Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 30, 2013

Examples of How This Nation has Abandoned God and His Truth

(Jonah Chapter 3)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, what should you say to Jehovah Witness' when they come to talk to you?

ANSWER: Pearls before swine. Members of cults are not open to hearing the truth, only for people they can convince to accept their false beliefs. I personally wouldn't waste even a second with them other than to let them know I will be praying for them to learn the Truth and leave their cult or they will die and end up in hell. For the record, I did have 2 Mormon boys knock on my door one day about a year ago. I took them in with the understanding they had 5 minutes, then I had 5 minutes. Needless to say they left with tears in their eyes, but were so brainwashed nothing I said made a dent in their false beliefs. I spent the last 2 minutes of my time praying for their souls.

The Pope, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Glenn Beck, MSNBC, and the "parents" of Trayvon Martin. What more evidence do you need that this nation and world has abandoned God and is lost and without hope???

During his recent trip to Brazil, Pope Francis stated that he would not judge or marginalize gay people within the Roman Catholic Church. He went on to say, "who am I to judge gay people?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Here is the head of a denomination with 1.2 BILLION people worldwide, someone people look to for spiritual leadership, and to not simply tell the people what God says on this issue is INEXCUSABLE!

Hey Pope! It is NOT you who is judging this behavior, God already did!!! To help educate the Pope, there is no such thing as "gay people," just like there is no such thing as "drunk people!" Taking your clothes off to engage in perverted forms of sex is a CHOICE, just like picking up a glass of alcohol and drinking it is a CHOICE!!! This is the same Pope Francis that just last month said that atheists can get to heaven. Did this guy sleep through Theology 101???

As I saw the news reports of the mass on the beach in Brazil with 3 million plus souls there, I could only pray for such an opportunity since I would not waste it as the Pope did. I would have given the greatest invitation for people to accept Christ as their Savior by faith in my life. This video was from a Papal visit to NYC a few years ago and what I would have said if given the opportunity as Pope for a day! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBI9JaSwa7Y

Also, South African Anglican bishop Desmond Tutu said "he would prefer hell over a homophobic heaven." Another supposed spiritual leader who obviously has never read the Bible, since speaking against the SIN of homosexuality is not being a homophobe, it is simply stating what God says all throughout the Old and New Testaments is a SIN!!! For the record, I don't care what your "title" is, if you have rejected faith in Christ by faith and thus His Word as Truth, when you die your soul will burn in the same hell as anyone else who has rejected the Truth!

On his Monday radio program, satanic Mormon cult member Glenn Beck had the audacity to speak out against the blasphemous book on Jesus written by a Muslim that I shared with you in the Monday Devotional (Link to Monday DD: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=5281 ). I found his rant about the book to be absolutely disgusting since here is a man who is part of a cult that believes Jesus is NOT a deity, but a created being, the brother of Lucifer, who came to the United States during his life, and will not return to the Mt. of Olives as the Bible states, but to Independence, Mo.

*If you want proof of Beck's Mormon status, send him an email asking him to take off his shirt. Beneath, you will find the satanic markings on his "magic underwear" he and Mormon men in his cult wear 24/7 because they believe it protects them. Here is a TV program I did in 2007 with Ed Decker, a dear friend and former bishop of Beck's cult: http://votingforsatan.com/vid2.htm

Beck also took great umbrage on his program, whining like a little girl, to the negative articles about his faux museum during his "Beck believes he will be the god of the moon" scam over the fourth of July at the home of his cult in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to the historical artifacts on display, Beck also had an abundance of memorabilia from his beloved Mormon cult. Who were the tour guides for this faux museum he made people to pay to visit? STUDENTS FROM LIBERTY UNIVERSITY!!!

For the record, I received my theological education from Liberty and will always thank God for that school However, since the death of Dr. Jerry Falwell, his sons have not just invited Beck, but his satan worshipping cult brother Romney to speak at their graduation service. They have compromised the Truth of the Word over and over for whatever financial gain they have garnered from selling out the Gospel to promote the satanic Mormon cult leading souls to hell!!!

Also, why anyone listens to Beck is beyond me. His shtick to draw people in is conservative politics. You can hear dozens of people on the radio all day long say the same things he does. You don't have to pay money to watch an internet video of Beck saying the exact same things he does on radio under the guise of a "network." He proved during the 2012 election he is a marginalized voice since he put everything he had, including hosting dozens of private fundraising events, all to get his cult brother Romney elected as the first Mormon President to fulfill the "White Horse Prophecy" of his cult...and failed!!!

*For the record, all of conservative talk radio, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Ingrham, and the rest, all of the local conservative radio hosts around the country, in addition to FOX News, private groups who raised hundreds of millions of dollars led by people like Karl Rove, Freedom Works, and Ralph Reed, spent 4 years trying to get Obama out of office...and FAILED miserably!!! This is why tomorrow I will share once again that it is NOT politics that will change this nation. Followers of the Lord need to focus their full attention, time, efforts, and treasure, solely on the real problem which is to turn our country back to God and His Truth before his full wrath and judgment is unleashed!!!

On top of this, over the weekend you had a host on MSNBC actually making the case it was OK to kill babies...OUT OF THE WOMB. Even 10 years ago, Melissa Harris Perry would have never been allowed to get behind a microphone in a small town radio station with 5 cows as listeners. She is now on the payroll of a major media company spewing here satanic garbage, along with a host of other hosts who spew racial division, while cheerleading for the slaughter of babies and the radical homosexual agenda.

Lastly, the mother of Trayvon Martin who is now making tons of money off of her dead "child," is a legal expert. She is being used by the race baiters to seek change in laws that had NOTHING TO DO with the night her child chose to assault the wrong man who just happened to have a gun. In the wake of the verdict, there have been dozens of attacks by black youth on white men stating it was for "Trayvon." I have never heard ONE WORD of condemnation by Martin's mother, Sharpton, or the outrage by hosts on the networks who have fanned the flames of racism. Nor have I heard any condemnation by our President or Attorney General who vowed to look into these vicious attacks as "hate crimes" or the violation of someone's civil rights!

I love you and care about you so much. I recently talked about satan distracting people. While that happens daily, we see events daily that cry out for what I have been sharing with you for years. Our nation is in spritual freefall. We are under the judgment of God. Unless we turn back to God and His Truth we are finished. Sadly, of all the major ministries out there, NOBODY is telling people this and nobody has a plan in place to make it happen but Liveprayer.

Stand with me my friend. We will bring the remnant together as one. We have a voice. We will have a larger voice each month as we take our stand. It is the ONLY hope for this nation. The people in Israel time and time again rejected the voice of the prophets who had no motives other than saying "what sayeth the Lord." Each time, God's judgment was visited upon them. We DO NOT have to follow their path, but can follow the path of Nineveh who did listen and did repent!

Pray! Our time is now!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller