Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 22, 2014

A True Tool of Satan Exposed for the World to See

(2 Corinthians 11:14)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, is classical music or Christian music really my only options even if am old enough in the faith not let music lead my astray??

ANSWER: Absolutely NOT! Again, it is about our priorities. There is nothing wrong with enjoying music of many different genres. I would remind you that we do need to be cognizant of what we watch and listen to, so there are some "music" genres like "gangsta rap," and other forms with disgusting lyrics people of faith should refrain from.


"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." 2 Corinthians 11:14

A true tool of satan exposed for the world to see! I have long contended that Glenn Beck, a proud and unapologetic member of the satanically inspired polytheistic Mormon cult, is a modern day personification of this verse. Glenn Beck has built his media empire on a fusion of conservative politics and new age spirituality while fraudulently promoting himself as a "Christian" as all of the members of his cult lie in doing. His latest "scam" has finally caused many people to wake up and see this lying huckster/profiteer/con-artist for the evil man he is truly is!

*I have educated people for the past decade in the Daily Devotional on the true beliefs of Beck, Romney, who is a 5th generation high priest in his cult, and the rest of those who follow the lies of their cults founder Joseph Smith. Go to the Daily Devotional archives at the link below and type in keyword MORMON, or BECK, and all of the Devotionals over the years I have written on Beck and his satanic cult will be available to you. Link: http://www.liveprayer.com/darchive.cfm

Beck's latest hustle over the past weekend was taking food, shoes, teddy bears, and soccer balls to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children at the border after claiming he was being inundated for help by the "churches." Of course, Beck never said what churches, simply playing his blind followers for the fools most are. I assure you, this was never something that came about by pleas for help from "churches," but like all of Beck's hustles, it was a cleverly orchestrated plan by Beck to exploit this national crisis for his own gain like in EVERYTHING he does!

Please never forget these simple facts. Nothing Glenn Beck does, EVER, no matter how noble it sounds, is done for FREE. Everything this modern day version of the founder of his cult does (Joseph Smith who was a documented con-artist), is about 3 things. First, is money that goes into Glenn Beck's pocket. Second, is the building of his own empire through the acquisition of assets his "followers" pay for that Beck owns and controls accounting for well over one hundred of million of dollars. Third, is the furtherance of his Mormon cult and his standing in that cult. NOTHING GLENN BECK HAS DONE, IS DOING, OR EVER WILL DO, DOESN'T HAVE ALL THREE OF THESE ELEMENTS!

Of course, the blind sheeple who follow this modern day tool of satan are told by Beck that all he does is because "god" told him to do it. He presents all of his efforts as the difficult journey "god" has him on. Like all cons, everything Beck does has a wonderful narrative to it that makes people feel good about giving him their money. (Never forget, EVERYTHING Beck ever does involves people giving him their money!)

Of course this "godly servant" fails to tell people that the "god' of his cult isn't the God of the Bible. He counts on the Biblical ignorance of his audience, a large percentage who identify themselves as Christians. No, the "god" of Beck's polytheistic Mormon cult used to be a man like you and I and ascended to become a "god" as Beck, Romney, and all Mormon men believe they will as well if they do enough good works and follow the teachings of their cult. Like most cults, Beck and his cult believes that it is through their good works they are saved and have the ability to rise up one day and become a "god!"

Maybe this will help you understand that one of his tools to separate people from their money is his Mercury One charity run by his wife, with the Board chaired by his bought and paid for modern day Judas David Barton of Wallbuilders! Beck masterfully gets people to give him money for his charity to do the good works he takes credit for that he believes will help him to become the god of his own planet one day. It also allows Beck to create a valuable mailing list of donors that he can tap into for not just future donations, but to also give him money for whatever his latest scam might be.

Of course as a private charity, Beck refuses to divulge any sort of financial data in regards to where the money he takes in is distributed. No doubt many of his non-Mormon donors are blindly helping advance the work of his Mormon cult that is helping to lead the souls of men and women worldwide to hell with their false gospel (Galatians 1:6-9).

To that end, Beck brags about "tithing to his church." The translation, the suckers who give him money for anything, his charity, books, pay-per-view internet site, live events, the sponsors on his radio program or internet sites (many who are members of Beck's Mormon cult), whatever he is hawking that day, are actually helping to fund the worldwide efforts of his satan-inspired Mormon cult!!!

Beck must laugh himself to sleep at night as he cons people to pay him a monthly fee of $10 for his "TV Network" that he is in the process of getting cable and satellite networks to carry where people are able to watch the same programming for a few penny's on their cable bill, and generating tens of thousands for Beck each month!

That is why Beck daily lambastes DirecTV and Comcast like his cult brother Harry Reid daily lambastes the Koch Brothers on the Senate floor. Comcast and DirecTV refuse to carry Beck's "network" that would bring his empire millions annually, and despite his intimidation efforts, begging his sheeple to call Comcast and DirecTV and DEMAND they carry his TV networks, these media giants are too big to be intimidated by someone like Beck!

*Note: You might want to remember this Daily Devotional if you are PAYING (you giving Beck money is part of everything he does) to attend his latest hustle tomorrow night as Beck takes advantage of the Common Core issue with his live movie theater production.

Beck's stunt on the border under the guise of "mercy and compassion" for children, will not only be used by those promoting and profiting off of brining illegal aliens of all ages and with all types of motivations into this country, but by those in our country with a political agenda and many other desires involving and open border.

Who actually were these "children" Beck saw over the weekend? Maybe a better questions was how did Glenn Beck get access with these children who the media and US Congressmen have no access to? With the tight control the Department of Homeland Security has exercised over these illegal alien children, it is interesting that Beck and his cameras were given such unfettered access when other journalists and news organizations are refused such access.

Of course now that he has raised several million dollars for this border scam from people foolish enough to give him their money, had his photo-ops that he will promote for personal gain for months to come, Beck will go back to his multi-million dollar compound outside of Dallas, or his Mormon ranch in Idaho, while his "props"...the illegal alien children...will go back to living in a quasi jail and being hungry each day, as they wait for our government to secretly ship them in the middle of the night to some unsuspecting community in our nation without giving the local authorities any notice.

Due to the fact that Beck's latest stunt was so over the top and actually involved national security and a very serious issue like the sovereignty of our borders, Beck's curtain was pulled back and he has been exposed to many of his blind followers for the lying ,con-artist, opportunist that he is. In his frustration, Beck ripped several politicians like fellow Mormon cult member Senator Mike Lee and one of his two sock puppets "Stu," for being "pusses" in not joining him for his stunt on the border.

Those who did join him were bought and paid for by Beck. Judas Barton, a few Christian pastors who could care less about standing with a satan worshipping cult member as long as he writes them a check, and Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King who Beck pays to give him credibility with the black community and further his shtick as he often invokes the name of Martin Luther King as someone who he tries to model his life after.

Beck went on in his frustration to blast the media for not covering his circus, or covering it in a negative manner because they couldn't understand his compassion and mercy for the "children." In addition to ripping FOX News for not covering the event, he even ripped into his own propaganda news site "The Blaze" (where you can find each day positive stories about his Mormon cult), for its' readers not showing enough support for his weekend charade at the border.

I love you and care about you so much. Probably the one thing Beck said in his anger at people who saw his border event for the scam it was that summed it up best, was when he was asked about those illegally crossing our border who were not children but older males and a legitimate threat to our national security. Beck stated, "Don't focus on the MS-13 gang members, rapists and the killers. That's for the government," he said. "That's for the government to do their job."

Sadly, this tool of satan masquerading as an angel of light has now taken his con jobs to a new and dangerous level. In the past, his "events" were simply to promote and build his personal empire and net worth while advancing the efforts of his cult. In getting involved in an issue of national security, he has been exposed for the charlatan that he is. Never lose sight that Beck represents the greatest evil there is since Jesus warned the people to not worry about the one who can kill your body, worry about the one who can kill your soul!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller