Daily Devotional for Tuesday August 19, 2014

The Sin of Omission

(James 4:17)

"Pastor Bill, my fiancée and I are invited to a wedding for a gay couple in September. The ladies getting married are my fiancée's neighbors and she does not want to be rude and not go. We both disagree with gay marriage and know its a sin. My fiancée wants to go, but I think by going we are approving of what they are doing. Should we go to this "wedding" and pray God forgives them of their sins?"

I can't and won't tell people what to do in a situation like this. However, I am immediately reminded of a young man named Saul in Acts 7 holding the coats of those who stoned Stephen. Even though he technically never threw one stone, he was just as guilty as those he did by giving approval of the murder of an innocent man by his silence. It is called the "sin of omission" and is found in James 4:17.

As for how I would personally handle such a situation. I would send the "couple" a card, NOT a wedding card, addressed to them both and share what God says about His Holy Institution of Marriage. I would pray for them both to pray about NOT entering into such a perverse union. I would also let them know that they can find freedom from the bondage of sexual perversion they are in through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the strength He can give them.

In closing, I would let them know I will be praying for them both and will be there for them when they come to that place all who choose to live in rebellion to God come to, and they are ready to be freed from their bondage, heal, and reclaim their life by following the Lord and God's Word.

I realize this gets more personal when it is a family member, especially a child. However, to attend or participate in such a perverse ceremony is a tacit form of agreement. That child or family member needs to know you love them, always have and always will no matter what, but your faith in Christ is the most important thing in your life. You will not be part of something that God clearly condemns in His Word and is not only destructive to the lives of the people involved, but to God's Holy Institution of Marriage which is foundation to our culture.

"Pastor Bill, I have received your devotional for many years and so appreciate that you don't compromise the Biblical Truth. I attended a Lutheran pastor's memorial service last Saturday and had to leave before it was over. Prior to his service, I did not know much about him other than he always seemed to be a very kind, caring, and energetic person. When I got to his memorial service I was blindsided by how involved he was in the LGBT agenda. They even had a bishop speak at his service commending him for all his work on LGBT issues and the congregation clapped!

I know two other pastors through an orchestra that I am in and emailed both of them about this subject and that I didn't understand how a pastor in such a public leadership role could lead all these people down the wrong path by supporting something the Bible clearly calls a sin. I received responses from both. One (another Lutheran pastor), said he didn't want to respond in detail through email and would rather talk in person. He did say that over his "career" he has changed some of his perspectives and ponders WWJD in today's society. The other one (Presbyterian), said he had come to really care for many gay and lesbian people and admitted that he had married a gay couple before he retired and also offered to talk to me in person about our differences.

I pray for God's strength as I will be talking to these two pastors at the same time and already feel like I'm being ganged up on (my email was to both together and they replied to "all"). I knew it was risky sending the emails but I won't back down from what God says on this issue, which I truly believe are non-negotiable. I don't know a lot of scriptures by memory and am feeling inadequate to try and converse with these two pastors. However, I keep telling myself that they obviously have skewed opinions and I have the Truth, so God will help me thru this. Please pray for me and if you have any thoughts on things I can say I would appreciate it."

I wish I could tell you how many of these emails I get. Sadly, most of the various Lutheran and Presbyterian churches along with many others, operate in total rebellion to God and His Word as they embrace, glorify, and promote the radical homosexual agenda including gay marriage and gay adoption.


When it comes to rebellious "pastors" like the ones this woman will be speaking to, you have nothing to fear since when you have God's Word on your side you are right and those who oppose God's Word are wrong. PERIOD! The Bible clearly says from Genesis through Revelation that those who CHOOSE to engage in perverted sex acts with people of the same sex are committing a sin.

The one pastor may have "changed his perspective" but God certainly has not! God's Word is "immutable" or never changing! As for his question about WWJD, that is simple. Jesus would call sin what it is and never compromise to accommodate sin! When the Lord confronted the woman taken in adultery he ended His conversation by telling her to "go and sin no more."

There can be no justification for sin, no excuses, it is black and white. Our culture is simply the byproduct of a church and those who lead them that has compromised God's Word, stopped preaching against sin by design, and thus opened the door to every kind of rebellion against God imaginable. The church, the one institution in our evil culture that is to lead in ways of righteousness, has instead allowed the evil culture to lead it into absolute rebellion to God and His Word...led by the "pastors!"

Actually, if these pastors really care about those who CHOOSE to engage in this type of perverted, unnatural, unhealthy sexual behavior, they would care enough to explain to them what God's Word says about their choice and that they can find freedom from their bondage through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Anyone who chooses to live in rebellion to God no matter what that rebellion is, will always pay a price a huge price, for their rebellion and it will eventually destroy them.

I love and care about you so much. The lesson from both of these emails is that we can never compromise God's Word. It is the one thing that we must hold on to, since in the end, it is the only thing that will be standing!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller