Daily Devotional for Friday August 23, 2013

The Man who Claims He is Jesus Christ is Dead and He wasn't Resurrected

(Matthew 24:4, 2 Timothy 3:1-9; 2 Peter 3:3-10)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what exactly is required to surrender 100% to Christ and live by faith?

ANSWER: Die to self daily. That is done by waking up praying, getting in the Word first thing, and staying "plugged in" to God throughout the day. During the day, make decisions pleasing and acceptable to God. Don't forget for one minute you are HIS ambassador. Find ways to serve Him. Trust Him with the problems you encounter throughout the day. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, you learn to die to self daily and live for Him instinctively.

"Jesus answered: "Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many." Matthew 24:4

The man who claims he is Jesus Christ, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda from Puerto Rico is DEAD! And guess what? He wasn't resurrected!!! Miranda headed a cult that preached sin no longer exists and there is no devil. His cult was based out of Miami and had an international ministry with thousands of followers on his website. I told you about this fraud years ago, but I am dealing with him today because it was the Jesus of the Bible who declared that in the last days there would be MANY who come in His name, claiming to be our Lord. He added that these false Christs would deceive many.

The fact is, Jesus will return just as He promised when He ascended to the Father from the Mt. of Olives in Acts Chapter 1. However, make no mistake, when He does return the world will know it. He is not coming back to build buildings, do TV programs, wear diamond encrusted watches, and drive around in armored luxury cars with body guards like this fraud Miranda did. When our Lord does return, he won't be here to acquire the temporal things of this world and live like an earthly king. No my friend, He will be coming for the righteous (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17), He will destroy the wicked (Luke 17:26-30), and He will bring salvation to those who will believe in Him (Hebrews (9:26-28).

It is sad that this conman was able to lead so many people astray. But as I talked about him years ago, I realized that our Lord warned us of people like this for a reason. We know Jesus is coming back, and because many who love the Lord and are anxiously awaiting His return, the Biblically illiterate could easily be taken in by a tool of satan like Miranda who claims he was Jesus, and has returned just like He promised.

There was nothing really unique about Miranda. The fact is, over the past 2,000 years, there have been many who have clamed to be Jesus, just as He said there would be. However, in today's world of modern communication, 24 hour cable news, Miranda gained much fame and recognition due to all of the media coverage he received. He wisely tapped into the two most powerful communication tools of our day, the Internet and television, to bring his false message to the masses. He is actually using the same tools to deceive people that we use at Liveprayer every day to bring the masses the Truth and the hope we have in the real Jesus of Nazareth!

The fact is, Miranda was one of many, many such con artists who have come before him over the last 2,000 years, are operating today, and will operate until our Lord returns. He is no different than another such con artist using the Lord by the name of Glenn Beck! While Beck doesn't claim to be Jesus, he does LIE to the masses by claiming to be a Christian when he has put his faith in the false jesus of his satanic Mormon cult. With the better percentage of the last two generations having never been to church, with the Biblical illiteracy that exists in the church today, coupled with the confusion created when he is able to buy many of the top name in Christianity to help him perpetuate his fraud, he is much more dangerous than an obvious fraud like Miranda.

Beck has masterfully channeled the fear and anger of those who espouse a conservative political ideology, intertwines the Bible (though he and those in his cult reject the Bible as a flawed and incomplete book), God (though the god of Beck's cult used to be a man like you and I), and Jesus (though the jesus of Beck's cult is not a deity and the brother of Lucifer) to confuse the ignorant in his audience.

His latest and greatest scam to generate some of the $60 million he will take in this year (over 10% he proudly boasts is tithed to "his church," which helps his cult advance its' global work of leading souls to hell!), is his "BLAZE" TV "network." It consists of a simulcast of his radio program and the hour he used to do at FOX plus a few other random programs. He asks people to pay him $10 a month, but is now getting added to some small existing cable networks where people who want can watch for free. That is like sending ESPN a check for $10 a month even though you can see them on your existing satellite or cable network!

The amazing thing about this satan empowered cult member is that NOTHING he says on his radio program isn't said by Rush, Hannity, Levin, or any number of dozens of conservative radio hosts every day. As for his "TV network," there is already a conservative news organization with worldwide resources called FOX News, and his Mormon propaganda "news website" has the same stories as dozens of other conservative websites have every day. Beck, like Miranda, is the consummate con artist and charlatan who have found creative ways to fleece the ignorant, both perverting the name of Jesus!!!

As I have shared with you often, we are living in the last days. Only God knows the moment our Lord will return, but based on the signs of the last days given in the Bible these are the last days. In light of all that is happening around the world and the escalating problems in the Middle East, we are seeing history and Bible prophesy unfold before our eyes. There is no more time to play. There is no more time to be apathetic about our faith. There is no more time to allow ourselves to be distracted by the enemy who sends false Jesus', uses division in the Body of Christ, and our own personal weaknesses to keep us from serving God.

My friend, the battle cry has clearly sounded. The trumpet of warning is clearly being blown for all to hear. The events that are unfolding in our nation, around the world, right before our very eyes is God's way of saying, "NOW my children, prepare yourselves and this world for the return of Christ!!!" We can never lose sight of the big picture. Jesus Christ is coming soon, in the twinkling of an eye. Are we really ready for that? Is this world really ready for that?

I love you and care about you very much. I have received so much mail in the last years from people concerned these charlatans like Miranda and the events unfolding around the world. Let me simply say this. Only God knows the hour, minute, second of Christ's return. Until then, He has given us very clear instructions that we are to be about His business until that glorious moment. You do not have to be a Biblical scholar to read passages that tell us clearly we are in the last days. He is coming is very soon. Now more than ever we need to get past our own problems, because God needs His children, all His children on the front lines.

Just like our brave men and women of the armed services put their lives on the line daily in defense of our great nation, our Commander in Chief God is asking each one in His army to do likewise. This is not a video game. The stakes are eternal life versus eternal damnation. Too many of God's children are AWOL at this critical moment. I pray today that you will hear His call to battle and understand that answering that call is not an option. It is something that each and everyone of His children is required to do each day. We must answer the call, fight the good fight of faith.

These my friend are the last days!!! "Jesus" Miranda is dead and burning in hell, but the real Jesus IS COMING AT ANY MOMENT AND WE BETTER BE READY!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller