Daily Devotional for Tuesday October 22, 2013

Satan is Now Using the Liverprayer Strategy

(John 8:44)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, someone mentioned a verse in the Bible about pearls and swine. What does it mean and where in the Bible is it mentioned?

ANSWER: Matthew 7:6. It simply means that at some point, it is no longer worth the trouble and effort to share the Truth of God's Word with someone who has rejected that Truth and whose heart is hardened to the Truth. While I have experienced that exact place, as someone who is called to lead the lost to faith in Jesus, I still do my best to share the love and hope of Christ and the Gospel, even with those who have hardened their heart and have no desire to hear about the Lord.

Satan is now using the "Liveprayer strategy" to insure those who have rejected the Lord and Biblical Truth will never embrace His love and that Truth! For the past 20+ years, Liveprayer has been in the "marketplace," reaching the lost and hurting OUTSIDE the four walls of the church. Unlike the vast majority of ministries, our work is not to preach to the choir but to reach the better percentage of the past two generations who have never been to church, don't read the Bible, seldom if ever pray, and have NO relationship with Jesus Christ.

Over 14 years ago, we pioneered using the internet in an interactive way to reach people with the Truth of the Bible and the hope and love of Jesus. Virtually NO Christian websites even existed, and those that did were simply static information sites as most still are today, except they are now used to sell people thigns. We translated our work on the internet in 2003 to television for the next 6 years, shunning the Christian networks where 98% of the viewers are already Christians, for the secular stations and networks. Once again, we were reaching people who for the most part didn't go to church, didn't live by Biblical Truth, and had no relationship with Jesus.

It has proven to be a powerful model, not to raise money since major ministries don't go into the marketplace because the lost don't give them money to build their buildings, pay for their huge staffs, buy them private jets, mansions, and Bentley's so they can live like the rulers of a small nation. However, that has never been the goal of Liveprayer. Our goal from day one over 20 years ago, the same goal we have had every day since, is to have a presence to minister to people in their hour of need, bring God's Truth to the marketplace, save souls, and our final work which is to lead the nation back to God and His Truth!

Satan, who is the chief cheerleader for Christian TV since it is not a threat to him in any way, PLUS the fact it exhibits the stereotype of everything Christianity is NOT supposed to be about (greed, money, excess, a hustle), is now bringing these stereotypes to secular TV to reinforce them in the hearts and minds of the lost. On cable TV there are programs like, "Preachers Daughters," The Preachers of LA," and on Beck's Mormon propaganda network, "Hutch."

The entire purpose of "Preachers Daughters" is to showcase daughters of pastors as rebellious young adults living their lives in absolute rebellion to how people would expect them to be living their lives. Rather than showcase the vast percentage of pastors daughters who follow the Lord and live their lives according to Biblical Truth, they find this small percentage of young women who make a mockery of the Christian faith.

Additionally, there is a new reality TV program called, "The Pastors of LA." It shows several pastors who live in mansions, drive high-end luxury cars, and live like rock stars. Again, it is a clever work of satan to highlight every negative stereotype people have about Christians and the faith in order to insure those who are already lost and without Christ harden their hearts to never be open to the Gospel and Christ's love for them.

Just as sad is a new program on satanic cult member Glenn Beck's propaganda network, "Hutch." It features a former NFL player who turned pastor, struggles with cancer, and has a great testimony, Pastor Ken Hutcherson. For the record, I have exchanged emails with Pastor Hutcherson for months now, trying to engage him in a conversation about why he would be giving the member of a satanic cult leading souls to hell with a false gospel credibility to his lie that he is a Christian, when a first semester Bible college student knows a Mormon doctrine is no more Christian than Muslim doctrine is! Sadly, he has ignored these efforts.

I love you and care about you so much. All of these programs are designed for one purpose, and that is for satan to reinforce the negative stereotypes the lost already have about Christians and the faith. Again, satan could care less about Christian TV since most are simply doing what satan has done, build their own kingdom and not the Kingdom of God! However, he has now moved to the realm of taking the false stereotypes of Christianity into the secular TV world to insure those who have already rejected the Gospel and faith in Christ have their hearts hardened to an even greater extent.

This is why I have asked for your prayers and support as the Liveprayer TV program, "live" 2 hours a night, 5 nights a week, is back on secular stations around the nation and digitally to reach the lost and hurting with the Truth of the Bible, the Gospel message, and stand with them in their hour of need. I had no desire to come back to TV after 7 yrs on the air. However, we re-launched the program just under 6 months ago in order to not just do what we have always done on TV, but to use the program as an instrument God could use to help lead our nation back to the Almighty and His Truth before his full wrath and judgment falls on our nation and we are destroyed.

***LIVEPRAYER TV IS BACK!!! To view the program LIVE Monday-Friday from Midnight-2am EDT on your TV, computer, SmartPhone, or tablet, please go to: www.liveprayer.com/liveprayertv.cfm To watch previous programs On Demand, please go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/LivePrayerTelevision

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your sacrifce to help me be online for 170 months now to bring God's Truth to this world and be here for the lost and hurting. Your sacrifce has helped us to be back on TV "live" for 2 hours, 5 nights a week, in order to have a vehicle to bring the remnant together as one and lead our nation to repentance before we see the final judgment of God fall on our land. Satan is using our very strategy to keep the lost...lost. However, in the end, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will win the day and the Truth of God's Word will overcome the lies of the evil one!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller