Daily Devotional for Tuesday April 22, 2014

How to Win Debates and Change Hearts Regarding Homosexuality, Gay Marriage and Abortion

(Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

SPECIAL COMMENTARY ON THE BOSTON BOMBING: Let me say upfront so there is NO CONFUSION and people aren't able to take me out of context or accuse me of saying something I DID NOT! I have all the compassion in the world for the families and loved ones of the THREE people who died from this act of terror in Boston last year, we prayed for them at the time and continue to pray for the 260 people who were injured, many severely losing limbs and having their lives forever altered.

My disgust is in the hypocrisy and arrogance of ALL the news organizations, especially those who openly advocate and cheerlead for the slaughter of innocent babies. In the year since the bombing in Boston last year where THREE people were killed, apx. ONE AND A HALF MILLION babies have been slaughtered in this nation!!! A huge percentage of the media, politicians, and public who are so distraught over that act of terror in Boston, also promote, support, and advocate for the killing of innocent babies!!!

If that is not bad enough, NONE of the non-stop news coverage on any network has even dared to tell the truth about what happened in Boston last year. It was an act of terror by MUSLIMS! Not misguided young men or Scandinavian grandmothers...MUSLIMS! This is what Islam has been about for their entire 1400 year history and is still about today! The media and politicians are too gutless to spend even one minute in thousands and thousands of hours of coverage to use what happened in Boston last year to illustrate for people how ALL practicing Muslims, no matter where they live, always have, still do, and always will act, and why people must be vigilant.

Islam is a false religious/political ideology that will NEVER rest until they take over this nation as is their clear and publicly stated goal for every nation in the world. LISTEN AND WAKE UP SINCE VERY FEW HAVE THE GUTS TO TELL YOU THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT WHAT THE BOSTON BOMBING WAS REALLY ABOUT!!!

How to win the debates and change hearts and minds regarding homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion! I am so tired of seeing "Christian leaders" every Easter and Christmas, the only time the secular media will even give a limited voice to a Christian worldview, get pummeled and humiliated as they are fed questions predicated on lies regarding homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion. The major broadcast and 24-hour cable news networks only put on the same group of "safe" men who they know won't go off script and say anything that would challenge their questions which are based on lies and the deceptive language they use.

*I have been told by many bookers on various FOX and CNN programs I had been on frequently years ago, that they could no longer book me because they did not want to get into theological debates. That is fine with me, because I was never on those programs to promote myself, a book, or Liveprayer, and I refuse to sit there like a puppet and help the media perpetuate their lies the masses have bought into by not challenging those lies since that accomplishes nothing for the cause of Christ or the Kingdom!

Those who appear supposedly representing Christians, NEVER challenge the lies imbedded in the questions about homosexuality and gay marriage, the chief lie being when people are referred to as "gay!" They need to IMMEDIATELY REJECT this lie and state the truth that there is no such thing as a gay or lesbian person, only men and women who CHOOSE to engage in perverted, unnatural, and unhealthy sex acts with people of the same sex. This immediately changes the entire debate, since it is now not about someone who can't help how they were born, but someone who is making a conscious CHOICE to engage in such behavior!

A person is born with white skin, black skin, yellow skin, brown skin, or red skin...they have no choice. A person may be born in the United States, Canada, England, China, India, Mexico, or Brazil...they have no choice. Taking your pants off to have sexual relations is a CHOICE! The only argument you can make that it is NOT a choice is to claim a person has no ability to reason or to make choices, and operates as an animal on whatever instincts they may have at a given moment!!!

It also blows out of the water the fraudulent argument that people who CHOOSE to engage in such perverted behavior have any sort of "civil rights" simply by virtue of their choice of sex. As a white person, I am insulted by this specious argument. Every black person should be disgusted to compare a legitimate movement like the rights they deserved as a human being, with special rights for people who CHOOSE to engage in perverted sex acts with people of the same sex!

The debate over "same-sex marriage" also becomes very different. I hear all the time that the rationale for same-sex marraige is because a man is "in love" with another man or a woman is "in love" with another woman. Marriage between a man and woman and the raising of the offspring from that union has been the foundation of societies throughout all of human history. According to the argument by those who advocate for redefining marriage, you can now claim to be "in love" in order to support any type of relationship. That could be a relationship between an adult and a child, a man and multiple women, a woman with multiple men, or any other combination of men, women, children, and even animals, because they were "in love!"

The other trap these pawns always fall into is allowing the host to use what I call 'weasel language" without challenging their deceptive phrases that are purposely meant to soft-sell the real truth to the ignorant viewers, INCLUDING many who identify themselves as Christians! When speaking of perverting God's Holy Institution of Marriage they refer to it as "marriage equality" and use descriptive verbiage to equate same-sex couples with those who follow God's plan for marriage between a man and woman.

When it comes to abortion, the brainwashed phrase is "pro-choice." Think for a second. If you are for life you are called pro-life. The only "choice" is to kill your baby or not, so you are either pro-life or you are pro-death! The latest clever phrases to soft-sell the slaughter of innocent babies are "women's health issues," "reproductive rights," "a woman's right to choose," and "the war on women." The real war is NOT on women, but on their babies in the womb they may choose to kill! For the record, it takes a woman AND A MAN to create a baby. Sadly missing in the conversation about abortion is the man's feelings, his input. I deal daily with almost as many men as women who have the scar of abortion in their past, yet they are invisible, non-existent in the conversation.

I love and care about you so much. Until supposed men of God are willing to go into the secular media and CHALLENGE the lies that are used as truth imbedded in the questions and discussion regarding homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion, the media is all too happy to trot out the same "safe" cast of characters at Easter and Christmas and use them as pawns to advance their lies to the masses as truth. Other than the personal exposure, the exposure for their ministry, without challenging the false questions they accomplish nothing! Those who already reject a Christian worldview will only be emboldened. It is the hearts, minds, and SOULS of that small percentage watching who would be open to the truth that is at stake, and they only be reached by those with the courage to "go off script" and tell them the Truth!

That is why the Liveprayer TV program that will have been back on for one year at the end of this month, airing "live" Monday-Friday from Midnight-2am EDT in over 50 cities including a major station reaching the 10 million who live in the greater Chicagoland market, is so critical. Unless there is a new program in the past week, I am the ONLY person in the nation airing "live" on secular TV stations to purposely reach the lost and hurting outside the four walls of the church, telling people the unadulturated truth as I have every day for nearly 15 years in the Daily Devotional without candy-coating or compromising the Truth of God's Word!

Check out some of last week's powerful programs from Easter week, since in addition to people anywhere in the world being able to watch the program when we are "live" Monday thru Friday from Midnight-2am EDT an any internet connected device, we also record every program for people anywhere in the world on any sort of internet connected device to watch at their convenience. Liveprayer TV: http://www.liveprayer.com/liveprayertv.cfm

Between 15 years of Liveprayer.com, the 10 years of the Liveprayer TV program, we have the proven ministry tools and track record of faithfulness in place to lead this nation into a true revival and change the spiritual course of our land. Our only hope as a nation is to turn back to God and His Truth, and that is the focus of my every breath now and until this nation repents or the Lord calls me home. In the meantime, His Truth will be heard by millions who otherwise would not be reached, and countless souls will come to faith in Jesus Christ. That is why I ask you each day to pray for me and for His work here, and seek the Lord about what God is calling you to do to help me since our time is very short. Jesus is coming at any moment which is why we must fight satan each day for the hearts, minds, and SOULS of men!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller