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Daily Devotional for Saturday September 28, 2013

The "Peaceful Religion" Strikes Again

(1 Chronicles 9:1, 5:25)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what would be some examples showing fruits the Spirit?

ANSWER: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5:22,23)

The "peaceful religion" strikes again!!! In case you have tuned out recently, since as I told you over a decade ago you could find examples EVERY DAY somewhere in the world of Islam being the false religion of satan it has been since its' inception 1400 years ago, listen to what these wonderful, loving people did in the Kenyan mall massacre last weekend!

They would line people up and ask them the name of the wife of their faux "prophet" Mohammed. If people didn't know they shot them in the head. They also weeded out the Christians and tortured them. They gouged out eyes, cut off limbs, and even worse. I won't go into all they did, if you are really interested you can find out through scores of online news sites. Suffice it to say they simply were doing what this false "religion of peace" has done for the past 1400 years!

The successor to Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri recently sent a communication to the head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to strike at the US. Since 9/11, law enforcement has thwarted over 400 terror plots by Muslims here on US soil. Sadly, a few acts of terror like the shooting at Ft. Hood and the bombing at the Boston Marathon weren't stopped. If you need to understand what the goal of Islam is, let me refresh your memory.

Anyone who has bought into the media narrative that Islam is a religion of peace, has bought into a lie since 1400 years of Islamic history has proved it to be from day one about hatred, violence, terror, death, and domination! Professional liars like the people at CAIR and other Muslim watch-dog organizations promote this fantasy that Islam is a relgion of "peace," in order to execute their con game on the American people that they just want to be part of this nation.

Back in October of 2010, Faisal Shahzad, AKA the "Times Square Bomber," was sentenced to life in prison for his failed attempt to detonate a car bomb in Times Square on a beautiful summer night that could have easily taken a thousand or more innocent lives. A few in the Muslim community quickly dismissed the words of Shahzad as those of an "extremist," but at his sentencing, Shahzad made quite a few statements.

More than anything, I want to remind you who Shahzad was. He was the "nice Muslim" who lives next door to you. He was the "quiet Muslim" you went to school with. He was the "peaceful Muslim" you work with. He was the "patriotic Muslim" who became a U.S. citizen last year. In reality, Shahzad WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a Muslim first who blended in to our society where he lived, went to school, and worked, but like ALL..I REPEAT...ALL Muslins, he never let on for a second what his TRUE THOUGHTS AND DESIRES were.

*His words were sobering because it was one of the few times you will ever hear a Muslim tell the truth about their real goals and intentions in this country!!! READ THEM! THIS IS WHAT ISLAM IS ABOUT!!!

Fortunately, Shahzad used the opportunity afforded him to speak at his sentencing to share his TRUE THOUGHTS, that are the TRUE THOUGHTS OF ALL MUSLIMS! As wonderful a job as our national security efforts have been to thwart an endless string of new attacks on this nation by Muslims like the one Shahzad planned, sadly, it is not a matter of if, only when, we will experience our next 9/11. When we do, you will remember these words!!!

What I did, was pull the most important statements Shahzad made in court at his sentencing. They are in no specific order, since any one of these statements, and certainly the totality of all of them, give us a clear a distinct picture about how Muslims in this nation really feel and what their true intentions really are. Read them slowly, carefully, and numerous times to get the full impact of how Muslims in this nation REALLY think!!!

"Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun." He later continued: "The defeat of the U.S. is imminent and will happen in the near future. We are only Muslims ... but if you call us terrorists, we are proud terrorists and we will keep on terrorizing you. We are only Muslims trying to defend our religion, people, homes and land."

"If I'm given 1,000 lives I will sacrifice them all for the life of Allah. How can I be judged by a court that does not understand the suffering of my people?"

"The Koran gives us the right to defend, and that's what I'm doing. I am happy with the deal God has given me."

The judge cut him off at one point to ask if he had sworn allegiance to the United States when he became a citizen last year. "I did swear but I did not mean it," said Shahzad.

"We do not accept your democracy or your freedom because we already have Sharia law and freedom."

"We Muslims don't abide by human-made laws because they are always corrupt," he said, denouncing the presence of U.S. and NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and mentioning al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden who he said "will be known as no less than Saladin of the 21st-century crusade" - a reference to the Muslim hero of the Crusades.

"Furthermore, brace yourselves because the war with Muslims has just begun," he said. "Consider me the first droplet of the flood that will follow."

I love you and care about you so much. It was actually refreshing to hear a Muslim actually tell the truth for once. This is exactly how they think and feel. If you want to keep listening to and believing the lies of true tools of satan like those at CAIR, anyone else speaking for the Muslim community, or the media's sanitized view of Islam be my guest.

I don't believe Shahzad because I want to, I believe Shahzad because he simply confirmed in all of his statements what this Muslims really believe but won't tell you about their true goals and intentions for this country! Please understand that not only was everything Shahzad said was true, but just like they are in the process of doing in many European countries, the dominance of the United States and turning our land into an Islam nation is their clear, concise, and stated goal!

Sadly, as I wrote a decade ago, because of our gross sins and rebellion to God, Islam could easily one day be the United States Babylon unless we wake up, recognize this enemy for who they really are, and turn back to God and His Truth!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller