Daily Devotional for Friday July 25, 2014

Glenn Beck's Association with Dr. Alveda King

(1 Corinthians 15:57)

***ASK BILL: May I have your thought on the RAPTURE? If you believe in that concept, when do you think it will happen? That is before the Tribulation, in the mid period, or after the seven year period. I have heard many opinions and would appreciation knowing your opinion.

ANSWER: The rapture is Biblical and it will happen, though only God knows the moment and hour. As for whether it will be a pre-trib rapture, mid-trib rapture, post-trib rapture, I'll leave it to the prophecy guys to argue over since it really makes no difference to me. I am not trying to be dismissive, but I choose to spend my time focusing on the now, and the things I CAN control like sharing His Truth and leading lost souls to Jesus. The only thing you really need to know about the end times is that Jesus is coming back and that in the end, God wins. Not much more really matters.

Our associations and a correction from Tuesday's Daily Devotional. Wednesday I received a phone call and email from a very upset Dr. Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King. She was upset because I named her as one of Glenn Beck's bought and paid for puppets at his border stunt last weekend. Dr. King wanted me to correct the record that in all of her years of associating with Beck, he has never paid her one dime.

I believe her but took the opportunity to ask her when Beck paraded her around at his Washington, D.C. event a few years ago, when she comes to Dallas to be on his TV program, when she appeared with him last weekend at his border event, WHO paid for her airfare and transportation costs? Of course...GLENN BECK!!!

I reminded Dr. King that while he may not pay her monetarily, he gives her access to his vast media audience which has incredible value. No doubt she has sold her books and received donations to her ministry from people in Beck's audience. The value of Beck's audience is well understood by Christians like Judas Barton, John Hagee, James Robison, Ralph Reed, the Falwell brothers of Liberty University, and others who sell out the Lord to appear with Beck for the exposure it gives them. In return, Beck gets undeserved credibility from these high-profile Christians who stand next to him as he perpetuates the deception that he is also a Christian.

I asked Dr. King why she would allow a truly satanic cult member like Beck to use her as a pawn for his evil purposes. I also asked her why she would represent the Lord with a man who is the member of a satanic cult, especially when in her presence he LIES to his audience he is a Christian, talks of "god" and of "jesus," and she never opens her mouth to challenge him knowing that he is NOT a Christian and that the "god" and "jesus" of Beck and his cult is NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible!

She got very defensive that she didn't believe in Mormonism and would never become a Mormon. She added that she went to the border to help the "children," and has been "working" on Beck. I actually laughed since this is the same story Ralph Reed, the late Ken Hutcherson, and David Barton told me to justify appearing with Beck when I confronted them on this very issue over the years. Barton even publicly put out a bald faced lie that Beck had in fact converted to Christianity but couldn't tell anyone, in an effort to do damage control when people like myself began challenging him for his association with Beck.

I have also spoken to numerous Christian pastors who have had Beck "preach" in their church and the heads of several Christian schools who paid Beck to speak at their annual fundraiser. I asked them why they would have the member of a satanic cult speak to their people when there are hundreds of true Christians who could do just as good of a job.

I went on to ask them all if they had ever looked Beck in the eye and challenged him to denounce the lies of the Mormon cult and come to faith in the one true Jesus of the Bible, since if he dies in the lies of Mormonism he will not be the "god of his own planet" as he and all Mormon men believe, but will spend eternity in hell! SILENCE, the same silence I got from Dr. King when I asked her that very question.

I explained to Dr. King that with the better percentage of the last two generations who have never been to church, those who do mostly Biblically illiterate, she is aiding a true tool of satan to help lead searching and misguided souls to hell with the false gospel of his cult! It wasn't about her converting to Mormonism, it was about the lost souls in Beck's audience who would end up in his cult and eventually in hell! This was not about her, or money, it was about SOULS!!!

I also offered to put her in touch with dozens of fine real CHRISTIAN ministries laboring for the Lord on the border if she had such a burden for the "children." They wouldn't be able to pay for her airfare and transportation expenses, nor would they have a TV crew to film it all, nor do they have a huge national audience to be exposed to. However, they are laboring in obscurity, simply doing the work of the Kingdom without asking or expecting anything in return.

So to correct the record, I take Dr. King at her word that she never personally received any "monetary" gain from her numerous appearances with Beck. The only thing Beck actually wrote her a check for was transportation costs so she could be present at his various events and to appear on his TV program so he could use her as a prop, like all of the Christians he buys off in order to give credibility to his lie that he is a Christian.

By the way, as Beck goes from one scam to another, he is now asking people to give him money to exploit the Israeli conflict with Hamas, and another is to give him money to help the veterans. He even had the audacity to lie without batting an eye that he has nothing to do with the charity he founded, Mercury One, failing to mention his WIFE runs the charity and Judas Barton is the head of the board!!!

Here is how easy Beck is to figure out. He is begging for someone to let him use their private jet to go to Israel since "god told him to go there" and he is having difficulty getting a commercial flight. His chief mentor and benefactor is his Mormon cult brother, billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. Beck also is connected with many corporate CEO's and wealthy members of his cult who have private jets. He will be announcing in the next day or so that "out of the blue" God moved on someone who agreed to let him use their private jet to go to Israel. Pure manipulation, just like the documented scam artist founder of his cult Joseph Smith!

When it comes to associations, pastors and other who serve the Lord that He has given a platform to MUST be aware of who they associate with. I associate with homosexual activists, proponents of gay marriage, those who advocate killing babies, apologists for cults like Scientology and Mormonism, leaders of various New Age movements, top Imams and defenders of the false religion of Islam, atheists, evolutionists, and all types of people who hate God, reject Christ, and don't believe in the Bible.

The difference is, I am not with them in private, in various public and media forums, to be used so they can advance their lies. I am there to stand for God's Truth and boldly and without compromise challenge their lies! I am not there because they PAID me to be there, but to bring God's Truth to the marketplace since the only way the lies of satan stand is when the Truth of God's Word is absent!

I DO want to reach their audience (which is why I am often on with liberal radio talk show host Thom Hartmann and programs like The Howard Stern Show) since it may be the only time those in their audience even hear God's Truth. At least anyone who has heard me can't die and stand before God, whining that nobody ever told them the Truth!

All followers of Christ must be aware of their associations! I am NOT saying to not associate with non-Christians. Just the opposite. The people who come into your life along this journey aren't there by accident. God has put many people in your life who will never hear the Truth unless it is from you. Your are the only Bible many in your life will ever read! The key is to never compromise your testimony or faith. You are there to be a Godly influence on those non-Christians in your life, NOT allow them to be an unGodly influence on yours!

I love and care about you so much. I wanted to say THANK YOU to the wonderful outpouring of love and kind words from so many of you regarding the Daily Devotional (Thursday 7/24/14) yesterday. If you missed it, here is the link: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=5643

As I said, I have gotten emails like the ones I shared in the Thursday Devotional from the "haters" since day one. These are people who haven't got a clue who I am or what this minsitry does in so many lives every day of the week. After 15 yrs online, 10 yrs on TV, I have never wavered or changed course from day one, and have done everything in the public eye with total transparency which is why I have always been such an easy target. I don't waste time with "stagecraft" or carefully "positioning myself" as other major ministers do, so what you see is really little more than an illusion. With Bill Keller, what you see is what you get and that has never or ever will change!

I will let my track record of faithful service over the last decade and a half speak for itself, and the fruits of our labors be our testimony to the world. I have never failed to stand for the Lord and His Truth no matter the personal consequences. I have never compromised God's Truth or done anything in the Lord's name for money. My only goal from day one some 22 years ago was to bring His Truth into a marketplace that is virtually barren of that Truth, pray for the needs of people no matter who they are or what the need may be, lead the lost to everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ, and the additional burden the Lord placed on me and His work here in 2007 to help lead this nation back to God and His Truth.

My strenght each day comes from YOU. It is YOUR love, YOUR prayers, and YOUR sacrifice to stand with me that has allowed the Lord to use me over the last 15 years as an instrument of righteousness impacting tens of millions of lives worldwide, praying for over 100 million email prayer requests, and seeing more than 800,000 souls we know of come to faith in Jesus Christ. Bill Keller did NOTHING other than allow myself to be used as the Lord's vessel and none of what we have accomplished for the Lord would have been possible without those in the Live prayer family over the years making the sacrifce to insure God's work here continues.

Our final work here at Liveprayer is before us. We have the proven minsitry pieces in place to accomplish all the Lord is asking us to do. As I continue to wake up each morning and faithfully do my part, as you wake up each morning and stand with me in prayer and with your financial support as you are led and able, we are going to see the sparks of a true national revival and the start of this nation turning back to God and his Truth..BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! WE PRESS ON TO THE PRIZE!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller