Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 29, 2014

Testimonies of Your Faith and Fruits of Your Sacrifice

(Deuteronomy 16:17)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, do the souls of aborted babies go to be with our Lord in heaven? Do the souls of children (ie: for example the ones at Sandy Hook school) who die before they are able to ask Jesus to come into their lives, or in the case of Noah Pozner (who was Jewish) get to go to heaven?

ANSWER: Yes and yes! Salvation is by our faith in Christ and God's grace, Ephesians 2:8,9. Babies and young children who die and aren't old enough to understand their sinful nature, will be in Heaven due to God's grace.

"Pastor Keller, several months ago I had sent several prayer requests to you with issues that were trying to tear my marriage apart and you prayed for us and gave us some wise counsel. We went to counseling with a Christian counselor as you advised, and God's mighty hand has been on our marriage! He has healed us and we are back on the right track, more in love than ever before. Praise God for the miracles he has worked in our lives and I want to thank you for being there to hold us up in prayer and share your counsel with us. I know our faith in the Lord along with your prayer support has made all the difference in the world! Once again thank you so very much!"

"Last October 22 was the worst day of my life. My father discovered he had pancreatic cancer. The doctors told him it was inoperable and he had 10 months to live. I wrote to you that week to pray for a miracle. Last month he had another CAT scan done and the tumor has shrunk 30%. He hasn't taken any pain medicine for 2 months! The doctor said this isn't possible, but with MY GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Thank you for your prayers Brother Keller, God heard you and I still have my father for many more years I pray."

"bill...i wrote to you before....i was baptized today....and i wanted you to know that you helped me make that decision....may God sustain and increase what you are doing in Jesus' name....God bless you my brother for your faithfulness"

"Pastor Keller, a few years ago I stumbled across this email with the heading of Liveprayer on it. The email told me that someone anonymous had subscribed me to your Daily Devotional. At that time I was very depressed, in high school, and started to read your emails. I became a Christian thanks to you and your daily emails have changed my life. Thank you for doing what your doing for me and I am sure so many others. God Bless!"

"Bill, many nights I have watched your TV program. When your program saved that guy that from committing suicide because he heard your program was awesome! Tonight I was stunned by Leon's call. The fact that was in a hospital and was wondering about the existence of God. Your words to him really touched my heart. God bless you for having the courage to put yourself out to the world to help people."

"I wanted to thank you for your prayers and share w/you that the Lord has been faithful to me. After emailing you for prayer about my finances, my parents called me and told me that they will help me pay for my rent and some extra money this semester! Praise God and thank you for all your prayers and support!"

"I emailed you a couple of weeks ago asking for prayer for my father, Dennis McClure. He was told through several cat scans that he had lymphoma. He had a biopsy done last Thursday. The results came back today. It was clear. No cancer! Praise God! The doctor could not explain it and told him he got 'lucky,' but my dad was happy to let him know it was not luck but a MIRACLE from God! Thanks for the prayers Pastor Keller."

"I suffer from insomnia quite frequently, so I catch your Live Prayer program every now and then. I'm going to be honest from the start. I'm not Christian, I don't plan on ever being Christian, and I have found my spritual identity in Wicca (If I may please remind you that Wicca is not Satanism, we don't believe in a Satan and we don't believe in doing ill upon another human being). However, I do admire your program greatly. As I've grown as a human being, I have learned to recognize the roles everyone in society plays. I believe that you fulfill your role quite well, bringing a message of hope to those who may be hopeless, and bringing people to the joy so few of us know. As a non-Christian I want to thank you for the service you render society through your bringing of hope and spiritual identity to people."

"Bill. my name is Diamond and I watch your show every night. I've tried calling but couldn't get through. I am 18 and I have a 9 month old daughter who is terminally ill. She has hydranencephaly, spasms, and diabetes insipidus. She is actually doing extremely well considering, and I know God has got her in his sight because I was told that she would be still born. God had other plans. I just wanted for you to please just send another prayer out for her and to please pray for help financially. Thank You! Your shows has helped me out in my darkest moments. God Bless you"

"Dear Bill: I don't think that I have ever seen such dedication in somebody who is trying to do God's work as you are. It makes me want to cry when I see the discord that is in the body of Christ. It is all part of the "me" generation that we never quite grew out of in the sixties. I have seen Pastors and evangelists give in to the attack of the enemy and fold up camp, such is their degree of sadness and hurt. I just want to take a few moments and encourage you a bit. You have literally been a lifeline from God in a cold, scary and frightening world for me, and I am just one person. I am behind you a thousand percent as I am sure many others are. Your ministry is so very anointed. I will say the same as you close your Daily Devotional with, and that is 'I love and care about you very much.' "

"I've accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Where do I go from here? What do I do now?"

What more can I say other than thank you. Hundreds of these wonderful emails roll into Liveprayer EVERY DAY! It is because of friends like you who care about others, who pray, and who make the sacrifce to insure I am here 24/7/365 to meet the needs of the lost and hurting we reach online on through the LP TV program.

Today, I need everyone of our friends here at Liveprayer to pray for the Lord to move on the hearts of those who have not given this month to make the most generous sacrifice they can!

As we are down to the last 3 days of the month, I need to bring in $75,000 to insure we end this month with all of our basic Internet and TV operations current. I am asking you today, to pray about what YOU can do to help me insure we can go into the month of August current on all of our operational expenses.

$10,000 of that $75,000 is critically past due from the first week of July's Internet operations, and $22,000 of that $75,000 was due last Friday to cover half of the balance of what we are past due with the TV station in Chicago.

I am believing God that if one of our friends can send a special one-time gift of $10,000 to cover that critical need in our Internet operations, and two friends can make a special sacrifce of $11,000 to insure last Friday's TV payment is met, the rest "giving as they are able to give" over the final 3 days will bring in the $43,000 balance!!!

***JULY FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we are down to the final 3 days of July, we still have to cover the final $31,000 of our basic internet operations budget. $10,000 of that is from the first week of the month and is critically past due! It is for bandwidth expenses that keeps Liveprayer.com on line and all of our vast and unique spiritual content on the website accessible to people worldwide.

I desperately need ONE friend who has the ability to help me with a special one-time gift to meet this required amount IMMEDIATELY! If everyone else will pray, seek the Lord what He wants you to sacrifce, and "give according to your ability to give" as the Bible teaches, I know we can cover this final $33,000 by the end of the week and begin the month of August with all of our basic operational expenses paid!

CHICAGO TV!!! God sent a special friend several weeks ago to enable us to send a good faith payment on our overdue balance to the Chicago TV station so the program would remain on the air. As we are ending our 6th month airing in the Chicago market, we are seeing more and more people sacrificing to help us with every passing month. If we can simply get through this first year, we will have all of the support we need each month from our new friends of Liveprayer in that market.

Two new friends of God's work here at Liveprayer from the TV audience in Chicago came together to help insure the $6,000 payment we were required to make last week was met! PRAISE GOD!!! We are still over a month behind in paying for the airtime and below is our payment schedule from the Chicago stations for the balance of July that is required to keep Liveprayer on the air in the Chicagoland market.

Please pray over this payment schedule and seek the Lord about allowing Him to use YOU to help me insure we continue to be able to reach the 10 million people in the greater Chicagoland market "live" every Mon-Fri from 11pm-1am CDT. --->Due last Friday July 25th/$22,00 --->Due Friday august 1st/$22,00


Please pray with me. That is $31,000 we require for the balance of our July internet operations, and $44,000 to get our TV airtime current. I am standing in faith that over these final 3 days of the month, God will deliver the $75,000 we require for our critical daily ministry operations so we can head into the month of August current! If everyone will pray and "gives according to their ability to give," it will insure by the end of the month the $75,000 we require for our basic ministry operations are current!!!

TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card on our secure server at: www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" link, you can give using your PayPal account using my email address: bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

I do love and care about you so much. Thank you for YOUR love in return and for standing with me as we take our stand in these final days to help bring God's Truth to the marketplace, pray for the needs of those who come to us daily from around the world, lead the lost to faith in Jesus Christ, and help lead this nation back to God and His Truth in a "Nineveh moment" to save our nation!

In His love and service, Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ's work, Bill Keller