Daily Devotional for Wednesday September 3, 2014

Attacked by Every Major Internet Hacking Group

(Jonah Chapter 3)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, a few days ago I was chatting with a gentleman who is a greeter at Walmart. During our discussion he said that the only true Bible that we have today is the King James Bible. I disagreed with him. I advised him that the King James bible has only been around for about 3 centuries, and that there were other versions of the Bible prior to the King James Bible. I also told him that many of today's versions of the Bible are also true Bibles as long as the Bible scholars that created them went back to the original Hebrew and Greek and interpreted them into today's language. Who is correct?

ANSWER: YOU ARE! This is one of the more foolish issues that people get legalistic about. The fact is, as you correctly stated the Bible was written in Hebrew, Greek, and some Aramaic in the NT. The correct name for the King James Version, the NIV, or any other English Bible is "translation," since they are simply a translation from the original Hebrew and Greek. To try and compare one English translation with another English translation is like comparing apples and oranges. In the end, NO translation is ever perfect, however, the major English translations, the KJV, the NIV, and the NAS (which is the most accurate English translation), are all fine for sound doctrine and theology. Personally I am no fan of the Living Bible and some of the more casual translations that are written in more of a storybook form.

While American hostages are being beheaded as our President is being taunted by evil minions of satan, with the real and imminent threat of major attacks (note plural!) on our homeland, the big news of the day captivating our nation is a bunch of Hollywood stars who had their personal information hacked and nude photographs of themselves plastered all over the internet.

Not only could I care less about a bunch of irresponsible spoiled brats who if they had a brain wouldn't be taking nude photographs of themselves in the first place, but am appalled to watch a nation preoccupied with such foolishness while we are literally under the judgment of God!


Less than two weeks into 2014, Liveprayer which has been attacked by every major internet hacking group that has existed these past 15 years, was the target of the infamous world-renown group "Anonymous." Google them if to see who they are. This group has hacked into Pentagon and major government computers who have tens of millions of dollars of the world's best security software, have taken down websites of nation's around the world, stolen the encrypted credit card files of Target, Neiman Marcus, and host of major retailers and hotels. This is the group that was focused for weeks on Liveprayer.

God has protected His work here and kept us online these past 15 years from such groups. It cost our techs thousands daily for additional help and literally 24-hour committments 7 days a week to keep Liveprayer up and running when we were under these hacking attacks.

Their focus was not just our website but the TV program. They attacked us nightly for weeks by trying to flood the phone lines to keep people from calling for prayer, as well as harassment by issuing false reports to the FBI that I planned to blow up different targets, to general nuisance like calls to the local sheriff's office that I was being held captive to get a SWAT team to my home or office under false pretenses.

Fortunately, because I have been the target of such groups for so long and receive 8-10 death threats a month, I have a great working relationship witht he FBI, local Sheriff's office who are well aware of these types of harassments. Again, we have been dealing with it in some form off and on for 15 years.

Very few know 1/100th of what I deal with daily, and have especially these 15 yrs of Liveprayer. This is not uncommon, though it is more intense at some times than others, of what we have dealt with dozens of times over the years. The goal is simple. To destroy Liveprayer and silence me. Sad, but true. However, the Lord has watched over us, protected us, and kept HIS work moving forward.

Actually, God has used these attacks to bring countless thousands to us. People who were hurting and looking for hope and answers at that time in their life. Many have come to faith in Jesus. AMEN! Pray for these misguided people. Even though many watch the TV program with impure motives, this is why we air on non-Christian stations. The fact is, they are hearing God's Truth, the GOSPEL, that they would not be hearing otherwise. "God's Word will not return void!!!"

This is why I have always worked in the marketplace, despite all of the attacks it brings, much like Paul faced as he took the Gospel to the lost of his day. It is a tough way to live and I do understand why few have the courage to battle satan for souls in the marketplace, but it is God's calling on my life and this minsitry!

Back around this time in 2007, I shared with you that coming in 2008 would be the very clear and visible judgment of God upon this nation for our sins, gross wickedness, and turning from our Creator to the false gods and idols of the world. Around this time a year ago, I shared with you that 2014 will be the year...we as a nation do wake up and do begin to turn back to God and His Truth!

With our long standing and visible internet presence now into year 16, my many appearances each year in the secular media, bringing back the TV program in 2013 was the final critical piece we needed. It gives us a powerful platform "live" 2 hours a night, 5 nights a week in over 70 markets including reaching the 10 million people who live in the greater Chicagoland area.


I love and care about you so much. After over 15 yrs of ministering to the lives of millions worldwide, I fully understand the frustration of the prophets in the Old Testament. They lived and dedicated their lives to the Lord. They refused to compromise the Truth. They refused to sell out. Money was NOT their objective! Yet, they watched the priests of the day compromise and sell out and live lives of luxury while they had to beg for the crusts of bread!

I know this. God has blessed Liveprayer over these many years because we have NOT compromised or sold out. We have not raised money to buy private jets and buildings, only to share His Truth and hope with the lost and hurting. Liveprayer IS God's answer for this nation. Friends like you have prayed, sacrificed, and stood by my side to help me accomplish all we have. I am asking you today, STAND WITH ME TODAY!

I will not let a few thousand dollars keep us from accomplishing our final work for the Lord. STAND WITH ME! Give the most generous gift you can. SACRIFICE if it is $5, $50, $500, $5,000, or $50,000! We are desperate and need to fulfill this final mission the Lord has called us to fulfill! Let's see the Lord's blessings poured out over the coming days!

Thank you and know that you and your family are in my prayers each day. Together, before 2014 is over we WILL not only see the start of a true revival in this nation that will lead many lost souls to faith in Jesus, and also begin to turn our nation back to God and HIS Truth!!!

***COUNT DOWN TO $80,000!!! As I shared with you yesterday, we ended August requiring $80,000 to have all of our basic internet and TV operations current. We ended August with a $33,000 shortfall in our internet budget, a $25,000 shortfall in our TV budget, and still needed $22,000 to cover the final balance of what we are behind in our TV contract for the Chicago market.

As of last night, we have received $17,900 (22%) of the $80,000 we require, leaving a balance of $62,100. $2,100 of that balance is still needed to cover obligations we failed to meet yesterday, $30,000 is critically needed today, and the last $30,000 required by this Friday. That will bring us totally current with all of our ministry operations and enable us to begin working on the $40,000 we require for our September internet budget and the $25,000 we require for our September TV budget!

--->Did you know that virtually ALL major ministries use professional fundraising organizations and consultants that end up costing them anywhere from .20 to .30 of every dollar you donate? Another .30 to .50 of every dollar you donate goes to "overhead" which includes their building costs and maintenance, payroll for their staff, the salaries, perks, and bonuses for the top people in the ministry, travel and entertainment expenses such as $3,000 a night hotel suites and $500 dinners, in addition to "housing expenses" for their personal home(s), transportation for their luxury autos and private jets. So after paying their professional fundraisers and "overhead," anywhere from .50 to .80 of every dollar you donate is eaten up in costs that have ZERO to do with their ministry!

For the record, because I have NEVER used or paid professional fundraisers or consultants, have no buildings and a bare bones support staff meaning I do all of the ministry work, and have sacrificed my salary taking only living expenses for the past 5 years, a little more than .93 of every dollar you donate to Liveprayer is going to giving me the ability each day to reach the marketplace with God's Truth, pray for people in their time of need, lead lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ, and use our platform to help lead a true national revival and this nation back to God and His Truth!!!

Please pray about what God is asking YOU to do TODAY to help me. Bringing in the $32,100 we desperately need TODAY and the last $30,000 by this Friday is very important to the ongoing work here at Liveprayer. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY HELPING ME WITH THE MOST GENEROUS GIFT YOU POSSIBLY CAN TODAY!

Everyone can pray, most can make a sacrifce of some amount, and there are a few of our friends who God has richly blessed who have the ability to step up and help me with a special one-time gift of $5,000 or more to insure we can end this week with all of our minsitry operations current!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller