Daily Devotional for Tuesday August 20, 2013

My Situation

(John 14:6)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, some people are convinced that Islam is the religion of the antichrist. Do you concur with them?

ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The religion of the anti-Christ will be some sort of new age metamorphosis that currently doesn't exist, but will officially supercede all other existing religions.

My situation. The critical key to all Liveprayer has accomplished these past 14 years has been my ability to be there literally every day to create all of the minsitry content such as the Daily Devotional, the TV program, the years we also were on radio, in addition to the hundreds of appearances in the secular media whether it was on fox News, CNN, being interviewed by hundreds of newspapers from around the world, Howard Stern's radio program, taking on the leading Muslim activists such as CAIR, debating top apologists from the Mormon cult, leading atheists, supporters of abortion, and so much more that enabled me to bring the Truth of God's Word and the Gospel into the marketplace in a bold and visible way.

The other critical key to Liveprayer is that from day one I refused to use professional fundraisers or such tactics used by most ministries to raise funds. I simply shared our needs each month in faith, personally developing key relationships with friends of Liveprayer, and sharing the vision of God's work here with people daily in asking them to support our unique efforts. That is something that I have to spend several hours 6 days a week doing to insure the funds we need to operate each month come in.

Since my heart attack on the 8th of the this month, I was forced for the first time to abandon my normal work schedule for 3 days. That may not sound like much, but every day is critical both in terms of our content that millions worldwide rely on, and my ability to network with our supporters to share our current needs. By Sunday the 11th, I was back catching up from the previous 3 days and on Monday went back to a normal work schedule that also included doing our TV program from Midnight-2am that evening. Despite being a bit weak, I was able to keep my normal schedule last Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Thursday morning I knew I had pushed too far.

After meeting with my doctors Thursday, we agreed that I would not to the TV program Thursday or Friday and at least free up those 2 hours of prep and 2 hours of air time to relax and sleep. Saturday and Sunday aren't quite as challenging with no TV program to do. However, when I went in this morning for a check-up, they told me that I was to shut it down Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. No TV. No work other than an hour to check on things. They told me to keep pushing it and the next time I might not make it.

While I am a man of great faith, since it is only my faith that has taken me this far and has been used by God to impact tens of millions worldwide, I feel that my final work (work that I know has been under non-stop assault since the final piece, the TV show re-launched in May) was still to be completed. If I wanted to be here to see it through, I better use some common sense and listen.

So we have a powerful message for Wednesday and Thursday's Devotionals I wrote over the weekend (always write them a day in advance), Monday and Tuesday we will play two great encore presentations of past TV programs. My biggest concern is Monday and Tuesday are my biggest days for setting up the finances for the rest of the week. As we head into the final 11 days of the month we still need to bring in the final $38,000 of our monthly operating expenses.

$15,000 of that is critical before Friday. Once I am back up and working, I can concentrate on the other $23,000, but I am desperately asking for those in the Liveprayer family to help me insure that the $15,000 I must have to operate by Friday will be here. If one or two friends can overnight us a special gift for our anniversary of $5,000, I have no doubt everyone else giving as they are able will cover the other $5,000.

I have done my best for 14 yrs to be here daily for those in the Liveprayer family, and those outside, in their time of need. Liveprayer is on the verge with the TV program doing so well of having all of the pieces in place to help lead this lost land back to God and HIS Truth...our only hope! It is one of those rare times when I am helpless to do anything for the next two days and have to depend on God to raise up those friends who are able to hold my arms up. I hate to be in such a position, but God knows how to humble all of us at different times and I am humbling asking you to help me today.

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Thank you for all of your love and prayers these past few weeks. I know God has work for me to finish and I have no choice to but to listen to my doctors if I want to see that day. For the next day or so I will rest, pray, seek the Lord, and leave HIS work here in the hands of the Liveprayer family. God bless you!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller