Daily Devotional for Friday September 5, 2014

Dealing with the Most Important Conversation a Person Can have with Someone They Love

(Ezekiel 33:1-6)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I just saw Glen Beck on John Hagee recently and asked a couple from my church who support him if they knew he was Mormon. They stated that he was a Christian posing as a Mormon. If that is the case, he needs to renounce his Mormon ties. What is wrong with people?

ANSWER: I am sorry but that is the "LIE" his bought and paid for puppet David "Judas" Barton put out years ago to take some of the heat off because so many people were ceasing to donate to his ministry because he totally sold out the Lord for the money he made from being associated with Beck. Barton is also the "Chairman of the Board" of Beck's "charity" his wife runs and that he claims he has nothing to do with! I have warned people for over a decade about Beck, the personification of "satan masquerading as an angel of light," who is leading countless souls who buy his lies and the lies of his cult to an eternity in hell. Hagee is another Barton type who has sold out the Gospel to give Beck's lies that he is a Christian credibility, to the point he actually puts him on his TV program that airs on every major Christian TV network. This link is to one of many Daily Devotionals explaining John Hagee selling out the Lord in order to associate with Beck, as well as his promotion of the false "Dual Covenant" theology: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=5319

Dealing with the most important conversation a person can have with someone they love and care about...that most people sadly never have!!!

This important Daily Devotional on salvation today was covered in great detail during the first 45 minutes of the Liveprayer TV program on Wednesday night (9/3). Below is a link to the program and it is an EXCELLENT teaching for every child of God on having the courage to share with those you love and care about in this life the Truth regarding their eternal soul.

There is nothing regarding the role God calls YOU to play in sharing the Truth about salvation more challenging and is a MUST SEE and MUST SHARE with everyone you know who is a follower of Christ! This message and the Daily Devotional today could be the difference between the one you love and care about spending eternity in heaven or hell!!!

TV Program link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bf4wSwOGwI&list=TLOj6C0YQdKjUHGh9ntxRAXJ1Te-nNx19Z

"Dear Pastor Bill, my ex-husband died last month. He claimed to believe in a higher power."

Sadly, death is part of this human experience, a moment in time we will all come to. When I read about someone who believes in a "higher power," my radar immediately goes up. AA made this phrase common for people who really don't believe in the God of the Bible, but do accept there is "someone" of a greater power than themselves.

"I had tried discussing Jesus with him. He would listen for a short time and then start citing the "big bang theory" etc, get agitated and tell me 'okay, that's enough.' "

Here you go, confirmation. This woman's ex-husband clearly had rejected the God of the Bible and what the Bible teaches about creation, a basic issue. His agitation again was clearly a manifestation of his rejection of God and Biblical Truth.

"Now that he's dead I'm regretful I didn't just tell him he was going to hell, but I never put it to him like that."

I wish I had $1 for every email over 15 years where a person was regretful or guilty because a loved one or friend had died and they never had the courage to tell them the truth about their eternal soul and the choice each person has to make in this life to accept or reject Christ as their Savior by faith.

"He had a poor childhood and very little exposure to church. Our grown daughter asked me not to preach to him too much because at his age (65) and with the childhood he had, we couldn't expect him to believe too much."

Your grown daughter is 100% WRONG. My gut is that she is probably in a liberal church where they never speak about sin, and certainly would never offend a person by telling them they are going to spend etenrity in hell if they reject faith in Christ. Your ex-husband's childhood or age are no excuse for not sharing with him the truth about his eternal soul and that his choice would determine if he spent eternity in heaven or hell.

"She believes in Jesus and hopes he had salvation, but said it was not his fault he could not believe."

This is such a load of garbage. Salvation, the eternal home of our soul, is not something you "hope" about when you can KNOW! If this woman's daughter ever read a Liveprayer Daily Devotional or watched the Liveprayer TV program she would no doubt be horrified since I doubt she has ever heard God's Truth at her "church." Also, God gave man freewill and the choice to accept or reject Christ by faith is the personal responsibility of each person. God is not going to be interested in any excuses!

"He had a bible and even though he may not have read it, I feel he was searching. I really don't know how much he believed because he wouldn't discuss it."

Each year the Bible is one of the top selling books, and sadly, less than 10% of professing Christians have ever read the Bible cover to cover! Having a Bible means NOTHING, and all that is revealed about this man is that he sadly lived and died rejecting God and His Truth.

"Do you think my daughter may be right that only God knew his heart, and do you feel there's a chance he's in Heaven?"

Your daughter is correct that only God knows the human heart and yes there is a "chance" he is in Heaven, just like there is a "chance" theologically that Hitler and Bin Laden are in Heaven. I highly doubt based on all that is known about those two monsters that their hearts were not so hardened at the time of their death, repenting of their sins and accepting Jesus was not even a thought. My personal and professional "gut" is that this poor man also died without Christ even being a thought and is forever in hell.

I love and care about you so much. I shared this email and my commentary because this is something a huge percentage of Christians go through. I know how I would handle such a situation, but totally understand very few people spend their life preaching the Gospel and doing the work of an evangelist. However, real people who know the Lord have no excuse for not sharing the Truth about eternity with their neighbors, co-workers, friends, and especially their family members. If you don't tell them the truth, who will?

I will be praying for you and for the Lord to give you a spirit of courage to be able to share Christ and His love with those you love and care about, as well as the choice each person has to make in their life. Never forget, what that person chooses to do with the Truth you share with them is than up to them, not you! You can't force anyone to make that freewill choice to accept Christ, they must. However, you have the RESPONSIBILITY and COMMANDMENT from God to tell them that Truth!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller