Daily Devotional for Thursday August 22, 2013

Al Jazeera, Chris Christie, and Duck Dynasty

(Jonah 3)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, my good friend who is a Christian told me that her adult son told her he was gay. What should be my response to her. She loves her son dearly and I was at a loss for words.

ANSWER: Assure him he is NOT gay since there is no such thing as "being gay." People are not born gay, it is a CHOICE, an act. It is an act God calls a sin. She needs to let him know that she loves him, is praying for him, and is believing that he will turn from this lie and to God for deliverance. She MUST be the one, maybe the only one, to tell him this truth. Lastly, keep the communication lines open, since it is only a matter of time before his sin catches up to him as it does with everyone, and that is when he will need her love the most.

A convergence of three major issues on the same day that highlight the state of this nation. Al Jezeera and the rise of Islam, Chris Christie and the ever expanding radical homosexual agenda, and Duck Dynasty lambasting the fact we slaughter apx. 4,000 innocent babies every 24 hours were all three in the news in a major way.

With little fanfare and fewer viewers, Al Jazeera USA, the sister network of Al Jazeera out of Qatar signed on to 48 million homes in the US. The Islamic version of Al Jazeera has long had ties to terror groups, being the network that would always air the videos produced by Osama Bin Laden. This network is nothing but a propaganda arm for Islam (domination of the world by any means), and if anyone thinks the US version will be anything else they need to wake up.

Islam now has their very own TV network in the US to brainwash people with their worldview, while using it as a recruitment tool for people in this nation to convert to Islam. CAIR and other Muslim extremist groups had already intimidated virtually every US TV network to portray Islam in a favorable light, while aggressively coming after anyone in the media like myself who actually told the truth about this false religion from the pits of hell. With a nation so far from Biblical Truth as it is, this will simply be another instrument satan can use to take the lost masses further from the Truth of the Bible while leading their souls to hell.

In New Jersey, bombastic Governor Chris Christie signed legislation stating that people are "born gay" and outlawing gay conversion therapy. This is a program designed to help those who say they are gay become straight. I have personally NEVER been a fan of this type of therapy, since it agrees with the lie people are born gay and thus need to be converted. NOBODY IS BORN GAY...IT IS A CHOICE!

People CHOOSE to engage in acts of homosexuality, just like they choose to drink, to do drugs, to gamble, or anything else people become enslaved to. It is an ACT. A CHOICE! You deal with someone who makes these choices like you do an alcoholic, drug addict, or gambler. They have to WANT to change their behavior and make different choices. That is first and foremost. At that point, you can begin to work with them on a plan for deliverance.

Governor Christie for all of his blather, is nothing but a typical politician who will bow to whichever way the political winds are blowing that day. This was simply his gift to the homosexual community who in turn he expects to support him when he runs for re-election in a few months, and most likely, looks to become the Republican nominee for President in 2016. NOBODY IS BORN GAY, that is simply the lie told by the homosexual community long enough and loud enough people have bought into it!

Lastly yesterday was the breath of fresh air that is the crew from the wildly popular reality program "Duck Dynasty." Phil Robertson recently gave an impassioned 4-minute speech on the right to life. He stated, "You have a God given right to live!" He went on to ask what has happened to this nation? AMEN!!! How sad is it when a reality TV star tells more truth in 4 minutes than all of the motivation gurus like Osteen, the prosperity pimps on Christian TV, and a generation of gutless pastors say in a year!!!

I love you and care about you so much. At the end of the day, this convergence of these 3 critical topics facing our nation in one day shines a bright light on how far we are from God, The answer to Phil Robertson's question is simple, WE HAVE TURNED FROM GOD AND HIS TRUTH! It is no more complicated than that. The answer to the problems of this nation is equally as simple, TURN BACK TO GOD AND HIS TRUTH!

While others are busy building buildings, buying the newest private jet, adding to their fleet of luxury cars, finding a 4th mansion to buy, preaching to the choir under the guise of the gospel to pay for it all, I am more convicted than ever on this final work God has called me and His minsitry here to fulfill. Before my health issues several weeks ago I was all in, now I am ALL IN!!! I will not be Moses who never saw the Promised Land. I want to see the national revival and this nation bow on its' knees to God and ask His forgiveness!!!

I had many hours to pray, to be still before the Lord, to pray more, to beg God for more vision, to beg God for more people to help me, to ask the Lord to simply guide me to fulfill His desire to see this nation once again turn to the Almighty and His Truth. We have the example in Nineveh!

In my down time, I realized I have another gear I never knew about. I will be in that gear from now until Glory. I will be asking those in the Liveprayer family to take this journey with me in whatever way God calls them to. I know this, I will not stand before the Lord on the day He calls me home with my head hung down and ask Him to forgive me for not fulfilling His calling on my life!!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller