Daily Devotional for Saturday August 2, 2014

The People in This World are Hungry for Jesus

(Matthew 9:37-38)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I know the Israelites have bomb shelters and gas masks. Should we here in the US worry about this and do the same in light of the recent terror threats?

ANSWER: Sadly, Israel has always had to be prepared for war since the country is surrounded by those who would love to see it wiped off the face of the earth. Look at what they have been dealing with over this past month as an example of the never ending threats that is always imminent. I don't see any scenario where we have to be taking such precautions, since our demise will come without any foreign armies ever firing a shot or stepping on US soil. If we don't repent and turn back to God and His Truth, God's wrath and judgment will continue to rain down upon us.

I have a secret to share with you today. The people in this world are looking for hope. The people in this world are searching for answers. The people in this world as just waiting for someone to show them the way. THE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD ARE HUNGRY FOR JESUS!!!

I can honestly say that never before in 22 years of ministry, have I been as excited and encouraged as I am today. Each day, app. 1/3 of the over 2.5 million people worldwide that we reach through Liveprayer.com are not Christians or going to church. They are just normal people trying to get through the day to day trials of life and realize that there MUST be more to life, and that something is missing.

They have come to Liveprayer through family members, friends, co-workers, or schoolmates. That is why in 15 years of being online, over 800,000 people that we know of have accepted Christ as their personal savior. Keep doing your part and sending people the Devotional and telling them about Liveprayer. GOD IS USING YOU TO IMPACT THEIR LIFE FOR ETERNITY!

Here is my word for you today. THE HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL! There are two keys that I want to share with you. Key number one is that you have to go to the people. We have close to two full generations now that for the most part do not have any church in their life experience. They will not come to church, they will not turn on Christian TV or radio, they will not buy Christian music or books. The church needs to take the message to them instead of hoping they come to the message. Key number two is how you approach them. If you approach them with open arms, wanting NOTHING from them, only to minister to their needs, they are open to that.

I love you and care about you so much. Jesus not only cried out that the harvest was plentiful, but He added, "the workers are few." I will be praying for you to meditate on these words today. There are many things that we can do with our life that would be considered "great." But there is NO GREATER thing we can do than let God use us to help lead a lost soul into an everlasting relationship with HIM!

With all of the turmoil in our world today, with the fear many have over the war on terrorism, with the personal hardships many are facing due to the downturn in our economy, with just the normal trials of day to day life....never before in human history has there been such opportunities to see the lost won for Christ.

However, Jesus stated the problem. Even with such a great harvest just waiting to be brought in, there is a lack of workers to get the job done. I am praying for you today that YOU will answer this call that God has on your life to be a worker to help bring in this mighty harvest. As our Lord told us, we must work while it is yet light, since the darkness is approaching. Jesus spoke in Matthew 24, Paul in 2 Timothy Chapter 3 about the signs of the last days.

Only God knows the exact time and moment, but the signs clearly point to the fact that the hour is near. I want to encourage you today. THE TIME IS NOW, THE HARVEST IS READY, AND GOD IS CALLING YOU TO HELP BRING IN THE HARVEST!!!

***SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM BILL KELLER: Blessings my friend! As we are in the final hours of the month, I am in a place we have been about a dozen times over the 15 yrs of Liveprayer and 10 yrs of the Liveprayer TV program. I knew when I answered God's call to the minsitry 22 yrs ago that it would of course take funds to be able to do the work I had been called to do for the Kingdom, but I also knew that I would NEVER put money over ministry or allow God's work to turn into little more than a "product" to generate dollars. I have been faithful from day one that MINISTRY has always been the focus over MONEY, and I know in my heart that it is the reason the Lord has blessed our efforts over the years and allowed us to see the incredible fruit of our work for the Kingdom!

Over these many months of serving the Lord, we have been at a place where we needed just under $100,000 one time, $80,000 one time, $50,000 one time, and $20,000-$30,000 many times, just to keep our basic operations in place and keep the platform the Lord has given us to share His Truth in the marketplace 7 days a week, pray for the needs of those who came to us with the challenges of life we all face during our journey, and lead lost souls to everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ!

In those critical times, it has always been one, two, sometimes three of our friends who God has blessed and were able to step up to meet the large critical need we had in the 11th hour. I know that some of you have recently sold a home or property, possibly a business, have had a surge in your investments, or simply through good stewardship have been able to accumulate an amount of wealth the Lord has entrusted into your care.

The summer months of June, July, and August are ALWAYS difficult with people on vacation, the kids out of school, and many people focused on the summer and just not as plugged in as they are the rest of the year. In the midst of that annual slowdown we are battling to keep the TV program on in the 2 TV market in the nation, the 10 million people in the greater Chicagoland area, in addition to the monthly operations for Liveprayer.com.

I come to you today requiring at this moment $68,000 to have all of our Internet and TV accounts current as we head into the month of August. You can read the information below that details everything. $35,000 of that amount is CRITICAL simply to insure Liveprayer.com isn't interrupted and the TV program stays on for at least another 60 days as we continue to build a huge audience each night and from that audience, new friends to help fund the program.

Please, take a moment to pray. If God has blessed you with the ability to step up today with a gift of $5,000, $10,000, the $30,000 that is required IMMEDIATELY, or the entire $68,000 re require to be 100% current with our operations, PLEASE allow the Lord to use you like he has many other special friends over the years in a time of great need. I know that there are many things you could do with those funds, but assure you that there is NOTHING you will ever do that will have the impact on as many lives and their eternal souls!

Thank you for your love, for your countless prayers, and your faithful sacrificial giving over these past years together. Now more than every I need one, two, or three dear friends in a place to help me insure these required funds are taken care of as soon as possible. We are past the 11th hour, but I know the same God who brought one or more friends to help us when we needed that $100,000, the same God who brought one or more friends to help us when we needed that $80,000, the same God who has brought one or more friends to help us in our most critical hour of need, IS THE VERY SAME GOD WHO WILL MOVE ON THE HEARTS OF THOSE FRIENDS WHO HAVE THE ABILITY TO HELP US TODAY!

Thank you for standing with me, and all of this is critical to our having the operations of Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program at full strength as we head into the final 5 months of this year. I told you last November before 2014 ends we would see the sparks of a true national revival and the start of seeing this nation turning back to God and His Truth...with Liveprayer leading the way for the glory of God!!! Blessings on you and your family. You are in my prayers each day and for HIS richest blessings in all you do as God leads you and guides you each step of your journey!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller