Daily Devotional for Saturday December 28, 2013

Make Prayer Part of the Daily Life at Your House

(Acts 1:4)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, how do we work out our Salvation with fear an trembling?

ANSWER: It is a daily journey. Once you have made that confession of faith you are saved, but now you must grow in your faith. It is the process of sanctification that begins the moment you are saved and is only finished when you take your last breath and graduate to Heaven. Like anything, it takes hard work to grow as a Christian. Reading the word, praying, being part of a local fellowship of Believers, finding ways to serve the Lord, are all elements we need to work on daily to grow in our faith and become more like the Lord.

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, someone mentioned a verse in the Bible about pearls and swine. What does it mean and where in the Bible is it mentioned?

ANSWER: Matthew 7:6. It simply means that at some point, it is no longer worth the trouble and effort to share the Truth of God's Word with someone who has rejected that Truth and whose heart is hardened to the Truth. While I have experienced that exact place, as someone who is called to lead the lost to faith in Jesus, I still do my best to share the love and hope of Christ and the Gospel, even with those who have hardened their heart and have no desire to hear about the Lord.

Each day I try to do my best to encourage you and give you practical guidance to help translate your faith into your everyday life. Today is one of those core areas that is critical to the spiritual life of a family. Men, you are REQUIRED to take the spiritual headship of your home and make prayer part of the daily life at your house. You should pray with your spouse EVERY day alone, and the two of you should be praying with your kids EVERY day.

Does this insure you will have no problems in your marriage, or with your children? NO. But it must be part of our everyday life to commit the issues we are facing to the Lord in prayer, to be thankful for all God does for us each day, and to openly express our dependence on Him. For those single moms, during this season you need to be the spiritual leader in your home, and it is up to you to make time each day to pray with your kids.

There is nothing greater you can do for your marriage and in the life of your family than that daily time of prayer together!!!

This is not a matter to debate. The Bible clearly tells us to pray one for another. How much more should we pray together as husband and wife--as a family unit? It becomes like everything else in our life, a matter of priorities. It is amazing how much we can accomplish when it is something we want to do. However, there always seem to be reasons why we can't do the things necessary to maintain our focus on the things of God.

I am not talking about 5-hour long prayer meetings, although there may be times when that is greatly needed. Even 15 minutes, praying about the issues you are currently facing. There is no better lesson for your kids than to see God answering prayers in their life and not answering in some cases. It helps prepare them for the real world they are living in and helps them to learn to be dependent upon God each day.

For a husband and wife, you share the most intimate thing possible physically, yet for some reason you can't share in the most intimate thing spiritually. That never has made sense to me. Trust me, I realize that this is a big step for many.

Let me leave you with this challenge. Take the next 4 weeks. Make 5 minutes each day to pray with your spouse alone, and another 5 to pray with the children. With your spouse, each of you take a few minutes to share your needs, then the husband or wife lead in prayer for those needs. Before you end, each of you just take a minute to pray for your spouse, that God will bless them richly that day; the same with your kids.

Take a few minutes to have each of your children share the needs pressing; then either dad or mom lead in prayer..then both the mom and dad should pray over each child for God's protection and blessings. A side note, keeping a prayer journal is a great way to look back after 6 months and see God's faithfulness. Simply write down the request and date...and then the answer when it comes and the date.


Trust me when I tell you that it will change you relationship with your spouse and children. OK, for those who have a spouse that isn't saved and isn't going to go for this, here is the plan. Spend a few minutes either at night or in the morning when your spouse is sleeping to lay your hand on them and pray for them. Then gather your kids and have your prayertime with them with your spouse.

I love you and care about you. Praying with your spouse each day and praying with your kids each day doesn't make your home immune from the trials and tribulations of this world. It will, however, keep your home focused each day on the Lord, and who is in control.

The journey of faith we are on is a 24/7 experience. Not one hour on Sunday, or every now and then. Can you see how much harder it becomes to be involved in sin when you are focusing on the Lord each day personally, and then with your spouse, and then with your kids? God will honor those who honor Him.

It is time we quit being so lazy, quit waiting until we are in the midst of crisis to call out to the Lord. The reason we are weak and ineffective in our Christian lives is because we are lazy and do nothing to strengthen ourselves for the storms of life. When they come, we are lost and have no idea how to fight. A good soldier is always in training, so that when it is time for battle, they are prepared.

The Bible tells us that our enemy is not of flesh and blood...it is a spiritual battle we are in. Subsequently, it is critical that we are training daily to fight those spiritual battles, both in our personal life and in the lives of those God has given us in this life.

I will be praying today that you hear this word and act upon it. It could be the difference between seeing victory or defeat in your marriage and the lives of your children. God is placing the weapons you need to fight with in your hands. Use them.

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller