Daily Devotional for Tuesday April 1, 2014

The Movies "Noah" and "Son of God" are the End Result of Watering Down the Gospel

(2 Thessalonians 2:3)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, is it ok if a single lady adopts a child?

ANSWER: It is legal, but it is not the ideal situation to raise a child. God's plan is for a man and woman who both have committed their lives to the Lord and to each other through marriage, to raise children in that loving, nurturing, Godly environment. Those who selflessly choose to adopt a child or children are special people.

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." 2 Thess. 2:3

The movies "Noah" and "Son of God." are the end result of the watering down and compromising of God's Word these past 40 years. Probably nothing has upset me more during my 22 years in ministry than watching the compromise and watering down of the Bible. It seems not a week goes by that the evidence of this isn't manifested in what is happening in our culture. You can look at all of the sin, rebellion, and worship of false gods and idols in our nation, but the greatest sign of all that God's wrath and judgment is imminent is the apostasy of the church!!!

Let's start with the most recent example, the long anticipated movie that started last Friday, "Noah." There are more than enough Biblically sound people out there correctly identifying scene by scene the complete heresy of this movie. Just Google: "Noah movie heresy". You will get tons of links to great expositions on the false theology of this movie. Sadly, this movie will not only promote heresy to already Biblically illiterate Believers, but also give non-Believers outright lies they think justify their non-belief!

The bottom line is that "Noah" is little more than Hollywood bait and switch, boldly banking (and based on the first weekend box office numbers correctly so) on the ignorance and Biblical illiteracy of most Christians. The Bible clearly lays out that God sent the great flood because of man's gross sin and wickedness, and only in His mercy spared the human race through Noah and his family. Hollywood's "Noah" makes the case that God sent the flood because of man's sin and rebellion against nature! It is nothing more than environmental propaganda!!!

I could go on and on laying out the non-stop heresy in this Hollywood con job on the naive Christian community, but you can check out the Google links for a full report on the false theology of this movie. Suffice it to say that any movie on Noah and the flood that fails to use the word "GOD" even ONE TIME, says all that you need to know!!!

Of course, a few weeks ago it was "Son of God," created primarily from scenes and outtakes from the recent mini-series "Bible" on the History Channel created by reality TV genius Mark Burnett and his actress wife Roma Downey. Now these two are much more clever than the "Noah" creators. For both "Bible" and "Son of God," they worked the big names in the Christian world in advance, getting their endorsements to give the mini-series and movie credibility with the Christian public. Of course, the usual cast of characters, Osteen, Warren, TBN, CBN, various Christian TV "stars," and others were only too happy to be part of "Hollywood!"

I will let God judge the hearts of Burnett and Downey as to if they are really saved since they both claim to be Christians. I have never heard Burnett share anything close to a true Biblical conversion experience when talking about his faith. Downey comes out of a Roman Catholic background and has an extensive history in the New Age movement she lumps in with Biblical Christianity calling it all "spirituality." I can only say that the mini-series, "Bible" was incredibly lacking from a true-to-the-Bible standpoint, as was their movie, "Son of God."

Both projects had INCREDIBLE evangelistic opportunities, and both failed to deliver miserably. I simply can't understand what there is to hide? If you are promoting something as Christian, then it wouldn't be a shock to anyone that you told the story true to the Bible and at some point clearly delivered the Gospel. Not in code, or in some veiled form, but the truth that because of your sins, without faith in Jesus your eternal soul will be damned for all etenrity in hell. However, through faith in Jesus your sins will be forgiven and you have the promise of eternity in Heaven with God your Creator when this brief journey through life is over!!!

Of course, in neither the mini-series or movie did they even attempt any sort of evangelistic outreach through the productions themselves. I am well aware they did create some sort of workbooks and other resources to make even more money by selling them to churches, though I have not seen any of that material and have NO CLUE how Biblically accurate it is or if it encourages evangelism in any way.

Regardless, those materials will never be read or studied by 95% of the people who saw the mini-series or movie, and the opportunity to portray the Bible and the life of Christ BIBLICALLY and include a clear presentation of why a person needs salvation and the invitation to make that decision for Jesus...whether a person is watching in a theater, at home, their office, or wherever...MUST be included. WHY NOT IF THAT IS WHAT WE CLAIM TO BELIEVE???

Sadly, this lack of Biblical accuracy, lack of evangelism, are all byproducts of a compromised church with a compromised message. THIS is why I have railed against gutless cotton candy ear ticklers like Osteen who masquerade as preachers when they are nothing but a motivational speakers.

THIS is why I have railed against the man-made marketing plans like seeker/purpose driven/emerging church/prosperity gospel, all designed simply to put warm bodies in a "campus," not converts to the faith in a sanctuary!

THIS is also why I have continually warned you about those who condone gross sin, those who have made a business of the Gospel, and those who entrap people with the lies of the cults, false religions, and new age philosophies!

Over these past decades it has led to a weak, bloated, apathetic, Biblically illiterate church whose congregations are mostly unable to articulate the basics of their faith, what God's Word says, not to mention having the faith necessary to fight life's daily problems in victory or to serve our Lord in any meaningful way. Additionally, it would be a shock if people knew how small a percentage of Believers have EVER led even one person to faith in Jesus!!!

I love and care about you so much. We are living in a day of such weak and compromised preaching that people who I have no dobut love Jesus, get excited over anything produced that is supposed to reinforce their faith. Christians are so hungry for a chance to tell OUR STORY that we end up supporting productions that fall so woefully short of being Biblically accurate or telling the most meaningful Truth of all, the Gospel message! They have been targeted by master marketeers looking to make a quick buck by promoting anything that is "Christian," without being true to God's Word or giving a legitimate presentation of the Gospel.

Worst of all, Christians don't seem to know, or if they do, don't care! That is the point! The world as well as many within the Christian community are simply looking to feast on the hunger Christians have, knowing that they will partake of about anything with the name God, Jesus, or Bible in it! It is a sad commentary on an apostate church that more than anything else has told me God's judgment and wrath on this nation is imminent.

The only thing that will withhold that judgment and wrath is turning back to God, His Truth, while helping to usher in a TRUE revival across this nation that won't be anything man-made or man-led, but Holy Spirit driven!!! THAT is why I wake up each day, since I know God has called His work here at Liveprayer to utilize our proven ministry tools through Liveprayer.com and Liveprayer TV to play a big role in making that happen..THIS YEAR!


In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller