Daily Devotional for Wednesday April 30, 2014

What is Happening in the World from a Biblical Worldview

(John 8:32)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, do you think Beck speaking at Liberty University last Friday would have happened if Jerry Falwell was still alive? Also, some time back Liberty had Hannity as a speaker. Is there any chance they could just view Beck as another talk show host without giving any thought to his Mormonism?

RESPONSE: Great question and we will never know. Sadly, the late Dr. Falwell DID take millions from the "Moonie" cult in the 80s as did virtually ALL of the top evangelical leaders. So perhaps this was the justification his sons used. NOT A CHANCE! I am personally aware of the incredible amount of blowback Liberty U. has received the first time they invited Beck to speak, when Romney spoke last year, using LU students to help Beck at his "Man in the Moon" sham last summer, and his appearance last Friday. Sadly, LU made these decisions based on whether they felt they would bring in more funds than what they would lose from their disgusting compromise, the ultimate deciding factor virtually ALL major "Christian" ministries, organizations, and churches are guided by!!!

What is happening in the world around you from a "Biblical worldview!" Every day, all throughout the world there are events happening that when put into a "Biblical worldview," gives us a clear picture of how far away from God and His Truth we are. I understand most people are so busy and focused on living their life that they simply don't have the time or energy to be on top of everything that is going on in the world. Just over the weekend, there were several items in the news that I want to bring to your attention so you can see these events from a "Biblical worldview."

The REAL story of LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling isn't his racist views. I find it almost laughable that the NBA, NBA players, the NBA commissioner's office, the sports media, and those in the Los Angeles area have known about Sterling and his racist views for well over a decade! Why are they all so "outraged" now when they've known all along who this man was and what he believed in regard to race? I find these people to be hypocritical and disingenuous since they knew from public records that a decade ago, Sterling, the poster boy for slumlords worldwide, paid the highest fine ever to the US Dept. of Justice to settle a discrimination suit regarding apartment buildings he owned and operated in a discriminatory manor. They also know that a few years ago, former NBA star and Clipper executive Elgin Baylor, unsuccessfully sued Sterling in a high-profile case of racial bias.

Despite this public record, the LA Chapter of the NAACP still gave him a "lifetime achievement award," and was poised to give him an additional "lifetime achievement award" in just a few weeks! Of course, whenever a situation involving "race" comes up, the "faux" Reverends Sharpton and Jackson fall over themselves to get in front a camera and microphone to fan the flames of racism and exploit the issue for their personal gain as they have their entire lives. Why weren't all of these people so outraged by Sterling's remarks that were made public this past weekend, equally as outraged over the last decade when his racist views have been well documented and known by most of them?

The real story of Sterling isn't about his racist views that people already knew about for the past decade, but the fact this MARRIED MAN was involved in an adulterous affair with a woman 40+ years his junior who his current wife is suing for allegedly embezzling $1.8 million dollars from them. His most recent mistress is just the latest in a long list of women he cheated with over the years, and recorded over 100 hours of phone conversations with Sterling, clearly baiting him to openly share his racist views that she then "leaked/sold" to TMZ and other media outlets. As disgusting as Sterling's personal views on race may be, it was his latest act of INFIDELITY that allowed those views to become public. As the Bible teaches and I say often, there is always a HUGE price for sin!!!

Pray for the families and loved ones of those who have lost their life and the tornadoes that hit the Midwest and South over the past few days. Also, be praying for those who have had their homes and property destroyed and lives turned upside down from these deadly and destructive storms. May the Lord be with all affected and give them His strenght as He guides them through the difficult days ahead.

Speaking on faith to the United Methodist Women's Conference was a former member of that denomination during her childhood, Hillary Clinton. The fact this group from a major denomination would invite a woman who has her entire public/political career supported the slaughter of innocent babies, and now supports the perversion of God's Holy Institution of Marriage and Family, tells you all you need to know about this once great church. For the record, I was raised and saved in the UMC, but have had no affiliation with the UMC for over 30 years other than to pray they will repent and turn back to their Biblcial roots.

Human microchips will soon not be optional for human beings! I did a Devotional TEN YEARS ago warning people this technology was in place and very real. The fact is, these implantable RFID chips do the same things a device most people have in their possession all day long, their cell phone! The "mark of the beast" that will be part of the reign of the anti-Christ exists now and one day sooner than you think will be mandatory! True Christians will choose death over the mark!

The Chinese are now the largest foreign owner of US real estate. What difference does it make? Sadly, people will find out it makes a huge difference as the years unfold. Not only do the Chinese hold more US debt than anyone else, they are now amassing a huge portfolio of US real estate.

Well organized and financed atheist groups targeted college football last week, and now are coming hard after the US military. Their goal is to wipe out God, prayer, and the Bible from anything that involves the military.

Secretary of State John Kerry called Israel an "apartheid state" for not giving land to the Palestinians...on the eve of "Holocaust Memorial day!" That is foolishly equating Israel with the racist policies of South Africa years ago. The conflict with Israel and the Palestinians has NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with fighting God and His promise to Abraham that He would "bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." The US will be cursed for its' attempts over the last 40 years to give away part of the land God gave to the children of Israel to its' enemies!

England is now in a post-Christian era as most of Europe is, with the United States heading in that same direction at lightning speed!

NBC's David Gregory and host of Meet the Press, blames former England PM Tony Blair and form US President George Bush for the "Islamic extremism" in the world today. What a pathetic expression of pandering to the false relgion of Islam, since Islam as a WHOLE has been EXTREME for the entire 1400 years of their history. Gregory and gutless "journalists" like him are responsible for selling the LIE that it is only a small fraction of Muslims who are "extremists," when the ENTIRE RELGION has been, is now, and always will be about war, terror, domination, and death to ALL those who reject the lies of Islam!

I love and care about you so much. Every day, all throughout the world there are events happening that when put into a "Biblical worldview," gives us a clear picture on how far away from God and His Truth. I know you are busy living your life, which is why I do my best each day to keep you informed on the events happening in our world that are impacting the spiritual course of our nation. Day after day the examples of a nation in spiritual freefall are before us, as warnings from God. NOW is the time we must rise up and lead our once Godly land back to the Almighty and His Truth before His grace and mercy runs out, and like the so many nations before us who lived in rebellion to God, we are destroyed!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller