Daily Devotional for Tuesday December 3, 2013

A Take on The News Today

(John 3:16,17)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, I work for the VA and have employer sponsored health insurance. The thought of them just taking it away is terrifying to me. What is a Christian to do? Just continue living our lives as best as we can and pray that God will provide for our health care? I take seizure control medicine. I don't want to think about what would happen if I couldn't afford it all of a sudden, or not be able to go to the doctor to get a new prescription, or not being able to afford expensive tests to find out what's wrong if problems arise. Savings would go just like that and be gone if had to be used for health care. What should the Christian's attitude be in the face of not being able to get any health needs met? Just wait to die and hope it's not too drawn out or painful? Sorry for rambling but this is very scary to me, what's your advice for the Christians?

ANSWER: PRAY! I am not being facetious, but very honest. Here is a link to my Daily Devotional from a week ago where I shared that what you are talking about is simply a furtherance of God's judgment on this nation. Daily Devtional: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=5400

Today is a different Devotional. There is so much going on that I want to address, here are my thoughts on what is happening in our world today!

*Healthcare.gov website. My techs who have kept Liveprayer.com operational for all but a total of 3 hours and 24 minutes since August 31, 1999, who fight hacking and DOS attacks daily, tell me they could have build a secure website for Obamacare for under $500,000. The government has now spent over 1 BILLION and it still doesn't work. It is not something anyone who understands the Internet would ever put one piece of personal data on since the website is a hackers/identity thief's dream come true. If this was a private business, people would be in prison. Please read my answer to today's "Ask Bill," since it lays out the case that Obamacare is simply more of God's judgment on this nation.

*HIV/Aids Day. I have an idea for those who raise hundreds of millions worldwide each year. If men will quit having sex with other men, HIV/Aids will be non-existent in a generation!

*The death of Paul Crouch. Crouch with his wife Jan were the founders of TBN. I have known them both personally for many years, as well as their son Matthew and his wife, and ask everyone to pray for the family. Crouch accrued over 1 BILLION in cash offshore, 9 homes around the nation worth a combined $120 million, 4 private jets, and lived a luxurious life most rulers of nation's could not imagine. Sadly, even in death TBN used his passing to raise money which was not a surprise. God will judge his life's work, but the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:5 were all I could think of, "I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get."

*Pope Francis. Rather then pushing this socialist agenda that no doubt makes him and the RC Church popular to the masses, go preach the GOSPEL! Rather than criticizing those who create wealth making it possible for the church to do its work, speak out against those who kill babies, those who pervert God's Holy Institution of Marriage and the Family, and those who deny the very existence of God and His Truth found in the Bible. Sadly, this Pope is little more than a Roman Catholic version of Osteen and other gutless preachers who refuse to call sin what it is.

*Train wreck in NYC. Please be praying for the families who lost loved ones, and for the recovery of those injured in the train wreck in NYC Sunday.

*Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Sad, but these two days have come to represent what the Christmas season is about for most, which is a glorification of mammon!

*Foreign Policy. This is not about politics, but about the weakness of our nation and how I have shared for years that Islam could be used as God's ultimate instrument of judgment on this nation. Traitors to this nation like Snowden, the he/she Manning, and others should be executed for betraying this nation, but instead, are treated like heroes.

*FOX News women. Most people would be shocked at the number of emails we get DAILY about the women on the air at FOX News and the struggle it creates for some men. I remember getting hammered a decade ago telling people that Rupert Murdoch who owns Newscorp, the parent company of FOX News, made his multi-millions selling smut in his newspapers in England and Australia. So it is no surprise NOR AN ACCIDENT that FOX News has their women in very short skirts, with plenty of leg showing on all of their in and out shots. Some may think I am nit-picking, but trust me, Godly men who have found freedom from porn, email Liveprayer daily about this issue.

*...so. (Not spiritual, just a pet peeve.) As someone who actually has a degree in Journalism from THE Ohio State, it drives me insane that people, some very articulate and intelligent people, have to start a sentence with ...so. Starting a sentence with the word "so" is NOT proper grammar and I have no idea how it became part of our vernacular.

*THE Ohio State football team. (100% not spiritual but close to my heart.) Congrats to the Buckeyes after taking care of "the team up north this past Saturday, when Ohio State beats Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game this coming Saturday they will play for the National Championship, most likely against Florida State, in early January. Growing up in Columbus, getting one of my degrees at OSU, having a close relationship with 2-time Heisman winner Archie Griffin and his family since he and his brothers went to Columbus Eastmoor where I also attended, outside of my work for the Lord, Ohio State football is one of my only passions and has been since I was 3 when my grandfather took me to a game.

I love and care about you so much. We have lots of work ahead of us in 2014, and now is the time to be praying in preparation!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller