing is everyday I get prayer requests from husbands and wives who are restructuring their lives and finances so that the wife can stay at home with the children. There has been a big move in this direction the past few years as women are going back to their natural, God-given roles of being a mother and wife above everything else. This is also forcing men to perform their God-given role as the provider for their family. For you parents out there praying about doing this, let me encourage you that God will give you the wisdom and favor to restructure your lives and finances so that you can stay home with your children. God will always honor us and help us to follow His plan for our lives.

I love you and care about you so much. It is sad to see such garbage that would have been sold only in porn shops years ago, now given prominence in the literary world. Worse, that women who love the Lord would waste two seconds reading such filth. I will be praying for women to not fall into this trap satan has laid, and that you find your fulfillment in a healthy, Biblical marriage as God intended.

I am praying today for the men out there that this will be a wake-up call that God has called you to be a leader. You do not have the option of passing on this role God has called you to play if you want to be the man He has raised you up to be. God has called you to protect and provide for your family. God has called you to be the priest of your home and be the spiritual leader of your wife and children. I pray today that you will take these roles seriously and ask God to help you fulfill them to the best of your ability.

The biggest problem we have in our world today is the breakdown of the family. It is God's foundation for society. When the family works, society works. When the family breaks down, society breaks down. We can see clearly that the breakdown of our culture in 2014 can be directly tied to the breakdown of the family. There are many factors that have caused this, but first and foremost it is a spiritual issue and the blame has to start with men for failing to be the leaders God has called them to be, leading women to seek out perverse fantasies like those in the "Fifty Shades" book series.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller