Daily Devotional for Tuesday May 13, 2014

The United States is a Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah

(Romans 1:25; Romans 1:18-32; Deuteronomy 28:7; 1 Timothy 1:18, 6:12; 2 Timothy 2:4; Ephesians 6:12)

***ASK BILL: With each day's current events now, it seams to me God's judgment on this nation has already begun and is picking up speed quickly. Am I right

ANSWER: 100%! I warned people in late 2007, that 2008 would begin the very clear and visible judgment of God on this nation. In the early months we had the housing bubble burst costing people trillions of dollars of equity in their homes. Late in the year, the nation elected a true enemy of God to be our President. With each passing year, the signs have continued, and the fragile state of this nation becomes more evident. However, these is one answer, one hope, and that is to have a "Nineveh moment" by repenting, turning back to God and His Truth, and stay His hand of judgment of a season while seeing a great harvest of souls!

The United States is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and if God doesn't judge this nation for embracing the perversion of homosexuality, even to the point we have legally re-defined God's Holy Institution of Marriage and the Family, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!!! The pro-homosexual lobby has successfully forced society to validate legally and ethically their choice of perverted sexual behavior and relationships, and to enact laws that allow them to promote this sinful choice even to children as normal, even desirable behavior!!!

Let me say right up front, sin is sin in God's eyes. No sin is greater than another. The sin of homosexuality is no more, or no less a sin than murder, adultery, stealing, lying, gossiping, or gluttony. THE REASON THIS SIN IS BEING SINGLED OUT AND ADDRESSED IS BECAUSE THOSE WHO COMMIT IT, ARE PROUD OF THEIR SIN AND PROMOTE IT AS AN ACCEPTABLE LIFESTYLE! People who commit adultery do NOT have parades to celebrate their sin. People who commit murder do NOT have political action committees to make murder legal and socially acceptable. People who steal do not have high school clubs and try to teach children that stealing is acceptable behavior. Homosexuality is a SIN in the eyes of God and is something to be ashamed of, NOT proud of!!!

Look at what has happened in this nation in just the past week! HGTV, owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. that also owns The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, The Travel Channel, and Great American Country, cancelled a new real estate program scheduled to start airing this fall hosted by real estate entrepreneurs the Benham Brothers, who are also committed Christians and take a Biblical stand on the sin of homosexuality and gay marriage. The pressure began with a small homosexual advocacy group and the executives at HGTV didn't even blink before quickly announcing the new program was going to be cancelled!

As amazing as God's timing always is, within 24 hours the NBC Network, one of the four major TV networks that is owned by broadcasting/cable giant Comcast, announced they would airing a program this fall created by gay activist Ellen Degeneres with all of the main characters portraying lesbians. This simply continues the "mainstreaming" of this choice of sexual perversion with people of the same sex that less than 2% of the population engages in. A small cable network in apx. 50 million homes cancels a program that was going to have NOTHING to do with Christianity other than the brothers who host the program are followers of Jesus Christ, while the NBC Network in 90 million homes gives gay activist Ellen DeGeneres a huge platform in prime time to promote perverted sexuality to the entire nation!!!

A Florida man has filed suit to legally marry his computer! I told you years ago, once they began to re-define marriage, where do you stop? His justification is that if gays are allowed to marry then so should other sexual minorities! I remember people telling me I was crazy 8 or 9 years ago when I stated on the Liveprayer TV program I was going to marry a duck. Simply take all of the same arguments people of the same sex make to justify their getting married to someone of the same sex and now that it is legal in 25% of the states who can argue? Men marrying men, women marrying women, is just as sick and perverted as a man marrying his computer or his duck!!!

Lastly, I am about done with the one thing in life I have loved since my childhood and that is sports. ESPN had to show over and over and over this confused football player Michael Sam who played at Missouri, kissing his "boyfriend" on the lips after being drafted in the last round of the NFL draft by the St. Louis Rams. Don Jones, a player on the Miami Dolphins sent a "tweet" that it was "horrible" and was fined, suspended, and ordered to take "sensitivity classes!" So in the year 2014, you can speak openly and publicly about any kind of sin or rebellious conduct you can dream up, but if you speak up for Biblical Truth you are shunned, ostracized, and treated like you have leprosy!!!

I love you and care about you so much. THE GREATEST PROBLEM IN OUR NATION TODAY IS THE DESTRUCTION OF MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY. Marriage ordained by God always will be one man, one woman, for one lifetime no matter how man tries to re-define it! God's definition of family is a man and woman that are married and the children that are born into that Godly union. We have literally watched marriage and the family become perverted and destroyed over the past 40 years. The destruction of marriage and the family will be the ultimate destruction of our society. THAT is why this issue is so critical, because it destroys the union of a man and woman and their children as God intended it to be...THE VERY FOUNDATION OF OUR SOCIETY!!

The church better wake up and realize that while they have been building great buildings and getting fat, satan has been busy using the sin of homosexuality to destroy marriage and the family. We live in a free society. If people who have chosen to engage in homosexual activity want to have their own schools, their own churches, their own television network, they have every right to. It is about time the church wakes up and realizes that those who promote this sin are bold and are stopping at NOTHING to get their message out to the masses.

THAT is why I am always talking about how the church, those who know Christ as their Savior, have got to quit preaching to the choir and start taking the hope and love of Christ to the world at large. As those who follow Christ, we also have a responsibility to pray for those who are in this bondage, for God to open their hearts to the truth of His Word, and to turn from their sin. Only God can change hearts, and for those who are in bondage to the sin of homosexuality, we must pray for them to open their hearts and turn from their sin.

Until Jesus returns, we will always have those who choose a perverted form of sex with those of their own gender, just like we will always have those who choose to pervert sex by having it outside of the bonds of marriage. While we can never accept their choice since it is clearly against God's Word, we must pray for them, just like we must pray for everyone who is battling sin in their life. We also must pray for this nation to turn back to God and His Truth before His wrath and judgment is unleashed and we end up like Sodom and Gomorrah!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller