Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 9, 2013

Why Did Christians Provide Funding for Mormon Glenn Beck's Coming Out Party

(Ephesians 5:11, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18)

***ASK BILL: Pastor Bill, my friend is young, but strong in her Christian faith. She enjoys watching Jeremiah Wright when she cannot attend church services and at other times. Is there a reason she not watch him?

ANSWER: Having started my ministry in Chicago in 1992, I know about Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama long before 99% of the people around the nation knew who they were. Here is a Devotional on Wright that you should send to your friend, since he preaches a perverted theology appeals to racial division and is straight from the pits of hell! Link: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=3307

Why did Christians provide the bulk of the funding for Glenn Beck's coming out party and showcase for his satanic Mormon cult last weekend at the home of his cult, Salt Lake City, Utah??? I found it simply amazing that most Christians are so Biblically illiterate they never understood that Beck's "Man in the Moon" weekend was based on the belief he and those in his cult hold regarding the teachings of his cult's historically documented con artist, pedophile, polygamist, racist founder Joseph Smith (1805-1844) that there are "men living on the moon who dress like Quakers and live to be nearly 1000 years old!"

My friend, the Bible says in Ephesians 5:11, "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." I have been one of the few Christian leaders in the media for nearly a decade now educating people on the true beliefs of the Mormon cult and that despite their clams (lies) to be "Christian," their doctrine is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is!

It really appalls me the level of "Biblical illiteracy" amongst Christians who support Beck, the member of a satanically inspired cult leading souls to hell with a false gospel. If Christians understood the false beliefs of Mormonism as I have documented in great detail in many Daily Devotionals over the past 5 years, they would know Beck and those in his cult believe and teach that "good Mormon men" (works-based salvation is a key to Mormonism and many cults, which explains Beck's emphasis on 'works') will die and become the "god" of their own planet one day.

What appalls me even more are the "modern day Judases" such as Christian historian David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders. It is well known Christians like Barton, John Hagee, James Robison, Ralph Reed, Ken Hutcherson, who Beck has bought and paid for to give him and his lie that he is a Christian undeserved credibility amongst true followers of the Jesus of the Bible who simply don't understand what those in the Mormon cult believe!

Is it really asking too much for those who consider themselves "Christian leaders" to not sell-out or compromise the Gospel??? IS IT???

For the record, Barton is making millions each year by being part of Beck's media empire (that mostly Christians pay for). Despite the Biblical teaching in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 about being "unequally yoked," Barton also sits on the Board of Beck's non-profit charity Mercury One (as does Beck's wife) that sponsored the Salt Lake City Mormon celebration this past weekend. I have inquired dozens of times to Barton's office, when he will be doing a historical expose on the founder of Beck's cult Joseph Smith. Of course I get ZERO response!

A part of his "Man in the Moon" events last weekend was a temporary "museum" of historical artifacts. Included was a gold pocketwatch from the founder of Beck's Mormon cult Joseph Smith, but not the mythical gold tablets Smith claims he was led to by an "angel" from which he wrote the heretical Book of Mormon which is the foundation for the anti-Biblical teachings of this less than 200-year-old cult.

Also prominent this -past weekend were high profile Mormon cult members like politicians Mia Love and Mike Lee, as well as kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart. Smart was taken from her home in 2002 as a "wife" by a self professed prophet of Mormonism simply following the pure teachings of Smith. I was a lone voice in the media during the Smart affair educating people that it was almost certain this is what happened to Smart, as happens to hundreds of young girls in the western states each year but don't have a father who is a bishop in the Mormon cult that enabled her family to get national media coverage.

*I was proven to be 100% correct when Smart was discovered a few years later and the story of her kidnapping and "marriage" became public.

Beck has used his national radio program over the years to attract Christians through his conservative political ideology, using them to build his current media empire by selling books, charging subscription fees for his internet TV program, and driving traffic to his internet news/propaganda site "The Blaze" in order to generate ad revenues. I am amazed how gullible so many Christians are when Beck and one of his key business partners who pay him millions annually, Freedom Works, raised tens of millions from people who followed them and bought into their hype during the previous Presidential election cycle in order to oust President Obama from office and elect Beck's fellow cult member Mitt Romney. Despite using all of their resources, they failed miserably but kept their millions in profits!!!

I love you and care about you so much. The rise of a cult member like Beck and his influence is Bible prophecy being fulfilled, since Jesus warned in the last days there would be many "false Christ's." The church in the day of Smith knew what the Bible taught and ran him out of every town he tried to settle in because of the false doctrines and pure heresy he was preaching. Beck is simply the product of this generation of gutless, watered-down preaching leaving people hungry for someone to lead them.

With the better percentage of two full generations who have never been to church, most who are, in weak, apathetic. Biblically illiterate shells of what the church used to be, it creates the perfect atmosphere for a wolf in sheep's clothing like Glenn Beck. Sadly, Beck funds the bulk of his nearly $100 million yearly empire off of Christians who have not just made this cult member a personal fortune, but worse of all, a percentage of what they give Beck helps expand his satanic Mormon cult that is leading souls to hell with a false gospel!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller