Daily Devotional for Wednesday August 13, 2014

God is Not Laughing

(2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Luke 16:19-31)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I believe that there is a devil and demons. I know Jesus cast out demons. People tell me 'there are no demons', 'they are just dead souls who haven't gone to the light yet' and so on. My reply is Jesus cast out demons, Paul did the same, so when did demons stop their dirty work on earth?

ANSWER: One of satan's greatest scams is to get people to believe he is just a mythical figure, that he doesn't exist. Satan is VERY REAL, and so are demons, the third of the angels who got booted out of Heaven with him for their rebellion! Until God ends this world as we know it, satan and his demons will continue, but we already know their fate, the Lake of Fire for all eternity. That is why it is so sad when a person dies rejecting Christ. They end up in the same place, a place that wasn't created for man, but satan and his demons

God is NOT laughing! Death and standing in the presence of God your Creator is no laughing matter! Sadly, comedian/actor Robin Williams took his own life Monday at the age of 63. Williams was one of the premiere comedic talents of our time as well as starring in dozens of great movies, playing both comedy and serious roles, winning the Oscar for his work in "Good Will Hunting."

Williams battled cocaine and aclohol addiction, cleaning up his life after the death of his friend John Belushi from a drug overdose and the birth of his son. He remained clean and sober for 20 years before relapsing several years ago. Throughout his life, Williams was constantly dealing with severe bouts of depression. It has been reported that in his final days he was severely depressed, a common factor in many suicides.

Based on his documented statements over the years, his anti-Biblical stand on all of the cultural issues of our day such as abortion and the radical homosexual agenda, in addition to his public mocking of God and Jesus as part of his comedic routines, it is clear that sadly Robin Williams had completely rejected God and saw God's existence "possible but unlikely."

Like all who take their last breath of life, the very next moment they are standing before God their Creator. Whatever fame or fortune they may have enjoyed during this life is meaningless. At that exact moment the only thing that will matter is the choice you made during your life regarding Jesus. You will stand before God either clothed in your sins and be cast into everlasting darkness, eternally separated from God your Creator, or having come to Christ by faith you will be wearing a white robe of righteousness and be welcomed into the glories of Heaven to spend eternity with God your Creator!

Sadly, Robin Williams, like all who die having rejected faith in Christ is now and forever will be in the eternal torment of hell. There will be no jokes in hell. There will be no impromptu ad-lib comedy skits in hell. There will only be the gnashing of teeth and eternal punishment for sin that we ALL deserve!!!

It is so sad, since someone like Robin Williams like many famous people, have had the advantage of being exposed to virtually every kind of belief system and religious thought that exists. They are intelligent, well traveled, with a wide range of personal experiences. I am certain that with the number of Christians within the entertainment industry, as well as those who reach out to that world, Williams had many opportunities during his life to hear the Gospel. Like so many, he made the conscious choice to reject that message.

Let me just interject that I am sick and tired every time a famous person dies, the media making their flippant comments about that person being with God. Virtually every program has an interview with someone who knew Robin Williams talking about him making God laugh. This makes a mockery of Christ and what He did on the cross, feeding into the universalistic lie from hell that all "good people" will get to Heaven. The Bible says there is NONE, NO NOT ONE, who is "good" since we are all sinners. There is certainly nothing for God to laugh at when it involves the soul of a person who has rejected faith in Christ and stands before their Creator in their sin!!!

The Bible clearly tells us that tomorrow is promised to none of us. The fact is, the moment each person takes their last breath, they will stand before God. At that instant, there is only one thing that will matter and that is whether you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart and life by faith.

At that moment, those who have accepted Him will be forever with God their Creator, those who have rejected Him will be forever separated from God their Creator. It is impossible for us with our finite minds to even begin to comprehend the glory of Heaven, being with God our Creator for eternity. Likewise, it is impossible for us to even begin to imagine the horrors of Hell, being separated from God our Creator for eternity.


The Bible, which is our final authority in ALL matters is very clear on death. It is final. There is no such thing as reincarnation, we are not coming back as a petunia. We don't die and go to some special place where people can pray us into Heaven over time. The moment we die our body is no longer of any use and our soul lives on for eternity, either forever with God, or forever separated from Him. That eternal destination is determined by only ONE THING, our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Being a member of a certain church CANNOT save you. Being baptized as a baby CANNOT save you. The faith of your parents CANNOT save you. I have no doubt that Robin Williams did many good works throughout his life, but good works CANNOT save you. A pastor or priest simply praying over you while you are dying CANNOT save you. The ONLY THING that can save you is putting your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. It is a choice, a conscious choice, that YOU and YOU ALONE have to make BEFORE you die.

I am certain that somewhere in the world within a few minutes of the passing of Robin Williams, a man that had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior also died. This man was not known by the world, he was never on TV or in movies, he did not possess a gift to make people laugh, he did not have great wealth, but death is the great equalizer.

As Williams died without Christ, this man who was known and loved by the world, this man who had all the wealth this world could offer, was instantly cast into eternal darkness. At the same time, the man somewhere in the world who died having chosen to put his faith in Jesus, despite having no fame or fortune during his life, was instantly ushered into the presence of Almighty God for eternity.

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?" (Luke 16:19-31)

I love you and care about you so much. Our prayers go out to Robin Williams wife, children, and family at this time of loss. I pray that those in his family who may know Christ as their Savior will find His comfort, and those who do not may have their hearts opened to Christ's love during their time of grief.

Being a famous person in this life does NOT guarantee you anything when this brief journey is over. Each person is responsible for their own eternal destination by their choice in regard to Jesus Christ. You see, it was Jesus that died on a cross 2,000 years ago for your sins and mine. That is why ONLY faith in Jesus can save you.

If right now, this very moment, you do not have the assurance that when your life is over, you will be forever with God, the Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation. You never have to doubt or wonder again. Bow your head right now, ask God to open your heart. Read the words and watch the short video at this following link: http://www.liveprayer.com/plan.cfm I will be praying for you as you make the most important decision that you will make in this life, where you will spend eternity.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller