Daily Devotional for Wednesday November 12, 2014

The World's Most Dangerous Man

(2 Corinthians 6:14, 11:14)

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." 2 Corinthians 11:14

"Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6:14

The world's most dangerous man who is actually "satan, masquerading as an angel of light!" Fresh off of his latest "scam" to garner sympathy from the ignorant masses who give him money because so many of his "followers" have been leaving in droves lately, Glenn Beck is the epitome of this passage of Scripture from 2 Corinthians AND the statement by the great circus promoter PT Barnum that "there is a sucker born every minute!" Several years ago Back dramatically announced that he was going blind. Last night, in typical tearful Beck fashion with his wife as a prop, he revealed for five years he has been secretly battling life-threatening physical issues. Of course, he still has his vision and has now been healed to continue "his work."

Nobody who reads the Liveprayer Daily Devotional should be shocked since I have been warning people about this tool of satan long before he was ever a national figure. I first encountered Beck when I was being ripped by the Mormon press and Mormons in the media like Beck for telling the truth that the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping was a story of the Mormon cult, and it was! Beck is FAR more dangerous than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, since all al-Baghdadi wants to do is cut off your head. Beck on the other hand, wants to help lead your soul to hell! Don't forget that Jesus said, "don't worry about the one who can kill your body, worry about the one who can kill your soul!"

Probably as disgusting to me as anything was the fact he had a new "bought-and-paid for" puppet to help him yesterday, Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias! I took lots of heat back in 2004, over a decade ago, for ripping Zacharias for speaking at the Mormon tabernacle in Salt Lake City. Of course, the hierarchy of the Mormon cult would NEVER allow anyone to speak there unless they were sympathizers to their cult and Zacharias played the part of the fool for them perfectly! I am still waiting for my invitation to speak at the Mormon tabernacle but won't hold my breath!

Sadly, Zacharias is known as one of the foremost Christian apologists. How does a Christian apologist go on a national radio program with a proud and unapologetic member of a satanic cult, let that person LIE that he is a Christian, LIE every time he misleads people by talking of "god" and "jesus" when a first semester Bible college student knows that a Mormon is NOT a Christian and the god and jesus of the Mormon cult is NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible! Oh wait, Zacharias had a new book to sell! I certainly hope selling out the faith and helping Beck lead unsuspecting souls to hell was worth the 30 pieces of silver he made selling his books to Beck's blind and Biblically illiterate audience!

For the record, I called Zacharais' office in Atlanta, and when trying to speak to his assistant, was hung-up on when I simply asked why he would go on a program with a known member of a satan worshipping cult and say NOTHING while Beck lied about being a Christian. I have confronted others like Dr. Alveda King about their silent approval of Beck's lies and not publicly confronting him. The fact is, they could CARE LESS what someone like me has to say because they know the vase percentage of people could care less and as long as they can make money, who cares about the souls they are knowingly helping lead away from the Gospel as they give Beck's lies undeserved crediblity!

(Beck, top Christian leaders, like politicians, take the public for granted and assume they are stupid. We got a glimpse into that mindset with a recently uncovered video of how Obamacare was passed, as the chief architect stated unequivocally that the voters are "stupid." Beck is a master at playing on the emotions and ignorance of the public and banks on that ignorance to perpetuate his ongoing scam!)

The day after the 2012 elections when his satanic cult brother Mitt Romney was defeated, Beck went on a rant on his radio program to call me and those who had the audacity to shine the light of TRUTH on Romney's satanic aspirations, "monsters!" It is not the first time Beck has taken time to go on a rant about me for exposing his lies and false beliefs to the media, but after nearly a decade of warning people about this tool of satan, there are finally others who are also speaking up and calling him out for his lies and deception that is leading the souls of men to hell with the satanically inspired beliefs of his Mormon cult!

The fact is, Beck's satanically inspired carnival act is finally being exposed for what it is. His latest rant and whine-fest came after many true followers of Christ have finally followed my lead and condemned Liberty University (one of my alma maters) for inviting a man to speak, at what is supposed to be a Christian university, who believes he will die and become the "god of his own planet" while lying to those gathered that he is a Christian. Even a first semester student at Liberty or any legitimate Bible college knows that the beliefs of Beck and those in his cult make them no more a Christian than a Muslim is! At least Beck gave the Falwell brothers $50,000 from his "charity" for the platform to continue his lie that he is a Christian!

I have over the years warned those in the Liveprayer family of this charlatan, his various acts designed to appeal to those who are Biblically illiterate and with a lack discernment, in addition to the masses he reaches daily through his various media outlets who are of no faith. Until Oprah quit her daytime talk program, she was the most dangerous person on the planet as she sold New Age lies from hell for multi-millions to the unsuspecting, aiding them to die in those lies and end up in hell for all eternity. Now it is Beck on the main stage, selling his Mormon lies leading the innocent to hell, wrapped in a conservative political ideology and topped with red, white, blue, and apple pie American patriotism!

I have told you over and over that satan can not create, only mimic. He can't create life, only "clone" existing life that only comes from God. Beck is not unique, just another satan worshipping cultist like those who have littered the landscape of human history since the first church dealt with Simon the Sorcerer. Jesus warned not to fear the one who can kill your body but the one who can kill your soul! Go to my Daily Devotional archives ( http://www.liveprayer.com/darchive.cfm ) and type in BECK in the 'search for" field. It will give you the decade worth of Devotionals in which I have not just warned you of satan's servant, but detail the false theology he and those in his cult believe that is leading their souls to the flames of hell for all eternity!

Here are some comments on Beck to warn you and educate you about a true servant of satan! For a more complete account of Beck and everything you need to know, watch the first hour of the Liveprayer TV program from Wednesday May 21st: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuSTVpbYOGk&list=TLoe4V1yTTd8CMdaie1wZ59XqcbM7_H71z

-Satan can give people wealth!!! I shared with you about Warren Buffet giving $1.2 BILLION DOLLARS to fund abortion groups, enough money to abort every person in Chicago. Beck does NOTHING for free and is on a non-stop hustle for money in some form. A percentage of every dime people give him goes to help fund his cult that is leading souls to hell! The founder of the Melaleuca pyramid scheme, Beck's hero Jon Huntsman Sr., and many Mormons are very astute business people. They also help to fund their cult's worldwide operations that is daily helping to populate hell with souls damned for eternity because of their lies. *Beck's greatest money making scam on the public is getting people to pay him for his internet TV program while getting it on various cable outlets where people can watch it for free, and where Beck gets a monthly payment from the cable outlet per the number of their subscribers!

-Beck's wife is the head of the Board of his "charity," and David Barton is on that board! Beck believes the "good works done by his "charity" accrue directly to him in order to gain his "god" status upon death! For the record, the "good works" of Beck, a Huntsman, and other Mormon cult members are driven by their cult's false teachings that your salvation and position in the afterlife are determined by your "works." The Bible clearly teaches in Ephesians 2:8,9 that good works flow FROM a regenerated life, but your salvation has nothing to do with your "works."

-Most of Beck's advertisers, the authors he promotes, are part of his Mormon cult. His new protégé Ben McPherson Beck has tagged to be the visionary head of his "movie studio" is a hard core Mormon. Author Chris Stuart is a Mormon cult member, as are the founders of the choir Beck has been selling tickets for. Virtually ALL of the "apocalyptical" businesses Beck promotes are Mormons, such as Ancestry.com. You can be certain any of the ancestry web sites are Mormon since Beck and members of his cult believe they can actually pray a dead soul into heaven!

-Like cultists before him such as Rev. Moon of the "Moonies," Beck has bought and paid for modern day Judas' to perpetuate and sell his LIE that he is a Christian. Compromised cowards like David Barton, John Hagee, James and Betty Robison, Ralph Reed, the Falwell brothers, now Zacharias, and a host of others, have all been paid their "30 pieces of silver" by Beck. These men get access to Beck's media empire to sell their books or event. In return, Beck's lie of being a Christian gains credibility and allows him to con the lost and Biblically illiterate, and ultimately, souls to hell!

-When Beck says "god," or more recently, the "God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," he is NOT speaking of the God of the Bible. The "god" of Beck's Mormon cult was once a man who inherited this planet to be god over. Beck, nor his Mormon cult members will ever admit to this since they have a doctrine known as "lying for the Lord." Jesus told us in John 8:44 that "satan is a liar, the father of lies." Beck's cult teaches it is OK to lie to further their cult's agenda. Likewise, the "jesus" of Mormonism is NOT the Jesus of the Bible but is NOT a deity, is believed to be the brother of Lucifer, and that he came to the United States during his earthly life. That is NOT the Jesus of the Bible, nor the Jesus to put your faith in for salvation!!!

-Beck talks incessantly about the "Scriptures," and at times the Bible. His "Scriptures" are the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, the Doctrine and Covenants, all the fantastical writings of the founder of Beck's cult Joseph Smith. Mormon's believe the Bible to be a "flawed and incomplete" book, with their final authority being the 3 writings of Smith. Beck and other Mormons will always quoted the Bible to deceive people into believing this is their guiding authority when it is not!

-Beck was thoroughly embarrassed by his lack of ability to help the Freedom Works backed "Tea Party" candidates win any primaries. Freedom Works is really nothing more than a grass roots Republican organization founded by long time Republican Dick Armey, masquerading as if they are something else. Freedom Works pays Beck's various entities over $1 million annually to promote their efforts. Beck's use of all of his media entities was as useless during the 2012 in getting his cult brother and thought-to-be fulfillment of Smith's "White Horse Prophecy" Mitt Romney elected President. Despite downplaying his enthusiasm for Romney, Beck never disclosed that he held numerous private fundraisers for Romney at his Dallas home, while praying with all of Mormon cult members worldwide that Romney would be the first "Mormon President who would save the nation from ruin and lead it into a Mormon theocracy" as Smith had prophesied! HE STILL IS PRIVATELY WORKING FOR ROMENY TO BECOME PRESIDENT IN 2016!

-The founder of Beck's cult Joseph Smith, who he revered and glorified during his recent talk at Liberty University, was a documented con artist stealing from old women at the time a mythical angel "Mormon" led him to gold tablets in upstate New York from which he wrote the Book of Mormon. Smith was a racist, pedophile, polygamist (the Mormon cult actually came out recently and admitted he had over 40 wives), murderer. The church 200 years ago during the time of Smith READ AND KNEW THE BIBLE, and this heretic and blasphemer was run out of every town he tried to sell his lies in.

-Now that Beck's political influence has been exposed to be worthless, like all con artists, he is reinventing himself. He now wants to con his followers into giving him their money so he can be the next Walt Disney and make movies. Interesting, since Disney like Beck (and like the founder of Beck's cult Smith), was also a member of the Freemasonry cult! ( http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=5376 )

-The ultimate exposure of this minion of satan is what Beck says about spirituality. He says everyone can believe what they want, just get along and "do good." That is the universalistic lie from hell! Beck will NEVER talk about your eternal soul, since he believes everyone will make it if they are "good," that hell doesn't exist, and talking about eternity would expose his unbiblical and unchristian beliefs! Beck is actually a theological midget, but a consummate con artist like the founder of his cult was. He is a very smart man, and trust me, he believe EVERY WORD of the Mormon cult. I have had many email exchanges with his side-kick Pat Gray, who led Beck into Mormonism, to invite me on the program to challenged Beck. I am always open to anyone who wants to challenge me since I know what I believe is the Truth of God! Of course, Beck and all con artists will NEVER happen since it would be like the Wizard of Oz inviting someone behind his black curtain to expose them from the fraud they are!!!

I love and care about you so much. First, pray for Beck, his family, and of those in the Mormon cult that they turn from the lies of Smith before they die and end up in hell. If Beck has any legitimate health issues, I do pray he is healed so he has the chan chance to renounce the lies of his cult and embrace faith in Christ.

This is about one thing for me, THE ETERNAL SOULS OF MEN! I could care less if Beck thinks he will die and become the man in the moon! I have only asked one thing of him, and those like him, TELL THE TRUTH! At least the Muslims tell you up front they want to cut your head off and kill you and don't pretend in any way to be a Christian. You have to at least respect that! Beck and those like him now operate at a time when the better percentage of the last two generations have never been to church. It is a ripe harvest for them to spew their lies on the unsuspecting and help lead their souls to an eternity in hell!

THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO HELP YOU SEE FOR MANY YEARS NOW! The same harvest of souls for satan's minions like Beck, Oprah, and the rest of those who sell the lies of satan, is available for Christ! Now is our time to be as aggressive, as motivated, work as hard, as those who serve satan! Our nation is in spiritual freefall, souls are dying nad burning in hell needlessly every day. Now is OUR TIME to stand for Christ, lead the lost to salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help lead our land back to God and His Truth!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller