Daily Devotional for Friday February 28, 2014

News Events to Help You See a Nation in Spiritual Freefall

(John 3:16)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, in Proverbs 22:24-25 the Bible says, "Do not make friends with a hot tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn his ways and get yourself ensnared." What if this hot tempered man is your father and he is impossible to get along with?

ANSWER: First, pray for him to know God's peace. Let him know you love him and always will, but unless he can control his temper, being around him is not possible because NOBODY has the right to abuse you, even your father.

News events to help you see a nation in spiritual freefall!

...73% of abortions in Mississippi are black babies. Where are the black pastors in Miss. and around the nation crying out against this infanticide that has destroyed generations of black children???

...Praise God for the cadre of black pastors who are publicly taking their stand for God's Holy Institution of Marriage and calling for the removal of AG Eric Holder for choosing not to uphold any laws dealing with same sex marriage.

...Jan Brewer caves and vetoes a bill that would give private business the choice who to do business with. The pressure from the pro-homosexual lobby once again wins the day! BTW, where were the pastors in AZ? We lose because we are silent!

...As someone who loves sports, I am DONE with the NFL. It is bad enough they promote the homosexual agenda, but they had to interject themselves in the recent Arizona issue by threatening to take the Super Bowl away from Az. if Brewer didn't veto that bill.

...I'm done with the NBA also. Why do they need to pull a stunt like giving Jason Collins, who recently stated he chooses to have sex with men, a 10-day contract simply to be able to claim they have the first professional athlete who has "come out!"

...Homosexuality is NOT a civil right! It is blasphemous to the black community that had to fight for their basic civil rights, simply because of the color of their skin. Taking your pants off to have sex is nothing but a CHOICE! A choice God calls sin and an abomination in the OT and NT.

...God Bless Uganda and their President who is a strong Christian. They have passed laws to outlaw homosexuality in that nation causing an outcry from those who promote this sin. Funny, all MUSLIM countries also ban homosexuality yet you never hear a word about them. Guess even the radical homosexual community is afraid of Islam.

...If you use a free email service like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google, know that your emails are not only read and stored by these companies, but the info, email address and password, have been stolen by hackers!

...Why does anyone pay attention, let alone give money, to a serial sexual predator like former President Clinton?

...Beyonce and her newest music is pure garbage and even makes Miley Cyrus look good!

...Did you know that our government is using drones...HERE IN THE US? Video and audio capabilities. The next time you hear something that sounds like a helicopter, it will most likely be a drone!

...Watch for Putin to flex his muscles and take control over the Ukraine once again.

....Sadly, Ruth Graham has sold out to Beck and his satanic cult. Why can't even ONE Christian look this cultist in the eye and explain to him his soul is heading to hell unless he renounces the lies of Mormonism? Is selling books really important enough to be used by this unashamed satanic cult member in order to perpetuate his LIE that Mormons are Christians???

...the LP TV program is pulling in apx. 200,000 viewers a night since we added Chicago. MSNBC's newest "gay host" Ronan Farrow has already won a prestigious award for his new program that has been on THREE DAYS, and ratings half of Liveprayer TV!

I love and care about you so much. I told you last November, this year we will be used by God in a major way via Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program to bring HIS Truth to the nation and help spark a real national revival that will begin to turn this nation back to God and His Truth! Thanks to your prayers and sacrificial gifts, we press on towards the prize!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller