Daily Devotional for Thursday March 27, 2014

A Close Call as God Interceded

(Psalm 91)

Tuesday afternoon I was coming home from the groomers with our little Siberian kitty. A very aggressive driver was whipping in and out of lanes, and to avoid a slower car, turned right into mine. I had NO PLACE to go. I don't remember much after that, other than being in the hospital and them running all kinds of tests. They finally let me go home about 8pm Wednesday.

I DEEPLY apologize that the Tuesday Daily Devotional was repeated Wednesday since I was unable to make the necessary switches in our system. It was another harrowing experience, but am grateful to God I am going to be fine, our kitty is fine, and the other driver was not injured. Cars can be replaced, people can't!

Please pray for me as I get over the bruises and aches, and know that as for Friday, everything will be back to normal at Liveprayer regarding all of our various daily content. One or two times over 15 years isn't a bad track record.

Also, after being on the front lines all of these years, facing all I have, satan has really ramped things up over the past year since we re-launched the TV program and boldly declared THIS YEAR, the year we begin to see a change in the spiritual direction of this nation. With Liveprayer leading the way on TV and over the internet, it is clear based on my first real health issue of my life last year, this accident that could have been much worse based on the fact my car was totaled, I tell you often satan plays for keeps and as the Lord told us, "comes to kill, steal, and destroy!"

We will press on, not deterred, and keep leading the charge with your love, prayers, and sacrifce. As we hit these final days, PLEASE pray about what you can do to help me. The numbers are below. Still a huge mountain to climb for our monthly operations to be current, and at this point, to keep going in Chicago, it is going to take one or two friends who have the ability to help us cover that $25,160 for our airtime the next 4 weeks, just like one dear friend without saying anything, made that sacrifice of $18,870 to keep us going!

GOD ALWAYS HAS A RAM IN THE BUSH!!! ***MARCH FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we head into the final 64 days of March, we got off to a late start on this month's operational costs since we carried such a large shortfall from February into the month. So far, we have brought in $12,000 of this month's $40,000 basic operations budget. $10,000 of that $28,000 balance left is over 2 weeks past due and must be covered immediately. Please pray, and for those few who have the ability to send a special one-time gift of $5,000 or the entire $10,000 to cover this critical need, and please pray about helping me. As everyone else gives according to their ability to give, it will all add up so that we can go into April with NO SHORTFALL!!! Thank You and God Bless!

--->LIVEPRAYER TV PROGRAM! Our airtime cost is $25,160 per 4 weeks or $1,258 per night (2 hours live!). When you consider we are paying a bit over $600 an hour to reach a potential audience of 10 million people on a major TV station aired on all of the major cable outlets, DirecTV and DISH throughout the greater Chicagoland market "LIVE" from 11p-1m 5 nights a week, it is an INCREDIBLE door the Lord has opened for us!

*Payment for the next 4 weeks of $25,160 is due this coming Friday, March 28th! I am praying for just 25 people between now and the end of the month to pray about sending a special one-time gift of $1,000 to insure that need is met, or two friends who have been blessed to cover half, $12,580, or one who can cover the entire $25,160! We are already seeing support from the Chicagoland audience, and as we get into our 5th and 6th month on the air, no dobut we will be supported 100% by those viewers!!!

To send a gift to Liveprayer on your major credit card at our website www.liveprayer.com under the "Donation" button, or you can give from your PayPal account by using my email address, bkeller@liveprayer.com , or you can mail it to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible.

I love you and care about you so much! Know that I pray for you and your family daily. May God's richest blessings be upon you as together we serve Him, and allow our lives to be used by the Lord to lead this nation back to Him and His Truth!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller