Daily Devotional for Thursday October 17, 2013

The Real Meaning of the Shutdown of the Federal Government

(Revelation 13:11-18)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, in Matthew 24:36 in says, "No one knows" as to the exact day and hour not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only." This confuses me since God and Jesus are the same. So what does it mean when it says my Father only?

ANSWER: While Jesus was 100% God, He was also 100% man. This passage was spoken in His humanity and is the critical Scripture to discredit anyone such as Harold Camping or the Mayan's claiming to know the date for the end of the world.

The real meaning of the shutdown of the Federal Government and the debt ceiling crisis. While the chaos in Washington has dominated the news pretty much 24/7 over the past two weeks, you were able to hear every possible analysis from every possible political point of view. What you have NOT heard and won't hear anywhere else is the REAL meaning from a Biblical perspective of what we have been watching unfold over the last days.

Since my initial warning in 2007 that starting in early 2008 you would begin to see the very visible judgment of God being unleashed on this nation, we saw trillions of dollars wiped out of the economy and the vast majority of the people in this nation affected by the housing crisis that millions are still dealing with. Later that year as I warned, God's judgment continued with the election of Barack Hussein Obama who opposes God on every major spiritual issue of our day.

Not heeding these and other warnings over the following years such as the legalization of socialized medicine, in 2012 the US Supreme Court ruled in two separate cases to legally uphold the perversion of God's Holy Institution of Marriage. The election of the President in November ended up being satan flipping a two-headed coin since he was going to win no matter who won the election. You had the current enemy of God on one side and a 5th generation high priest of a satan worshipping cult leading souls to hell with a false gospel on the other side.

Now we have the chaos in Washington the past several weeks that has not been resolved, only punted for a few months when we will be back in the very same place again. Between the shutdown of the government and the potential to not be able to borrow the TWO BILLION DOLLARS every day simply to pay the bills of our nation, the potential economic havoc in this country and around the world would be devastating.

I have always warned that if God wanted to bring this nation to its' knees overnight, the economic system that is made up more of smoke and mirrors than substance would be an easy way to do it. Very few people fully comprehend how fragile the US economy, and more important the global economy really is! Again, look at the tens of millions of lives affected and trillions of dollars of wealth that disappeared in mere months when the housing bubble burst in 2008.

While it has been easy to get caught up in all of the political theater over the past few weeks, as I have warned you many times DON'T GET DISTRACTED!!! What is happening politically is really just another warning from God that His wrath and judgment is pending on this nation for its' gross sins and wickedness. We have turned our back on God and His Truth, worshipped the false gods and idols of this world, and are not due His wrath and judgment but OVERDUE! IT IS IMMINENT

While many of those in the prophecy world (most little more than Christian fortune tellers since so much of eschatology is subjective and Biblical cases can be made for a plethora of different scenarios) try to shoehorn the United States into Scripture, it is rank speculation and theological malpractice to try and do so. Needless to say, the Bible is clear that this nation as we know it will not exist as the final days of human history unfold.

Also, let me remind you that the United States is only 237 years old, just 6 generations! Of all the nations over the course of human history we are still a baby. This nation was birthed by the Spirit of the Living God. Despite not being a perfect nation, it was from the beginning a nation that worshipped the God of the Bible, lived for the most part by Biblical Truth, and put their faith in Jesus Christ. WE ARE NO LONGER THAT NATION!!!

I love you and care about you so much. It breaks my heart to see the events of the day through a spiritual lens, knowing that God is doing His best to warn us of His pending judgment unless we repent and turn back to the Almighty and His Truth. This is why I am so passionate about the last work God has called me to perform here at Liveprayer, and that is to help spark a real revival across this land and lead this nation back to God and Biblical Truth while we still have that chance.

As we minister to the needs of people around the world each day, bring God's Truth into the marketplace, and lead lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ, leading the United States back to God and to His Truth is the only hope we have to redeem this rebellious nation. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back in apathy and hoping things will change. Things will only change is we actively initiate the change.

We have the power of God with us. We have the Truth of His Word to gudies us. We have the clear warnings of God. We either sit back and watch our nation continue to sink into the spiritual abyss and lost forever, or we take our stand now and lead this spiritual revolution since the only answer and the only hope we have of escaping God's continued wrath and judgment is to turn back to our Creator and to Biblical Truth. There is no time left, we must act now!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller