Daily Devotional for Monday June 30, 2014

Not Just Going Along

(John 3:16, John 14:6, Jonah Chapter 3)

This is a very different Daily Devotional than what I have faithfully sent every day since Liveprayer began 15 years ago. Because I have taken a Biblical stand on the issues of the day, not behind the four walls of the church, but in the marketplace, I have been the target of every minion of satan that exists...and sadly...of many in the Christian community for "not just going along!"

Not just going along is a huge reason why the church is weak, apathetic, ineffective, and instead of the agent of change in our culture it should be, has been changed by our culture. This has led to a large percentage of the past two generations having never even been in church. It has generated nearly two generations of gutless pastors, that translates into two generations of people in the pew who are weak, largely Biblically illterate, and unable to allow their faith to make much of a difference in their own lives, let alone the world around them.

In the meantime, because of our sin and gross wickedness, God's judgment has been falling visibly and in earnest since 2008.

-The housing market was decimated affecting tens of millions of people and still is nowhere close to recovering.

-We elected President who not just opposed God and the Bible on every major issue of our day, but used the power of this nation to advocate in that opposition. Barack Hussein Obama had a worldview because of his upbringing like no President before him, and with a political ideology designed to change how this nation operates.

-Obamacare is on the way to quickly destroying the world's premiere healthcare system and millions of lives will be lost annually simply for the lack of care available.

-Government agencies like the IRS, EPA, VA, operate in complete accord to their prevailing political ideology as opposed to the law, and NOT ONE government agency can even begin to claim competence in their operations despite the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars they spend each year.

-The FED prints $75 billion a month that mostly goes to the big banks that invest those funds in the stock market giving the false impression of a healthy economy, when in fact, a market plunge of 50% is not just possible, but probable by the end of this year since it has been created by smoke and mirrors.

-Islam is on the rise in this nation, around the world, and a non-existent foreign policy by the government has given rise to multiple safe-havens where a new generation of terrorists will be trained to perpetrate their evil on Europe and the United States. It is not a matter of if we are attacked again on our soil, only when, and it will make 9/11 look like a picnic.

-For purely political reasons, the opening of our borders has not just created a major crisis with illegal aliens entering the country, but put our national safety in great peril.

I could probably go on and on but if people can't see God allowing these things to happen as a form of His judgment on this nation. Any one or combination of these issues could literally change life as we know it virtually overnight. ONLY A NATIONAL REVIVAL ON THE SCALE OF WHAT HAPPENED IN NINEVEH CAN CHANGE THE SPIRITUAL COURSE OF THIS NATION!!!

Having created and operated for a decade a large business operation in the 80s as I ran from God's call on my life, when I finally did answer that call 22 years ago, it was very hard for me not to create a similar structure for the ministry. However, I didn't come into the ministry for the fame or riches of this world, but to first and foremost save souls, to minister to people in their time of need, and lastly, to bring God's Truth back into the marketplace that the church had abandoned.

I knew the formula to use a ministry to create great wealth through accumulating real estate that isn't taxed, creating resources like books, DVDs to market, go on the Christian TV networks and preach a feel good/prosperity message that was ultimately about building an fiefdom unto myself populated by people who were already Christians.

I chose a very different path, that of a prophet. No staff doing all of the work, no buildings, no products created to sell to people who were already Christians, certainly not watering down God's Word and the Gospel in order to not offend people outside the church who were looking for a "feel good" experience.

I have faithfully labored for 22 yrs now, 15 yrs at Liveprayer.com and 10 years on Liveprayer TV. Because of the overwhelming number of people God allowed us to reach daily online and more thru TV, I got used to working 14-16 hours a day 7 days a week. This was not new to me since I did it in the secular world, so why not that much more for the Lord?

As we have pressed on, overcome the monthly financial challenges that got very difficult after the economic downturn in 2008 crippled so many people from being able to give, I have never lost sight of our daily goal to save souls, minister to hurting people, and bring God's Word into the marketplace.

Few will ever know or understand the personal price I have paid in every aspect of my life to do what I do each day. This includes challenges in my marriage, living virtually week-to-week to pay my basic living expenses with nothing but my faith in God's provision for the next weeks expenses in addition to what I am supposed to live on as I get older, to my health that up until 11 months ago was never an issue.

I have had 4 different bouts in the last 11 months with acute insomnia. It is what triggered my heart issues last August. It is a nightmare when you can't sleep one night, than a second, and by the third you haven't eaten, your body is weak and tired, and you end up bed-ridden. It is another 3 days of recovery to get back to normal. After this last bout over the previous week, my doctors are confident they have me on some medication that I only have to take when that first night occurs to prevent the spiraling out of control effect it causes.

Please be praying for me. It has been God's Word and prayers that have gotten me through these horrible bouts. I have committed my life, all of it to the Lord, so nothing satan throws my way is going to stop me from doing what God has called me to do until HE calls me home.

I deeply appreciate the faithfulness of so many in the Liveprayer family helping me last week financially. As we are in the last day of the month, we are down to $25,000 from covering the balance of our monthly Internet operations. I am praying for everyone to seek the Lord and see what you can do this week to help insure that amount is covered by the end of the week.

Also, $15,000 of that amount is really past due and causing difficulties, so if there is 1 or 2 people who could step up and help me today or tomorrow insure that is covered, it would take a load of pressure off of me.

As for the TV program, that is in the hands of the Chicago TV station. I would have to come up with $18,000 we are several months past due in the next 48 hours, and another $32,000 by the 11th of July to keep that contract. It was a great 5 months, and God is in control. It makes raising money difficult when you are simply ministering to people, mostly the lost, and not preaching to the choir and giving them the latest Bible verse that will help them send you money with the promise they will see a huge financial windfall.

I love you and care bout you more than you will know. I deeply appreciate those who knew something was wrong and your concern and prayers. We still have 6 months left in this year, and I still am believing what the Lord told me about seeing the beginning of this nation turning back to Him and His Truth before the year is out.

I can assure you, I will be here each day doing what I have faithfully done for the past 22 yrs, and I know together God can use our lives to not just bring in a harvest of souls, but save the soul of this nation!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller