Daily Devotional for Thursday December 5, 2013

A Nation Heading Towards Revolution

(Deuteronomy 8:19, 20)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, it makes my heart hurt to see the world embrace murdering your own son or daughter by abortion but have ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS?!!!! Am I the only one who is completely baffled on this?! When did an animal's life become more important than a HUMAN BEING?!!!!! My whole family thinks I'm crazy and are completely obsessed with animal rights. They think it is wrong to have your dog living outside and actually got teary-eyed about it! Last time I checked God made animals to NATURALLY live OUTDOORS!!!!! Am I crazy or is this just another sign Jesus is on His way?

ANSWER: You are certainly not alone, and this is a question I get virtually every day. The perfect example is Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback who spent 2 years of his life in prison, lost tens of millions of dollars, for fighting dogs. First, dog fighting, cock fighting, any of these sick events should be outlawed and those who participate prosecuted. Having said that, Vick spends two years of his life in prison for dog fighting, yet a "doctor" can slaughter 4-6 babies every day and go home each night and be held up as a pillar of our society. This is a link to my Daily Devotional archives, and I would suggest you and anyone interested in this issue type in keyword VICK, and than, ABORTION. Link: http://www.liveprayer.com/darchive.cfm


A nation heading towards violent revolution??? Please forgive me if some of the Devotionals thru the end of the year seem a little disjointed. I have been spending the past 2 weeks, and until the end of the year, fasting and praying for 10-12 hours each day. I know what is ahead in 2014. It will be the greatest challenge Liveprayer has ever faced since we will not just be ministering to individual people's needs each day, but actively helping to spark a true national revival that will change the spiritual course of this nation, leading us back to God and BIBLICAL Truth!

*TO READ WHAT GOD HAS SPOKEN TO ME ABOUT 2014, READ THIS DEVOTIONAL FROM LATE LAST MONTH: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=5387

I have never, and will never, advocate for any sort of violent revolution against our government. Having said that, let me share this word with you today. There are those who do advocate such actions out of their love for this nation. I believe in my heart of hearts that such an such action will be God's final act of judgment on our nation since it would destroy us once and for all.

Why would such an irreversible action ever be seriously considered? You have a President and administration that is focused and motivated on destroying what this nation was built on and has stood for these past 237+ years. President Obama is not just the most pro-death, advocate for the radical homosexual agenda, lover of the enemies of Israel President ever who blatantly opposes God on every spritual issue of the day, but without question he is also the most lawless President in the nation's history.

In order to implement his radical social agenda from government controlled healthcare by lying and misrepresenting to the nation the true facts of the program designed to harm tens of millions of citizens that many are already experiencing, to giving citizenship to tens of millions of people who blatantly broke the law to come into our country, to helping legalize the use of marijuana in many states, President Obama has over and over and over acted like a third world dictator as opposed to the leader of the greatest democracy this world has ever known.

With a national press who long ago put their liberal political views over long held journalistic practices, it has enabled President Obama to govern by executive fiat in order to advance his socialistic agenda by circumventing one third of our nation's government, the Congress! The never-before change in Senate rules last week known as the "nuclear option," was used to insure that the Federal Courts in the future have socialist judges appointed for life to adjudicate and uphold many of these lawless actions by the President.

By the way, over ONE HALF, ONE HALF, of our citizens are now receiving some sort of government assistance. I remember growing up when taking any sort of government handouts was viewed in a negative light, even by people experiencing down times who would be so embarrassed they would reject such help. There was also a church 50 years ago that instead of using money to build great buildings, state of the art audio/video systems, used those funds to help the needy!

OK, I am done! I do love and care about you so much. God has shown me more over these past 10 years than I would wish on anyone. With each passing year, month, week, and even day, all I see is more clear than ever. If a real revolution ever did break out, the very same Muslims with the goal of taking over this nation which I have warned you about for over 14 years now, will finally have that opportunity. Again, ALL OF THIS will be allowed to happen by God as a form of His judgment and wrath on this wicked nation.

I ask you forward this to everyone you know, and start praying in earnest. While TBN is raking in another $100 million this week exploiting the death of Paul Crouch, while 3 major ministries everyone would know have told people that God blessed them with private jets worth $25 million each, and while Joel Osteen and his family spend $3 million on furnishing their new $10.5 million mansion, the nation around them is heading into the spritual sewer.

Sadly, this is not new. In the OT, we read of the prophets crying out against the priests of their day who only wanted the tithe from the people while the nation around them was in all out rebellion to God. We can either end up like Israel did many times, in captivity for generations, or respond like Nineveh did and see a national revival and the hand of God's judgment stayed for a season.

I have told you the truth, and I can only ask you to fast, pray, and help me by getting this word of warning out to everyone you know and help me with the finances we desperately need...not to build a kingdom of man..but as we have faithfully done for over 20 years now for the world to see..build God's Kingdom!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller